Pleiadian Knowledge, Cristina & Estella
April 13, 2021


Cristina: Hello everyone. Welcome to Pleiadian Knowledge. I am Cristina and I am here with my colleague Estel·la. And this is the last video in the series of our extraterrestrial contact, where we want to explain a bit more about our personal experience. How we are living this, and why we believe that this is real, so we would like to discuss with you several points that we think are important.

Estel·la: This will be just a talk between Cristina and me. It is not to convince anyone or to impose our perspective, but we have thought that it was also important to share our experience. What we have lived and what we have come to feel and conclude after all this time.

Cristina: And why is this contact real for us? Because, as we have explained before, the information they provide us is information that is not often available to the public. And the way in which through their information you can fit all the missing pieces even though you had already researched for many years, because you always have some missing pieces, and so their information it helps one be able to fit all that which couldn’t find. Apart from that, also the way in which that information empowers you, in which it makes you strong, in that what it wants is for you to be the god or the goddess, the one who creates everything you see, everything that surrounds you and you can acquire control of your own life and of all the events that happen to you. How they have explained how all this works, where we are submerged here on this planet, everything that is happening and how they have done it layer by layer so that we can understand absolutely everything.

Estel·la: But we also want to say here that questioning things is always healthy. That we are not saying: “Hey! Take this information and this is the truth and don't look elsewhere, just listen to it”. No, we are going to tell you yes, listen to it, and if it resonates with you to keep going, because it is in fact the nature of the human being to be able to discern for oneself what it is that one likes or dislikes, or what thinks it can be one way or not.

Also wanted to say that when we came across this disclosure we also had our doubts, like everyone else, because that is healthy, that means that you are not blindly looking for something to lean on. That means that you believe in yourself, and that you are trying to value within yourself what all of this is indicating to you. But we also realized that as we progressed in the information and as we were following this disclosure we saw that in those moments when there could be things that did not fit and that could make us doubt, later we understood that it was because we lack the information, that is, it is not because that information was incongruous, or because it was contradicting itself or because there were things there that did not fit, but it was our point of view that made it take this effect, and we realized that over time, as more pieces we were having, more we could assemble this whole puzzle and more we were understanding everything. And this, I think is also important because many times, if there is something that we do not understand, we automatically discard it, and I think it is good to have patience and say well, I file it in some corner of me, and I will continue either listening or doing what one believes, and that maybe at another time everything is illuminated and one can get to understand further what was really there. So we also went through our own process, and it was very interesting to observe and very beautiful also how all the information was processed within us, and until it was inevitable, it was inevitable to see that this could not be in any other way than real.

Cristina: But apart from all this, which is the part that would be the disclosure, which is the information itself, there is another part that perhaps is not understood by the rest, because it is something that I believe only those contacted can feel and is that there is someone there, it is not talking text with someone, you are not having a conversation, chatting with someone and that's it, but you can feel those people, you can feel, how they are, their mood changes, you can feel if they are tired, you can feel them, even telepathic messages that reach us at some point. And that is really the greatest proof that for us all of this is real, but it is something that is difficult to share here as proof that the public asks for. It is like someone who is channeling and who can show you that channeling is real? Because only that person knows when they are channeling, it is a sensation, like your dreams, the premonitions that you may have, all the sensations that occur within. Only you can validate them, so it is very difficult to transmit all the feelings that we have and that validate this contact, regardless of the information that we transmit to all of you.

So, to all those people who have doubts, who do not know if this can be real, thinks it cannot be real, that it may be someone who is inventing everything, or whatever… the only thing we can say is that: listen from the inside, that you listen with your heart and if the information resonates with you, go ahead, but do not let the patterns of what we have been told, decide what is true, or what is a lie, or if this can be or if this it cannot be, or tending to think that there are really many people who are deceiving us and all these patterns that we all have because of the situation in which we live, because this is the Earth, it is chaos, it is a sea of misinformation, and the truth is distorted everywhere, but if we have learned something today from all this disclosure, from this contact, it is that no one has the truth, but the truth is only within you.

Estel·la: As Cristina has said, there is much more than what is seen in the disclosure, and it is the part of the contact, of the relationship that develops with them as time goes by, and for example in our case we feel it for both parties, that is to say that both Cristina and I feel like Anéeka, who is the one with whom we have spoken the most and with whom we have the most relationship, and has also expressed to us that we all have the feeling as if we had been much longer in contact with them that we really have, because as we explained in the first video, we have only been with them for five or six months, it was since the middle of this year. But the feeling that there is and which we share is much stronger. There is something there, as Cristina says, difficult to explain that it transmits, it transmits much, much more, and it is very beautiful to observe and very beautiful to feel and this shows us that there is a depth, there is a depth here more than we are able to understand.

Cristina: These people have no agenda, there is no one behind them. There is no government. Actually, these people go against all the governments of the Earth, our entire system, they go against money, they go against religions, and they go against absolutely everything… and all they do is propose or help to propose a different system, a system in which many of you surely have always dreamed of, in a place where work does not exist, money does not exist, where people are free or where people can decide, where the information is within everyone’s reach. That each one is their own leader, and that is what they try to convey through the contact.

As they have said and as they have explained, they are here to project ideas, ideas in our minds so that later we can develop them and we can create or change this system that we do not like. So they don't work for anyone, absolutely no one. They are here, solely to give us ideas, to give us information, sometimes information that may be more positive, and sometimes information that may be more negative for us, but that each of us will always interpret in our own way. Because each of us is different and what is negative for one person can be very positive for another. So what is positive or negative, the good, the bad, the truth, the lie, are only points of view of each one of us. They are only here to present their ideas, to give us the reality of how they see all this. It is then us who interpret it one way or another depending on ourselves.

Estel·la: As Cristina was saying, many people have thought that this would be a government project, that they are actually people who are simply with an agenda posing as all of them and transmitting all this information, but my question is, If it were really like that then, why is this information so limited, in this YouTube platform or why is it censored? Because we have certain problems when we want to deal with certain topics on this platform, many times they block them. There are contactees who have been deprived of the monetization of their channels. In others, for example, it takes away the time they can publish and have received many notices that the channel is going to be closed. So this doesn't add up. If it were a government project, there would be no limitation, they would not be censoring us because then the government would want people to hear all this. So it doesn't add up, it doesn't add up at all. The only thing that can be here and as you all know well, is that in everything that is hidden means that you are getting closer to the truth. And if all this information is this limited, it is because there is something here that hurts them, that hurts those who are above, those who are controlling this whole situation, because they know that it is important. Because they know that if more people started to take it more seriously, would create problems. Now, problems for them, not for us because this would be our liberation, the liberation of each one, individually, by their own strength.

Cristina: Many of you already know that we live totally censored, that information is blocked at all levels and there is a system that does not want this information to reach the public and that other types of information such as alternative medicine, such as free energy… They do not want it because that information is what would give very strong tools to make people stop being dependent on the system, and all that information is very controlled so that it does not advance. They want dependent people, people who work for that system, they don't want free people, they don't want self-sufficient citizens.

Taygeteans don't want anything in return, all they do is answer our questions as I explained in the first video. They do not impose any type of information on us, in itself we must ask and we are the ones who go into depth in all the topics, and they only give us all the information they have available, so we can understand what we were looking for. They told us that they had contacted us because they really liked our energy and that the only thing they wanted, is say: "hello." They just wanted to say: “here we are, that you are not alone in the universe, that there are other races out there and there are more people, that another system is possible, that you can create another type of Earth”. So, as Anéeka has explained very well, they are only here to inject ideas that help us to progress and on our awakening.

Estel·la: And we are also aware of the greatness of this disclosure, which is that it has been able to unite thousands of people in their own awakening and even though what we commented throughout this introduction, to this contact, is that when they made the assessment of the Earth, they saw that humans were not ready to receive that information, but what maybe we did not go into much detail to say either, is that the planet is not made up of only humans, but here there are a number of starseeds, of beings that are part of other races and that are prepared within themselves to receive all this information. So, all these followers of the disclosure had agreed to this moment within themselves, by agreements, to get up together, to remember their identity of who we are, what we are doing here because we all came, each one with different degrees, but we came blind. Once we arrive here on this planet, we are all like if someone would have put a veil over us and we are like we are crashing against the walls because we do not quite understand what is happening here, and as this disclosure was coming out and we as followers began to see all the other people who were joining, the truth is we think that it is also very beautiful and that if it is observed from the other side, from the more etheric side… just thinking that there was this agreement by all these people to wake up this way, whether it was through the Taygetean team, because of all the Taygeteans who have participated in the dissemination, the truth is that it is very beautiful.

And for our part from here, as we have said, we thank the Taygetean team very much that they continue to make the decisions that they believe to be the best for themselves, and for us, because they are doing different things that are not well taken as we commented a little in the latest Federation video, who believe they are interacting too openly, but still they continue because they believe it is the right thing to do.

Cristina: And why YouTube? Why this information that is so important and that for us all this is so big, this contact is huge, why we are disseminating it through YouTube? Well, we are on YouTube because it is the most effective medium to disseminate information right now on Earth. Before when people wanted to look for information, they would go to a library, they would look for a book, but today we know that books, unfortunately for many, have become a bit outdated and that most people, and especially since people who are coming now in these new generations, information is sought through the Internet. And whether we like it more or like it less, YouTube is one of the largest platforms and where more people access to search for information. So, if you want the information to reach more people, you will have to be in the media that have the best capacity to reach more people. And why not on television? Because it's locked to us. As many of you already know, even on YouTube we have many problems, you cannot give certain topics because you risk having your channels closed and being censored on all social networks, and it is the only way to reach out because everything that is TV is all totally blocked for all of us. So, we only have left to access these platforms, and try to fight with everything we can, to be able to pass the information as we can. And this is why we are on YouTube.

Estel·la: The other thing is, the more information you have, the more you realize how little you know. So, this is also why many people follow this evolution, because they are realizing that, although they are recovering a lot of knowledge, there is so much that they still do not know, and that one is never capable to know all, because it is always a continuous learning, the Ether, the Universe is infinite. Then, you can never get to the point where everything is known. And that is why they are here, too. Because they are learning from this situation, they are learning from all of us who are here and are leading our lives down here. They have not come here because they already know everything, and they come here to impose their way of life or their knowledge on us because “they are the best there is” or because “they already know everything”, but because they are here together with us to accompany us in this process to be able to help in what they can, but at the same time to learn from all this as well.

And we are going to finish this video. We hope we have been able to contribute something to all these people already following the disclosure or to all those who have arrived new and have been able to understand a little more how this contact is and how it works. And from here on we will continue to share different videos with very interesting information that we are learning with all of them, and to continue contributing what we can for all this awakening.

Cristina: Thank you very much for being here and listening. And see you in the next video.

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