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April 09, 2021



Estel·la: Hello everyone. Welcome to Pleiadian Knowledge. I am Estel·la. In this video we are going to continue the series about how our extraterrestrial contact is. In this chapter we are going to talk about why there is no proof, as expected by part of the population. What is behind all the reasons that lead to this. Then we will also talk about what the United Federation of Planets is, what kind of organisation it is. Although it's just going to be an introduction for all those people who don't know about it. We are not going to go into too much detail. With that we are also going to discuss, what is the Prime Directive, what are the norms or rules within this space book and finally we are going to talk a little bit, specifically about four notes on Taygetan disclosure. So I'll share the screen with you and we'll get started.

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Why is there no proof? The United Federation of Planets - why aren't they providing tangible evidence?

Well, we always start by saying that in fact there is already a lot of evidence but it will never be enough for the person who doesn't want to see it. We can find evidence in all these remains of civilizations throughout our history. We can find real evidence of ships, of UFOs. There is a lot, and remember that it is: believe to see, not the other way around. So, nowadays you can say that any photograph is modified through Photoshop, through technology, and previously there were other excuses for which, if you didn't want to believe, there was always something behind it.

Another reason why we could say that there is no evidence of more direct communication is so as not to influence our free will.

Because if I impose a part of my reality on you, I will cause you to change yours. If you have certain beliefs and I try to modify them, I'm going to change the lifestyle you had. So what they are trying to do is not to impose their ideas on us, so that everyone can live the way they want and the way they decide, without imposing any other point of view as truer than their own.

They also do it so that they don't put the contactees at risk. Because, we have already seen this throughout our history that whenever there was a person who was a little bit out of the norm, either trying to pass on technology or ideas that were not accepted at the time, they were wiped off the map. Therefore, if this contact was given in a more direct or clearer way it would surely be seen as a problem or a danger by the government. And then the contactees would be in danger of having the material taken away from them, or taken somewhere else for explanations. So it is to avoid this as well.

As they have already told us many times, they avoid at all costs to be idolized and considered gods, cults, and fanaticism because this destroys their true mission and objective of why they are here. As we have said, they have been present in many civilizations and in many parts of our history, and whenever they have tried to transmit a message in a more direct way, as we have commented in previous videos, human beings end up seeing them as something outside of themselves and end up following and idolizing them instead of taking it as part of their themselves. So, they have done this many times, it is not the result they are looking for. Now they are trying to do it differently and see if it brings better results.

Another factor is also the fact that they do not show their real photos. It is because there is a technology that the Cabal has, that is our governments, which is the cloning program. As you well know, everything is through frequencies, and if there are two bodies that are very similar it means that on the metaphysical side they are sharing frequency. Through this they can manipulate a consciousness, or they can "capture" it or use it to their advantage.

That is why they are also very cautious, because if there were any actual images of them circulating around here it could be a new target, either to try to identify them, to track them down if they were doing some mission around here on Earth, or whether they are in orbit, and it would not bring any good with it. So it's also for their own safety.

As we also said, the change in a person has to come from oneself. It cannot be imposed from outside, because then it would not be permanent. In this case we are talking about the whole of humanity, the whole of human society. This would mean that change would not be fruitful, because everyone would end up recreating their own thoughts, their own reality. So it would neither be a permanent change, nor would it necessarily have positive consequences. It must also be said that there are many races in orbit on earth, not only the Taygetean, there are many. This race is in fact being held up as an example. They are being observed and if they were to start acting differently, they could be taken as an example by other races who might not be as respectful or who might not be as tactful or as gentle and this could have serious consequences. There is a lot of biology out there, there are many civilizations, many different cultures. And just to imagine another culture very different from ours coming here and interacting in a much more one-on-one way could only bring more chaos, confusion and shock to most of humanity.

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We've seen why there's no evidence as more justifiable and now we're going to go... why they just don't come out, straight away. As we have said, as to not influence our free will, because if a lot of ships were to emerge here now, telling us that this is all just one planet, that there is so much more, there are a lot of people who don't want to believe it. They would be swayed, and their whole life program would be destroyed. Many people choose to incarnate here because of the experience of forgetting everything and interact in a way that on other planets you wouldn't be able to do so. Also, because there is the Federation Prime Directive that has certain rules that must be respected. One of them is that you cannot interfere with a species that is under development and that don't have a minimum range of technology. This is the case with us. The technology that is given to humanity is lousy, rated as if we were in the industrial stage. Therefore they have to respect this regulation, and let humanity advance by its own means.

As we have also commented, that we return to, in order to not put the contactees at risk, we all know the men in black and how quickly they show up at your house. That is not what we want. For example, there are many people who wonder why contactees are not giving out information on how to build free energy, on advanced medicine, or on many other points that are very sensitive and often not shared for the protection of the contactees themselves. Because if it crosses a line that the government doesn't want it to be crossed, all the work that has been done with this disclosure could be destroyed, and we would be left in the dark.

And also, because the terrestrial population is under the mind control of the Cabal, who manipulates everything that we can or cannot see, and what it makes available to the population. What does this entail? That we have been told at all times what aliens or extraterrestrials should be like. We have been implanted with a very strong idea that in the event that there is life on other planets, which our science has not yet accepted, but they have let us know through science fiction and fantasy films, and they have imposed on us the idea that in the event that there is life outside, it will be totally different. It's going to be green people with trumpets for ears, or grey, or totally shaped and with strange bodies and that they can't be identified with anything, with the human race. This leads to a refusal to accept anything that is not in accordance with this idea, such as the fact that there is life outside of this planet and there is life in the universe that is governed by the same biology that we humans have. It is the Lyrian race, hence all the people who come across this information and see that they are very similar people to us, they tend to reject it because they don't see it as possible or viable. It has been a very clever strategy on the part of the Cabal, so that many people would not even give the slightest consideration to this information.

Also, because it has to be said that the Cabal has absolute control of the media. They always distort the information; if some of them were to make some movement, larger, more direct, the message that would reach the population would be corrupted. Surely that would only instill more fear… that they are coming to invade us, or any of these things that they are always showing us through movies. The Cabal not only distorts and controls the media, but it controls all the information that is brought to the population, and by all the information I also mean our history. Our history has been totally modified for different agendas and replaced with an ultra-simplistic version. With the aim of diverting the knowledge of who we and they really are, and all with a view towards the exploitation and manipulation of humanity as a race.

For those who want to know a little more about another version of our history, or the version that we consider to be true, we have a series which is: “The Orion Wars," where we explain how the Lyrian race, that is us, arrived on this planet and how that development was, and all the events that happened. If you want to know more about this, I recommend you to watch it.

Here is a quote from Anéeka of Temmer, a Taygetan woman:

“What we have learned from our contacts, is that we are not just another rare species for humans, but more alien than others of stranger appearance, even with non-anthropomorphic physiognomy. The masses with a certain level of awakening are already used to seeing certain races, the greys or even the reptilians, as acceptable. They have the firm idea that if, it comes from outside the Earth, it must have a very strange physiognomy and be easy to identify as foreign. We are outside of what is expected for an extra-terrestrial being. And there are no stranger aliens, more difficult to understand and accept, and more alien than the one who looks like you in the mirror.”

- Anéeka of Temmer.

As we mentioned, one of the reasons why they are also keeping all this referred to the proofs, is because of the Prime Directive. So let's look at what it is: "It is a set of rules that all Federation races respect for a better life and coexistence in the galaxy."

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First, what is the United Federation of Planets? Before I start, I would like to say that for all the people arriving new to this information, you're going to say: "No way, this is just what is in Star Trek." Yes, it is true. It is. And in fact the name and the logo are real and are stolen by Star Trek for this very purpose which we have told you before to manipulate reality. So that when we get this information and they tell us that it really is happening, it is impossible for many to believe it, because it has already been seen in the cinema and is totally disqualified as true.

The federation was created about 900,000 years ago according to Earth linear time. Because you have to remember that time is not linear, and the future, past, present it’s just a concept. If we look at it from a linear point of view from here on Earth, we would say that it was created about 900,000 years ago. And this organization is made up of about half a million races and civilizations and over a million planets.

The way this organization functions is not like a democracy. In fact, it is nothing like what we know here on Earth, rather decisions are made with the most favorable outcome for all, within a framework of service to all. Many times when we hear the concept of the Federation of United Planets, we tend to see it as something “perfect”, formed by are races higher in density and would be like light guides or very advanced beings, or esoteric, or perfect. The truth is that it is not that at all, nor anything like it, but that the Federation is a gigantic organization with many, many layers, one on top of the other, that has many different agendas and factions or subgroups within the Federation itself. It means that it is people, with their faults and with their ideas, and that there are often misunderstandings. It is difficult to agree, and it is not simply an organization of "Love and Light."

As we have said, the Federation is composed of more than half a million races. This does not mean that all the positive races found in this quadrant of the galaxy are part of the Federation, but that there are other races that are also benevolent or positive, but are not part of it. An example of this would be the Ummites who are also humanoid based, or the Alpha Draconis who are reptilian based, or what we consider here on Earth to be dragons. Apart from the Federation there are other positive or benevolent organizations as well, such as, for example, would be the Grand Alliance or the Sphere Alliance, which is another body that operates under the same universal principles and has cooperated together with the Federation for a long time. This group is named after the biosphere ships. An example of such a ship would be our moon.

The moon that we see here from Earth is not a natural satellite, but a ship that is no longer operational. It is put here for certain reasons and interests. They are very big ships that would be basically like a planet and the Andromedans, for example, live entirely inside these ships, with mountains, with fauna, everything.

And there is, for example, also another organization which would be the Council of Alcyone, that is positive too. In this case it is the highest council of the Pleiades, which also collaborates with the Federation. Just as we have said that this term was totally stolen by Star Trek, so when we imagine this kind of organizations we see many different races all together sharing the same environment, collaborating inside the same ships or taking meetings. But there is a point that they are missing here, and that is that each race and each biology have different needs. Therefore, the Federation, when there are meetings between races that can co-exist, because they have very similar needs, they prefer to have face-to-face meetings. But, for example, when it is between races or larger groups that have very different needs and a very different biology, in this case the meetings are done through remote presence. And this, they explained to us, it can be like, for example, we have talked about the Alpha Dracos and that they could not be present on the same ship with people who are one meter fifty, or two metres tall, when these dragons are 15 metres tall, they simply cannot share the same space. Like this example, with other races it is done through holograms directly.

Here is a quote from Swarúu of Erra, another Taygetean woman, explaining one of the reasons why information about the Federation was used and distorted:

"The elite promotes it because it provides the public with a fantasy, but similar to the real Federation, on the premise that they hide everything in plain sight for esoteric, metaphysical and karmic reasons.

The metaphysical laws that are observed by the Cabal, which are also related to the laws observed by other races, and which are directly related to the Prime Directive, but are modified and twisted by the elites for their own purposes."

- Swarúu of Erra

As Swarúu explains to us, one of the reasons why they do this and filter the real information selling it to us as science fiction. This is because it is their way of warning, and getting humanity to accept and tolerate everything that is being done.

We also have a sentence from our friend Anéeka from Temmer, on the same subject. We think that as they are two different people, they are two different points of view. The way she expresses it is also important.

"On Earth you are told that aliens do not exist. Then in the next layer they insist that if they did exist they would be strange and incomprehensible beings. The truth is stranger: there is no clear distinction between where humanity ends and the extraterrestrial begins. It's all together. What is there as fiction is reality here. They are sold as fiction to tell you everything, but as if they were inventions. All just in case people like me come out and say these very words."

- Anéeka de Temmer

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Now that we know what the Federation is, let's talk about why it was created. The Federation was created as a result of the need to cooperate and form an alliance. That was during the great expansion of Lyra, which was when countless races, including the Taygetean race, were exterminated by the Orion Council and all of its mostly reptilian members. Many races were finding themselves totally slaughtered by this council and the only option they saw was to align with each other and come together to try to find a solution together and take strength from each other.

The three main races that were the creators of the Federation would be: the Andromedans and the Arcturians, which are both amphibian-based, and on the other hand the Lyrians, which would be us or, for example, the Taygeteans as well.

As you can see here we have also put the Federation logo which is the real one. It looks exactly like this. And Anéeka explained to us that, for example, if you see the three stars, which are the predominant ones in the image, they represent these three races that were the main creators, that is the Andromedans, the Arcturians and the Lyrians.

And what is the Orion council? The Orion council was created almost two million years ago. It was created by the Alpha Draconis, which are the supreme reptilians. There are many variants, and many different races that are reptilian based. The Alpha Draconis would be the superior ones who would rule over all.

The Orion Council consists mainly of various reptilian-based races, but it also includes others. It also needs to be said that at present the Orion Council and its original leaders, i.e. the Alpha Draconis, are positive and are currently in collaboration with the Federation.

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The Prime Directive serves as a moral, ethical and legal guideline and template to be followed for all these races that are part of the Federation. One of the rules within it is not to interfere with a race that is in a state of development, as we would be. Although the first directive is only a subsection or a whole chapter in a book of space laws. It is written initially in Andromedan, then in Arcturian and finally in Lyrian, which as we have said were the three main creator races. This document can be found as a book, on paper, but it is mostly in computer. In the event that there is a first edition of the prime directive, it would in this case be in the possession of the Andromedan race and would be approximately one million years old, as viewed from a linear point on Earth. This directive takes precedence over all other considerations and carries the highest moral obligation.

Here are a couple of slides, where Anéeka gave us some examples of what this special law book contained, apart from the Prime Directive.

"It contains laws of treaties of cooperation between races, what parameters must always be followed for alliances, be they for protection or technological cooperation, and for cooperation and development in general within or for the population of those races.

Laws that are almost identical to the Maritime Laws as known on Earth, because it comes directly from the Federation.

It is this group of laws that dictate what thing, or under what circumstances someone can give as their own or on behalf of their race a new planet, or the salvaged cargo of an interstellar ship found unmanned and adrift. It is also the set of laws which dictate that if a baby is born aboard a starship, it will take on the "nationality" or become a member of the civilization to which the ship belongs in the first place.

Because a ship inside is considered sovereign territory of the civilization and race to which it belongs (just like a ship or plane, or any vehicle as well, on Earth)".

It has treaty structures. It contains protocols of assistance to less developed civilizations, protocols of military interaction for protection.

Contains means of communication and rules for their use.

Council structures. Forms and equivalencies between the political structures of Federation races that are not the same.

For example, Lyra uses a straightforward holographic society, with no steps.

Taygeta uses the step system like the Andromedans.

It then clarifies by spatial law, jurisdictions, and the decision-making and authoritative capacities of each type of political model."

- Anéeka of Temmer

What we have used for this presentation, has been to extract a couple of fragments in relation to the first directive and the regulations that they have in terms of relating to a less evolved race. But if you want to find more information about this you can do so on the channel of the contactee Gosia, to who Swarúu of Erra passed a larger fragment of what was contained in this document and there you can find more information. Cosmic Agency: https://youtu.be/jJm-anqC5XE

"It includes the introduction of superior knowledge, force or technology to a planet whose society is incapable of handling such advantages wisely, judged at its present level of evolutionary, spiritual, moral and technological development.

Spiritual and moral knowledge must also be restricted to a strict and necessary minimum, only using the methods and devices of communication at the present level of understanding of the less evolved race.

It is forbidden to act or intercommunicate with any native resident of a planet, or less evolved culture using any device, machine, tool, weapon or invention that represents an improvement over the science and technology already existing on that planet.

Contacting or interfering with less evolved races is not allowed, unless they are threatened by an outside source. In that case, it is the moral obligation of Federation personnel to assess the situation to determine an appropriate course of action. The exchange and seeding of technology beyond the evolutionary capacity of the lesser evolved race is prohibited or kept to the minimum necessary."

- Swarúu of Erra

On this last point, where it is said that you cannot interfere in the development of a race unless it is threatened by an outside source, an example of this would be the case of Alpha Centauri. In this case the Federation did have to intervene because they were breaking all the laws over the Lyrian race at the time, and any kind of agreement that people could have made. This was the case with the liberation of the planet Phaeton, although this is a name that was imposed by the reptilians who were dominating this planet and trafficking with the Lyrian race. And now this new race that was rescued, which is called the Alphrateans, was given the name Alfrata.

We also have a video where my colleague Cristina explains exactly how that liberation was. In fact one of the battles was seen from here on Earth and contemplated from Germany. The video in this case is called: “The extraterrestrial battle in Germany", and we are going to leave the link here: https://youtu.be/YATrt5I7uQs in case you are interested in watching it.

Here is another sentence from Swarúu of Erra:

“The Prime Directive for us and other races is a set of rules that guide us, it is a philosophy and not an unbreakable law, it is flexible and a certain law can be evaded, always under the responsibility of the one who makes the contact. We consider the Prime Directive as a guide, a philosophy. It is not dogma and can be broken.”

- Swarúu de Erra

As Swarúu explains, there are indeed cases where this prime directive can be broken. But only when the result has to bring about a greater good for all, and carries with it a great responsibility and obligation for the person who is going to do it. There have been some cases where the prime directive has not been respected, and there was direct contact with extraterrestrial races. One of these would be when Rashell of Temmer, who was a Taygetan woman, made face-to-face contact with the president of the United States, Eisenhower, to try to inform him of the situation and try to reach an agreement. But the truth is that it was not very fruitful.

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So, we come back to the main point because we are finding that this contact is through the Internet. Because, as we have seen, the Prime Directive dictates that it has to be through the level of technology that this civilization already has, which here we have the Internet. That's why they make themselves known with what we have and use. And as we explained before, they use replicas of terrestrial units and our connection and our satellites to connect to the Internet. When they have to go down in person to do some mission, they totally adopt the rules that we have here on Earth. For example, they all carry fake identity documents as if they were human. When they have to navigate they use ships that fake the flight number and the terrestrial owner. They even have the ships' computers send false flight information, such as altitude, position and speed to the terrestrial control towers. In other words, all this in order not to attract attention and to respect the regulations we have here.

An example of this, just as a curious note, is Dhor Káal'el, who is a Taygetan pilot. He has explained that when he had to go on a mission here, he simulated to be using a private vessel that was registered in Britain. Although he could also have it as a military ID as it suited him. In order not to create suspicion, he would pretend through the computer that this ship took off and landed at different airports. The computer of his ship, Suzy, which is the one he used, could even simulate the noise of the engines.

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We have already explained what the first contact program was and why it was done, that it was to evaluate the situation of humanity and whether or not it was ready to receive all other civilizations. But it must also be said here that when this program was initiated, it was thought by the Federation, who allowed it, but thinking that this contact would be limited to short comments such as, for example, tweets. That is to say that the form of communication that there was going to be between the extraterrestrials and humans would be through very short messages, just giving some punctual information about some events or very significant things, so that all those people who wanted to investigate more about it could have something to look at or to base themselves on. But what they didn't think when they allowed the first contact program was that it would become a whole disclosure, as in this case the Taygetean disclosure, which has a huge volume of information that through conversations with the Taygeteans has reached thousands of pages, they have even written detailed articles in their own handwriting, containing very diverse information that was not previously found on Earth.

Thus, it can be seen that the Taygetean outreach, while respecting these directives and trying not to be invasive, is pushing the established limits. Although, on the part of the Federation it is considered too revealing, and it is what they have been talking about, for example, many of the subjects that they have been discussing, say stellar navigation, how their engines work, how they control everything at the frequency level, that this is more advanced than what is known to the general population. They feel that this is too much knowledge and it should not be shared yet. It is that this disclosure of the Taygetan race is observed by other races that are present here in orbit, and is being studied as an example; the reaction that the disclosure has on all the people that follow it, and on the general population. They are taking it as guidelines and they are evaluating us. We have to remember that there are many aliens in the social networks. The only thing is that our Taygetan friends have been the loudest and the ones who have made themselves the most known. They have opened up to more directly talking about themselves, and to pass on all this profound information. But that doesn't mean they are the only ones.

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And if it were not for these regulations and these reasons that we have explained above, how would they like the contact to be? The Taygeteans explained to us that they would like to be able to go out directly, they would go out either in conferences, or they would put their voices in the videos because all our videos and those of the other contactees are always our voices. Or they would show their places, they would share photos where we could see the ship from the inside, the Earth from the outside, in orbit, and there would be no doubt for all the people who are following disclosure. But they are also aware that this would not be so simple, and that as we said at the beginning it is necessary first to BELIEVE TO SEE. This is because although they would do it with all the good intentions in the world, they could face a huge criticism from people that the images they would share would be modified through CGI, or that it would simply be a very expensive movie set on their part, or a government program, and that it wouldn’t be true images.

Apart from the fact that this in itself would bring a cascade of consequences, because they have to follow certain political directives, as they too are part of the Federation. They are not the only ones who are here. It must also be said that they do not control these servers through which they contact us, and therefore they do not have absolute control over the situation.

Estel·la: To finish, we would like to leave you with another sentence from Anéeka from Temmer, where she is going to explain that although they would like to interact with us in a different way, because they would like to be able to have a much closer relationship, they would like to be able to help us more directly. They also understand the other side and they understand that this is not the only point of view. There are many more things behind this that they have to consider when making these decisions. And so she's going to explain to us how they see it, if you take a wider perspective. We'll leave you with her, thank you all very much for being here and listening, and we'll see you in the next video.

“The limitations of the Prime Directive, while they are irritating, and we would like to remove them, have their reason to be. Because objectively, just look at the influence we have had since we started working with Robert and Gosia. And that's without us talking.

If it were that we were to come out in the open, just through this medium, but showing our face and voice, we would have exponentially more influence. And that's not necessarily a good thing.

Because then we start to impose our perspective over the views of humans. Even if we don't mean to. And it happens that way anyway. That things are the way we say they are, just because we say so.

If you were listening to me again it would be exponentially worse. And that in itself has happened before. Many times before. And we become your idols again, even gods. Because the tendency of the human mass is that. Because that is how it has been demonstrated.”

- Anéeka of Temmer

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