Pleiadian Knowledge, Cristina & Estella
December 24, 2020


Estel·la: Anéeka, do you think the demonstrations are of any use? That it is the best way to act? Because I have the feeling that no matter how much movement can be created in a day or two, then things remain the same.

Anéeka: I think they are of little or no use. The negatives were already waiting for them and they know how to handle them. And what does work is mass civil disobedience.

Estel·la: In what sense?

Anéeka: In that the vast majority of people simply don't follow the rules of anything. If only one person in 20 wears a mask, they will not be able to arrest everyone, for example. The problem is that they are divided, and this is by design.

Estel·la: Sure. But that's like a day-to-day fact. Any move we can make to get together or something? Because that is precisely what we the awaken feel, that we are isolated.

Anéeka: To join. If I had the answer to your question, Estella, that would already be on all social networks. But I do say that mass civil disobedience is the key, but that requires organization and as many people as possible to agree and that is the difficult part.

Cristina: Apart from Mexico and possibly Argentina, what countries do you think vaccines may also be mandatory?

Anéeka: I believe in all of them. It's just how he moves his pieces the NWO. According to the same necessary bureaucracy. Argentina and Mexico already for sure, not possibly Argentina, but it is also bad, bad, bad, Chile and Spain, among others.

Cristina: Thank you Anéeka. And why do they want to do so many PCR tests? Apart from justifying the false pandemic, is it because of some gene bank?

Anéeka: PCR tests are the real cause of the pandemic. As German doctors say there is no Covid pandemic. It does not exist. The only pandemic there is PCR testing. The Cabal do not do things only for something or rarely but for more than one thing, more than one agenda. PCR tests are the excuse for the pandemic. The rest is propaganda, even the dead. But they are doing an extensive database of all humanity. For what? This that we all live, you there and we here, is a total war at all levels.

But it is mostly a war between non-human races. So what the NWO does is look for specific genetic traits to detect so-called starseeds. Also to know who is who in terms of genetics since they know that the body is transcended. They want to know who is incarnating as humans as star agents in order to neutralize them. This is also seen in the obvious attack against children as it is known that very advanced beings are entering as starseeds, especially since 2000, in mass. So that's why the autism epidemic due to vaccines that are there to neutralize the connection they have with the cosmic, with the higher. This as a measure to stop what the NWO sees as an attack or infiltration by the positive races, with a view to destabilizing the Cabal.

As I tell you, it is a total war on many levels and humans in general have no idea what it is and what happens around it. Because as you know, humans are not a race, it is a bio suit for many races to work or coexist as one. That's why so much conflict. They are not one race. How they look doesn't matter. Inside their souls are different.

Estel·la: And how can they detect through DNA who is a starseed? And can they know from what race?

Anéeka: DNA contains codes that determine data that point to one or another race, or even more, to one or another individual of a specific race. Codes are frequencies and with frequencies everything is known. That is why the Cabal has taken so much importance on all genetic research. All of Silicon Valley in California is genetic. Not so much about computers, although it goes by hand. They know that the starseeds are invading them, and vaccines are one of their answers. Objective: to cut off the signal to the children so that the stellar being does not enter the body.

Estel·la: Wow Anéeka. So when you say to an individual of a race, you mean that they can know who you are or were in 5D?

Anéeka: Yes, exactly. We use a remote method that is a laser that reads the aura of people and according to the energy and its layers, its frequencies, you can know who is who. The problem is that it is not as accurate as a genetic test. To the extent that due to errors we prefer to discard the use of that device. So it is logical to see that they use PCR tests to detect and search for starseeds and among them the most dangerous.

Just imagine a Swaruu seed, she becomes another Joan of Arc with all the mess she would make, more if she brings an army of her own. In itself, from the communities of the same thought on Earth, note that among the starseeds, even if they are few or are awake, they have a clear tendency to seek and cooperate with each other, while the average human will only obey the rules of the Cabal and it will be mired in separation.

Estel·la: But, wow. When they know what individual you are, what do they know about your life? Does each person have data on file of who they are, or something like that? Can't it be a nobody?

Anéeka: That's right. What happens is that nobody who is a starseed is a nobody. From higher planes or even here in the old and common 5D those who enter as starseeds, are those of the elite with a lot of experience, that is to say and I am not exaggerating I say it literally: “the seeds there working, including you two, are elite corps, Special Forces. Everything but "nobody" or they would not be there. They know what they are doing”. And from the point of view of the Cabal they are a very strong threat to them. As Yázhi just explained on a video very recently, just a few days ago.

Cristina: Thank you Anéeka. Yázhi's video is spectacular.

Estel·la: And to say that I thought only the brave or masochists entered here to play...

Anéeka: Everyone has a mission there. But the missions are not as you would paint them in or as a military command, although that also occurs. Sometimes they are just there living, and with that they make a big change. They do not have to be looking for what their mission is and feeling bad that maybe they are not doing it or fulfilling it. That was already thought from above. That is already resolved. Small things there on Earth. Seemingly insignificant actions will bring very big changes, and someone has to do it. A mission is done or achieved just by following your lives, like you, like the starseeds want in total freedom. Others enter directly as commands to do something in particular and everything in between.

It is a phenomenally complicated, complex and multidimensional mess what happens on Earth. And neither we nor anyone from these densities fully know what happens. We are all looking for answers depending on our point of attention and who we are, the density. It does not matter if they are on Earth dodging syringes or in orbit dodging plasma shots or energy weapons, we all play our part in this tremendous cosmic mess. And nobody is exempt from big risk. But we move on, because that is what we are, and we do it for who we want and for ourselves. Because if we don’t, we lose our souls.

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