Pleiadian Knowledge, Cristina & Estella
May 15, 2021


Anéeka of Temmer: The moon is a hologram. It looks more like the following image which is CGI, but is so you get the idea.

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Estel·la: And what are these images? CGI? From whom?

Аnéeka of Temmer: From what the Russians know. They are CGI, but it looks like this. And it is sad that they give you another idea, they hide the truth, because it is annoying.

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Estel·la: But is that the external structure?

Аnéeka of Temmer: Yes, it has several internal levels, like an onion. Towards the centre are the life support and engineering systems with the reactor in the centre. It is a huge ship. They sell that as romantic, but it's a metal ball in disguise.

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Estel·la: And why does it have that relay effect? Because of the material used?

Anéeka of Temmer: Because it has on the surface all kinds of buildings for infinite uses, as if it were an entire city that covers its surface. But they are not constructions, it is part of the "hull" of the lunar ship.

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Estel·la: And what is the original name of the ship that acts as the moon?

Аnéeka of Temmer: Creiddylad.

Estel·la: Does it have any meaning? I guess it's Andromedan...

Аnéeka of Temmer: It is Andromedan, translated into phonemes. On Earth interpreted as "Welsh Goddess".

That goddess sure is connected to Diana. Wales, Ireland, and Scotland have strong links to pre-dynastic Egypt, and to Atlantis. Hence the names. Diana is one of the names for the Moon. Creiddylad, also known as Creirddylad, Creurdilad, Creudylad or Kreiddylat, daughter of King Lludd. She is a minor character in the medieval Welsh tale; Culhwch ac Olwen. The oldest Arthurian tale.

Diana: Roman Goddess of the Moon.

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Cristina: Is it true that the moon is moving away from the Earth every year? Who controls the lunar orbit?

Yázhi Swarúu: Yes it is true or in appearance, it is a ship, it happens as with all ships, you have to correct orbit every so often or it falls to Earth or moves away. The lunar orbit is under the control of the Federation, on the part of the Arcturians Dieslientiplex and for 2 years now, to be exact.

Before it was under the control of Taygeta, and before it was under the control of Centauri, but always, Federation.

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Estel·la: What role did the Moon ship play in the Battle of Tiamat? Why was it so destroyed?

Yázhi Swarúu: It was one of the sphere ships of the Federation, and of the Andromedans, main bases from which Federation ships operated, as the Viera does today, which is also Andromedan, only that for being smaller it is an arrowhead type and not spherical.

During the battle for Tiamat it was logically a primary strategic target. It received multiple hits from different classes of weapons, including ionizing nukes, which made it too difficult to repair and clean. The cost of lives during that was very great, too. As the ship is large, it is habitable by areas but always remembering that it is a 100% artificial structure like layers of onion inside, that is, spherical cover inside and another until reaching the core. Where are the main reactors, there are other small ones closer to the surface but no longer in service for a long time.

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I know that the hologram covering the moon making it look natural is forcing people’s credibility. I know it is sad and difficult to understand from someone’s position deep within that Matrix. But it is the truth.

And already some astronomers have noticed the presence of a hologram. To say that it is not there is to deny the studies of these astronomers, more than anything amateur, because all the officials, and I mean all of them, are controlled by the Vatican. Every large telescope on Earth in one way or another is controlled by the Illuminati Jesuits.

Continuing to believe that the moon is a natural satellite is just ignorance. You can investigate this from Earth. You don’t have to take it by faith. The moon is not what it seems.

I know it’s annoying but it’s the truth.

Cristina: Yes, I know that many astronomers said that its orbit was strange to be a natural satellite for example. And people who detected changes in the lunar surface, such as craters that disappear and others appeared, and even like it was hollow or things like that.

Yázhi Swarúu: Sure, its orbit is set there. It is a ship, it does not obey the same dynamics of a natural moon, because it does not have balance, it should fall or go out of orbit, and that is what it does, they correct orbit like any ship, like this one too.

About the hidden side, for me that is only something circumstantial. Because the moon is in rotation, slowly but it is. What happens is that regardless of whether it rotates or not, what you always see is the same hologram. So it seems that there is a “hidden” face.

I have seen Nasa photos of the hidden face full of craters, as if they had hit it hard there on that side and not the “front”. But those Nasa photos are simply false, it is a fantasy. The hologram does not cover the entire lunar sphere, only the part that faces the Earth. At the back looks like what it is. A metal ball.

As extra data from here low orbit we see the moon as you do, we see the hologram. But as we zoom out we see that it is a hologram. If we look at it from the side, we can see the details of the surface that you know, but distorted. And if we see the moon completely in profile compared to how it is seen from Earth, a light layer is clearly visible in front of it, and that only covers the part visible from Earth.

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Cristina: And what technology is present on the moon? What facilities does it have on the surface and in the center?

Yázhi Swarúu: The technology present there is old and crumbling due to lack of maintenance. They are not installations on the surface, in itself that concept still confers the idea that it has a natural surface on which to build something, a building base. It is that the entire moon, surface and interior is a construction in itself. It will only have outstanding things like something like tall buildings, there are. Sometimes they are seen above the hologram.

The technology is from the time of Tiamat and earlier, very outdated compared to what is had today from the Andromedans. It consisted of 12 Ancient Ionizing Reactors of which 4 are working but not even completely, and I think even less than those 4 today. Powering the Van Allen Bands generators and the hologram. The hologram is physically generated by a series of lenses on the lunar surface, not from a single point, where the image is generated or formed by means of tiles or as “collages” of images. In other words, it is not a single hologram, it is a composite of many smaller holograms.

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Estel·la: Is the range of influence like this?

Yázhi Swarúu: Yes, more or less. Why, more or less? Earth like any other planet has a Magnetosphere. Interaction with a magnetic energy source (the moon) with an exact frequency designed on purpose, alters the total output frequency of the magnetosphere. So it is the Earth itself that is providing the energy for the Van Allen bands.

Estel·la: I mean, behind the moon too?

Yázhi Swarúu: The toroid in the image controls the toroid of the Earth's Magnetosphere. However, the projection of energy from the Moon is more direct as illuminating the Magnetosphere with a “beam of light” like a lamp, not just with a toroid as in the image. The Moon at 360,000 km is far enough away to project well and cover the entire magnetosphere.

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Van Allen Bands, important note:

Earth is the only planet with Van Allen Bands. But people claim that this is not true.

What happens is that they confuse Magnetosphere with Van Allen Bands. ← ←

This is important, because the Van Allen Bands are formed from the Magnetosphere as a base, as I have described above. But they are not the Magnetosphere.

The difference is that the amount of energy measured in radiation is much greater in the Van Allen bands and of energy or force too great for the planet Earth. In other words, the Van Allen Bands emit or are compounds of ionizing radiation energy, highly dangerous to biology, and with that, forming an “etheric” barrier that prevents them from leaving the Earth in low-tech ships.

While the bands formed naturally by the magnetosphere, either from the Earth or from other planets, are made up of Electromagnetic Radiation, that is not “so” dangerous for life. It is also not completely harmless but nothing compared to ionizing radiation.

Ionizing radiation means that it is giving off particles that ionize those of the matter that comes into contact with it, changing its atomic structure, damaging everything. You can see the Ionizing Radiation particles as little bullets from all directions destroying the matter, tissue, cells and DNA in them. It is the type of radiation also known as Nuclear or from classic Radioactive heavy metals, such as Plutonium Uranium Strontium and derivatives. Plutonium is derived from Uranium. Instead Magnetic Radiation is basically the result of a “Flux” in an electric current.

To pass those Van Allen Bands they need high-tech ships that change density. Not the rocket, that does not happen through the bands. From pure Nuclear physics it is known that the Apollo missions are a lie. They say that what happens is that they came out through the poles where the radiation is not so strong because it is a toroid. It is true, it is less strong there but still extremely deadly. It does not solve the problem by going out at the poles. And the orbit and exit trajectory of the Apollo spacecraft is equatorial, not polar. So no, not that either. They are just lies from NASA.

Estel·la: But then well they still move through portals.

Yázhi Swarúu: That's right, with a portal you can skip the Van Allen bands.

Estel·la: So I think the function of the moon is... useless.

Yázhi Swarúu: Even being hollow and artificial metal, it has a lot of mass that it is creating or helping to create the effect of the tides on the Earth.

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Estel·la: What influence does the moon have on women? And why?

Yázhi Swarúu: The reason is that the biology of women is closely linked to the influences of subtle magnetic energies. The moon among its frequencies that it transmits, because it is not just one frequency, there are many, it seems, or there is evidence that suggests that it is transmitting on the exact frequency that influences the reproductive biology of women. In environments without the moon, it is mainly the woman’s own energy, her aura or body-magnetic toroid that determines and controls her cycles.

But on Earth, these frequencies are functioning as a control metronome, and since it is of stronger energy than the aura or interferes with the aura of the woman, it overpasses or controls the reproductive rhythm.

In places where there are many women in close proximity, they have a tendency to hormonally and also by frequencies, equalize the time of their periods. The hormonal aspect here is more evident with how it works, than the more “subtle” energies, but they are there.

So, in summary, the Moon transmits destructive or controlling frequencies set there specifically to control human Female biology. Taking away the possibility of controlling their reproduction only by their own control or mental force as do or achieve many women of other Lyrian races outside of Earth, including the Taygetean.

Estel·la: Wow, thank you very much Yazhi, that’s something that had me very intrigued. It always bothered me that they related it to that, and it always felt like something out of our control. And even doing something “nice” the woman-moon relationship.

Yázhi Swarúu: In fact it is a slavery relationship. It is that by right it is supposed that women would control that with the mind. But on Earth they are still controlled there. The Lyrian woman controls her fertility with her mind. It is something that is learned, not all of them achieve it when they are young. But with time, they do.

Estel·la: Sure, it makes a lot more sense like this.

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Yázhi Swarúu: The moon will be “romantic”, but the truth is that it is something very dark, unfair and invasive. The Moon is not “good” for humans. 

Enlightenment is known to come most easily by meditating on a New Moon, or during eclipses, because that is when the destructive lunar influence is at its lowest. It is said that Buddha achieved enlightenment during a Lunar Eclipse.

On the other hand, they say on Earth that the “Sun is bad”, that produces Cancer, that leaves one blind, that produces global warming, that is about to eliminate everyone with a flare or electronically with a magnetic pulse.

And they say nothing about the Moon.

There is nothing wrong with the sun, nothing happens to it and it is beneficial, being in the Sun feeds the cells, re-establishes them, gives subtle energies of DNA activation and with it healing, and also for the development of extra sensory perceptions.

Everything in excess is bad, yes, too much Sun burns. Just don’t overdo it. But the Sun is the “good one” here, so they try to remove it with Chemtrails and tell you to use cancer-causing sunscreens and that it is bad to be in the sun.

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Estel·la: Do you plan to remove the moon at some point? Or shut down the rest of the reactors that remain?

Yázhi Swarúu: I have never heard of removing the Moon, however sooner or later I see it viable or necessary, because it is a lot of work to be keeping it in stable orbit artificially. Shutting down the reactors, if not done in a short time, in a few decades at the most will stop working anyway. That technology is falling apart over the years.

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