THE URMAH RACE - CULTURE, ART AND LEISURE - Extraterrestrial Contact

Pleiadian Knowledge, Cristina & Estella
June 04, 2021

THE URMAH RACE - CULTURE, ART AND LEISURE - Extraterrestrial Contact


The way in which the Urmah greet each other or ourselves with them, is by speaking with a hello, but when gestured it is a hand up, very normal. It is seen that this is very generalized.

As I have explained before, they always dress very ornate in large gold armor and capes, but when they are comfortable, I really don't know how they dress exactly. In my opinion they are always excessively dressed, although they do not always wear an armor. But from what I've seen they wear baggy clothes without stamping, quite spartan, also with white or beige clothes, with adjustments on the straps. Although it was only once, but I also saw them wearing robes, one purple with gold. Another thing that they use many times is something like a... I don't know how to say it, a skirt like the Roman troops would use it, but with black leggings underneath. They wear shorts down like this, accentuating their short legs.

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They have an opening in the clothes for the tail, which also includes a portion or sleeve for this, it is not just a hole in the clothes. It is presented with elastic, or with laces, which serves to tighten or adjust the sleeve of the clothes around the tail. How do they rich their back? They are cats, their spine is very elastic.

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For the feet, they wear boots, like rounded at the front. Very similar to these, only that they are black like leather and they also have a sole. Although of vegetable leather I suppose, since even being carnivores they do not kill, but they manufacture the meat. They also wear open shoes, but it is common to see them barefoot in places where they are comfortable. This style in boots has also been seen a lot, fashion looks something “Roman”.

They also wear earrings, both females and males. I don't think they paint or do any make up on the faces as most of them are already naturally striped.

I understand that they do not have the same morality regarding being frowned upon to be without clothes. They wear clothes to accentuate their own features. But it is not usual to find them naked, only with their fur. They wash with their tongue and since they do it all the time, it seems that it is well seen to do it in public in their culture, and their saliva is different from ours. I have not seen them expelling hairballs, nor do I know about it, but it could be that they do it, only because of education they go to the bathroom or something like that, although that is more behavior of a domestic cat and not a big cat. But I know that they bathe a lot with water too, on a daily basis.

Regarding parenting, I know that females help each other with their cubs. I have seen the cubs in the arms of both parents, and of other members of the group who are not their parents. They carry their babies like us, not with the mouth like domestic cats. Sometimes they carry them in a backpack or simply in their arms, and up to two or three if they are small, but they also use strollers. If you have 8 kittens, how else? And we also use them.

As for food, they no longer hunt but produce meat. In my opinion it is organized by distribution. Because compared to the med pod here, it is quite a bulky device and requires the assistance of other secondary devices as well. And their food is basically cell or tissue cultures in devices similar to med pods. But the Urmah are very dedicated to gastronomy, spending a lot of time, a lot of recipes. Of course, all very spicy.

Regarding pets, they like to have more cats as pets. Cats as we know them, the little one who is also very prolific, the house cat, since they see them as their little starseeds. In itself, the house cat left from that planet initially according to what is said. It is the "Cat-Planet" of the galaxy. But I would say they control the birth rate or they would flood. We must do that through hormonal treatment, and we still have feline problems on board. As Nai'Shara told me speaking of that, the fact that the Urmah have the common domestic cats as pets, it is as if we had tiny Taygeteans, or the humans, little humans like 40 cm as pets.

In terms of their language, written looks like cuneiform. In itself, it is that formerly they wrote with their nails, as fingernail prints or punctures, in manuscript. They are like sets of lines that are complex, a kind of cuneiform with Canji. In groups, each symbol is a complete word, resembling Canji in this.

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Their numbers are also based on the same, depending on the angle or direction of the line, is a number and it increases in complexity as the number grows. The lines are not uniform, they are clearly small wedges. It has a pointed part and a wide one. It depends on where you point the number as rotating like clock hands and adding hands when it rises in value. And then there are sectors marked with other lines that mark the tens, hundreds and thousands and more. If you observe, this form of writing is very "Cat-like". These images are of Terrestrial Cuneiform.

This last image is very good, is what I was saying, long lines of different angles clearly pointed and thick. You have to understand that what they used to write were their own nails, and from there they evolved. Although they still use them for manuscript sometimes. That last image looks like Urmah, so is their writing, long and pointed, and in angles.

I do not know if the cuneiform language that you have on Earth is due to Urmah influence in the past, it is possible. But it is also a logical way to write on clay tablets. The Urmah have been present on Earth for thousands of years, especially in Egypt and Sumeria and more recently in Roman and especially Greek culture. It would not be strange that they have influence on the writing.

Today practically everything they write is by computer. But they do not have keyboards like ours, but theirs are little things with over-scaled buttons and also on high-tech surfaces of the touch-sensitive type with hologram, or thought. So, they do not type because their anatomy does not allow it, but they have another class of keyboards or digital interfaces, designed for cats. Generally, in the case that they are not interactive “touch” holograms, they are physical buttons that look like a half sphere, like a half ping pong ball, appropriate for their paw pads, and they do have a lot of precision in those fingers.

Regarding their music, it is based mainly on drums and brass, that is, trumpets, and alike. Also the use of flutes and instruments similar to the Australian rainstick, which is a long bamboo stick with stones inside and sounds like water.

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These instruments are very similar to the Urmah’s and such curves are typical of Urmah brass instruments.

Richard Wagner's piece "Ride of The Valkyries" is always said to be very Urmah, so is their music, exaggerated and magnificent marches. They also sing and dance a lot, they like very much to party, all the time celebrating something with the slightest excuse.

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They also like art very much, they are very artistic, that characterizes them a lot because something that is certain is that they are exaggerated, hyperbolic, epic in everything. Everything must be grand, majestic and over adorned, immense, imposing, everything must shine like gold. Everything is to attract attention, everything is to stand out above others, like good cats.

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In painting, the painted scenes of great battles of their past prevail, with realistic style. Painted with brushes, only that everything is mega, all very large. I have never seen Urmah art up close, only in data on the computer. They also have a lot of sculpture, the pillars are usually big cats holding the ceiling, for example. If there is a hyper-proud race, it is the Urmah. They are all extremely aesthetic, the felines, and the Urmah exploit that masterfully.

As in Taygeta, once a certain level of technology is reached, there is also a love for everything handmade.


As for leisure, for example they have theater and cinema as well, but not as a specific place, but transmitted through the network, such as the internet to homes. But in itself, entertainment is different because it focuses more on learning, so sitting down to watch a movie like the terrestrial concept is not very used in favor of recreational immersions. That is to say, it is more interesting for the population to go and experience a direct immersion for entertainment for about two hours or as long as they want and mark, to just sit and see what others want them to see. But within these immersions, there are parts that are made by third parties and are used as experiences that several people can have, that is, they are pre-made, with personal variants always, in addition to the immersions that are designed by the same user.

So, if someone wants to experience the pre-made experience of, let's say the last battle for Tiamat in 12 500 B.C. Terrestrial, they can use that immersion program and they go in there with their own created avatar and they are there living that experience for as long as they please, learning how the event was as well. So, the entertainment in Taygeta and in many other places is kind of inclined to leave an apprenticeship as well. In addition to that, there are different levels within these immersions: from the light ones that you know that you are in the immersion just to have a good time with a pre-made or self-designed experience, shared with friends, partner or family, or simply forget that you are immersed for the duration of the experience. You control what you want to experience and why.

So, with that option to live your favorite movie, knowing that it is only a movie or not, it has no comparison with a terrestrial movie on screen. However, we here have learned to watch and enjoy terrestrial movies as you see them, also with the aim and purpose of learning from them about humans and their civilization. It has been a very useful tool for us to learn about how people live on Earth, watching series and movies. It is also through them from where and with which we learn and refine our human language, local idioms and speech accents.

But apart from this, basically the Urmah are of simple tastes. In addition to those immersion explained above, they really enjoy simply being with their family in peace, “very much like a typical cat sleeping in the sun.” They are independent, they really like their space and their personal territory. Besides, they take advantage of any moment to take a nap, they spend more time asleep than awake, just like the Alpha Draco.

But they also do fight sports both in immersions and live. An example is that they pass a kind of stuffed animal, which is a log wrapped with a hairy cloth, and it is about taking it from the other and keeping it in possession for as long as possible, until it reaches a goal that is like a delimited area within the playing field. That is where you see them running on all four legs using their whole body.

The truth is, these heavy games of cats can be somewhat brutal and I have seen that they injure themselves playing. Of course, it results in many broken teeth and bleeding nails, but they fix it with medical pods. The fact that attracts me a lot is that it looks a bit like football. Taygeta in terms of sport is very lean or boring, more towards Greek athletics, with cultural influence there clearly.

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Regarding other activities, they have bars although not the same as those on Earth because there is no alcohol, because everyone knows about its adverse effects and they discard it. They are similar to those of Taygeta, where it is like a so-called lounge, where you go to hang out with friends, it is not a place like a bar or a terrestrial pub that revolves everything around alcoholic beverages, but revolves around the environment. And of course, drinking something is important, but they also offer food and a place to stay if you come from outside that town.

Another aspect is going on vacation or visiting other places, it is common for different Urmah races, for example those of Avyon or those of Merope, visit each other or other planets inhabited by Urmah. It is another reason for so much ship traffic continuously, and it is the same as how Engans, Solatians and Taygeteans visit each other a lot, or Aldebaran itself, which could be said to be a tourist destination, everyone wants to go see that place. Especially those of Erra because it is very different from the great coniferous forests that cover the planet, which is also usually cold.

The Urmah tend not to get along very well with the insectoid races or the reptilians. They also do not get along well with those of Andromedan origin, the Arcturians, or the Celeans. I think it is due to the unemotional nature of all these races, because if you look at them together that is what they have in common by generalizing. And the Urmah, if there is something that defines them, it is that they are very emotional and even dramatic, again that is why we get along, since we are always accused of being emotional and dramatic as well. I can add that in itself, Taygeta has not gotten along very well historically with that class of races, all positive as well.

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As a curiosity about Urmah, they can be in all colors and designs of fur that we can imagine, like house cats, i.e, they are not homogeneous in that aspect. All cat fur designs are found by families in Urmah and as with cats you never know what colors the cubs will have, or very limitedly. Although they are combined, it happens as on Earth, that the members of a race if they relate with each other, quite possibly more of the same will come out: lions as lions tigers as tigers. But since they do not have that as something that they take as important, they intersect with any other and result in a very diverse population in colors and designs.

With all this, I see the Urmah as a perfect mix between the old, the retro, with very old customs that are reflected in their art and architecture, such as their love for torches, and at the same time, progressive and very advanced in everything that is very modern technology. They combine very well the traditional and the old with the new and technological.

Their multiple colonies throughout the galaxy accumulated through time, their need to protect them militarily and the fact of being very prolific as a species, together with their inherent physical and mental strength of felines, has made them the most dominant race in this Galaxy, being present everywhere. Its cultural and military influence is present in virtually all civilizations, especially in this quadrant in which we live. They are simply a magnificent species in every aspect.

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