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May 12, 2021



Antarctica or also known as the South Pole, is the fourth largest continent on our planet after Asia, America and Africa. Being nearly twice the size of Australia, it is the last continent to be colonized by men, having been discovered in 1603 and not explored until the 20th century.

An icy continent, where there is only ice and tundra, where there is nothing, where only seaweed, bacteria, fungi and others live there. That is what they have told us. But is that true?

Antarctica is surrounded by mysteries, with unsolved questions. Not even the maps are accurate. NASA shows us an icy continent with not much more than mountains inside. But some old maps show a different Antarctica.

In 1739 the French cartographer Philippe de Buache, considered the First Geographer of France, mapped Antarctica with two large tracts of land separated by a central sea. But even long before that, in 1513 the Turkish cartographer, Ahmed Muhiddin Piri or better known as Piri Reis, mapped a fairly exact map of the American coast, the Iberian Peninsula and Africa, and presents us a supposedly inhabited and ice-free Antarctica.

To make this map, Piris Reis used more than 20 cartographic sources of the time, from various looting of navigators. Then he drew up his own chart of navigation and presented it to Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, who awarded him with a promotion to admiral. Today the map is known as "The inexplicable map."

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But not only old maps show us a different Antarctica, some expeditions seem to confirm that Antarctica is not what we think.

In 1946, Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd led his third expedition to the South Pole, accompanied by 13 United States Navy ships, 6 helicopters, 6 seaplanes, and 15 more aircraft of different characteristics. Almost 4,000 people participated in the expedition, which was one of their longest expeditions. Although after this, he returned to Antarctica on two more occasions, and unfortunately in 1957 Admiral Byrd died of a heart disease.

After his death, one of his expedition diaries came to light, a diary that had been censored by the Navy. Where he explains that his trip to Antarctica becomes a trip to the interior of our planet. Where it ensures that there is a large cavity at the South Pole that penetrates into the interior of the Earth. And there he could see lush forests, lakes, rivers, animals and even some prehistoric ones like mammoths. Where the temperature was 20 degrees. He even talks about flying saucers that escorted him and where he was able to meet one of the intraterrestrial civilizations, the kingdom of Agharta.

But if maps or witnesses aren't enough, science puts the icing on the cake. When some scientists say that in Antarctica, they have detected large holes, some of them more than 50,000 square kilometers.

But although many tried to calm the situation by saying that they were polynyas, open spaces surrounded by sea ice, which can normally appear in the coastal area... In 2017 another unusual hole, more than 257 kilometers wide, was detected this time in the heart of Antarctica, where technically the lowest temperatures on the entire continent are. One of the scientists said “It looks as if it had been perforated from a punch directly into the ice.”

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But how can we check it? The answer is that we cannot. Not even Google Earth lets us take a look at it. The entire continent appears censored. The explanation for this is that “supposedly” the satellites cannot fly over it…

But if something is very curious, is when you discover that it is surrounded by hundreds of military bases from many countries, but what are they doing there? Aren’t there extreme temperatures? Don’t they say there are only fungi and bacteria?


Cristina: What is there in Antarctica?

Аnéeka of Temmer: In addition to the large entrance to the interior of the Earth that is heavily guarded by military personnel from many countries, mostly from the USA, Russia and NATO countries, there are also regressive extraterrestrial bases there, mostly tall Grays (known as Maitre), Draco and Kingu. All in cooperation with the USA mostly. There are also ancient Dumb bases there and large ships parked under the ice. There is also a cabal DUMB founded there by the Nazis in the 30s. There are also ruins of pre-flood civilizations, including ruins of the civilization of Atlantis (since it was planetary). It’s plenty of aliens there, all regressive or not very friendly.

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Estel·la: How do you see it from orbit? Because it is censored in google Earth… Is it like an industrial zone? With many bases? And is there ice everywhere?

Аnéeka of Temmer: It looks white, as is logical, but with a lot of facilities that glow at night, that is, dozens of cities are seen from above. Some quite large and with their DUMBS under. It’s like it happens on Mars, what is like surface facilities are only the accesses to the DUMBS and everything happens or where you live is mostly underground.

You can also see the entrance to the inner Earth, like a large dark area the size of Switzerland, more or less. With many lights and facilities around it. In other words, they surround the entrance with military bases.

Cristina: Thank you Anéeka, are there reptilian cities there?

Аnéeka of Temmer: Yes, I don’t know if cities, but there are bases and facilities. It would be necessary to define what a city is.

Cristina: And how do they prevent people from seeing this? Sometimes I see documentaries of explorers in Antarctica who do there some expeditions...

Аnéeka of Temmer: They just can’t fly anywhere near those facilities. No airline goes ever over Antarctica.

The flat Earthers argue that this proves that the Earth is flat and Antarctica is only a barrier that surrounds the world. It is not like this.

Commercial airplanes do not pass through there because it is a no-fly zone. Controlled by the military, for obvious reasons.

Cristina: Of course I understand, they must have the entire area under surveillance. Thanks!

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