Pleiadian Knowledge, Cristina & Estella
January 08, 2021


Estel·la: Hello everyone, welcome to Pleiadian Knowledge. My college is Cristina and I am Estel·la. In this video we are going to introduce ourselves a little better, for all these people who do not know us if you are coming to this channel recently and we are going to explain what we are doing, that we are working with an extra-terrestrial contact and then we are going to explain how we got to this that we are doing now.

Cristina: Hello friends, I am Cristina, I am from Barcelona, ​​and tell you that I am a horse riding teacher, although in last years I have dedicated myself mainly to the study of ethology, that is, the natural behaviour of the horse in the wild.

From a very young age I had a great interest in everything that was ufology, aliens, life on other planets ... in itself I have always felt as if I was not from here, that this was not my place, I even had the feeling that my time here was short or was going to be short and I had something very important to do, among many other sensations that probably many of you share, too.

As I was saying, I have always been very interested in all these topics, I have followed many researchers, many ufologists, especially many contactees, because everything that had to do with aliens and other species and biology on other planets... has always been for me something very interesting and I was very curious to learn from all this. Through many years of following many people and reading many books, watching many videos and many research and scientific works, we found the Taygetean Disclosure through the contactees who were sharing it.

The feeling when finding this information, was not only of surprise because of all the scientific data and all those answers that they were giving, which I had been looking for years, but what surprised me the most was like a feeling of remembering all that information. As if somehow, in part I already knew it and was remembering it. So both me and Estel·la resonated a lot with everything that was and is being shared by the contactees.

Estel·la: I am Estel·la, I am also from Barcelona. Professionally I am also dedicated to the world of horse riding as an equine educator, in fact, Cristina and I know each other through this, after many years sharing that world.

The truth is that for me it was more of a sudden the awakening, suddenly a lot of interest came to me in all these topics, I felt super attracted to it and like that was the only thing I wanted to do at that moment and I felt a need, because really like Cristina said, it was a feeling of remembering. So this is when we met the Taygetean Disclosure, for those of you who do not know very well what we are referring to by this: basically it is that the Taygeteans are a race, since Taygeta is one of the stars of the Pleiades and they are here in orbit. They have been in fact during… we could say the entire history of the Earth, they have been present in many different moments and now it is one of them, that all of us who are here are living it. So we learned about the topics that they were sharing through their contactees and we liked the information so much, it attracted us so much and made us understand so many things, in fact, the truth is as if it was already part of us in some way.

So that's when we created some workshops, which is where we gathered all the information that they had shared on different topics and we passed it on to people in a different way. We were doing this around the Barcelona area.

Cristina: As Estel·la is explaining, through the workshops we also had the opportunity to meet one of the contactees in person, Robert Carbonell, and we were able to share many things with him and we found all the information he had very interesting. From there we continued with the workshops, only because of the circumstances that you all know, we had to stop giving the workshops because it was no longer possible to do it here in Barcelona and that was when we decided to open the YouTube channel, with the intention of being able to continue sharing all that we were doing through the workshops.

Estel·la: So we opened this space, this YouTube channel, where we were sharing either the different researches that we were doing on our part, since we thought they were important and of our interest and we were also making summaries or sharing the information that was part of the Taygetean Disclosure. So after three months of having the YouTube channel open, that is to say exactly on June 12th of this year 2020, we had our first contact with some people of this race. Tell you that we have a video where we explain exactly how was that conversation that we had for the first time, we are going to leave you the link here, in case any of you is interested in watching it later.

This contact that we are maintaining with them is through a neutral technological medium, in this case the one we have here on Earth is through the internet. We are going to make some videos where we are going to explain exactly why this is the case and all those things that it entails, either positive aspects or some also negative.

Cristina: We are currently working with one of the extra-terrestrial women, Anéeka from Temmer, and we are dealing with very diverse topics, whether it be biology or exobiology, other species, life on other planets, physics, metaphysics, mathematics, astronomy… very diverse topics. But we would like to emphasize here that all the topics that we are dealing with are because they are topics of our interest, that is, that we are the ones who propose the topics. They, do not impose any topic on us, they do not give us a block of information and tell us: "this is what we are going to teach you." No. Rather, we are the ones who are interested in a topic and ask questions or ask for information and they provide it to us.

Estel·la: Since we began to have contact with them, we had joined in their Disclosure, dealing with the topics that were of interest to us and we had not gone into much detail about what we are presenting to you now and what is going to be in the following videos because this information had already been shared by those contacted, who have been with them for quite some time - in fact, they have been talking with them for three years-. Since they had already shared this information, but now we felt that we also had to do it for all those people, that as we have said, new ones may be coming to this channel and that is the intention.

We really like everything we are learning through them and we are very happy, our intention is to also help wake up all those people who are interested in all this type of information and that is why we are here. In fact, as you can see, we are not professionals in this medium of the world of YouTube, in fact, we have been here very recently and we are doing the best we can, although we are not dedicated solely to this.

Cristina: The truth is that for us it is being an incredible experience, having the opportunity to really be able to contact with another world, with another race and be able to learn so much information about the Earth, which is not available to the public, as well as information from the exterior, for us it is super important and we really feel very happy to be living this moment. I would like to tell you something that I sometimes remember, is that one of the contactees once said: "pursue your dreams, that if you really want them, one day they will come true." This is really how Estel·la and I are living all of this right now.

Estel·la: Wanted to say that, from here on, different introductory videos will be followed where we are going to present them, so that you know who they are, what they are doing here, why they are now here too , how our contact is, why it is that way and also a little bit about the people of this race that we have had the honor of being able to talk with them, and so that you get to know them all a little better too. So far, we say goodbye, as always thank you very much everyone for being here and listening and we are going to see each other in these following videos.

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