Pleiadian Knowledge, Cristina & Estella
January 15, 2021


Cristina: How do you do an extraction? How is it scheduled? Do you meet with the person?

Аnéeka from Temmer: The most common way is to simply arrive, put the ship over the place, where the person to be extracted is, and with the tractor beam bring him/her up to the ship. And remove the ship. All in just seconds.

The other way, more Taygetean, is to agree with the person, and when it is their time, that person collects its things of sentimental value (not monetary) and goes to a point as far as possible from human eyes. It is easier if it has a vehicle.

That person arrives at the agreed place and waits for the ship to arrive. The ship signals with its position lights to get ready, turns around to see that everything is safe, and proceeds to land. The ramp is lowered in front of the person, which can drive his or her vehicle into the ship or walk in, all with their friends, waiting inside to comfort them. The vehicle is secured inside and the ship proceeds to take off and leave the Earth.

This procedure, taken from human terminology, is called "Dust-off", because of all the dirt and debris that a ship raises when it lands and takes off.

Cristina: wow how exciting! And when you leave the Earth where do you go? Do you stay in the ship or go to some planet? Or does it depend on the race?

Аnéeka from Temmer: It depends on the race and the situation. From Taygeta they have usually gone to the Viera Andromeda first, when there was a Taygetean station there. No recent extraction has been made nowadays, so they would come directly on board of this ship, here.

Cristina: And then can the person go to Temmer or Erra? Or should stay on the ship?

Аnéeka from Temmer: Yes, depending on what it wants, and which ship goes to Taygeta, to bring the person with it.

Estel·la: Could you give us an example of how far away it should be from civilization? To make it safe for you.

Аnéeka from Temmer: It depends on each site, it's just important that it's not between houses or between people in a very obvious way. It doesn't need to be inside the Congo or anything like that. It can be just a couple of kilometers away from a village, as long as they can' t see to cause problems, everything would be fine.

Estel·la: I guess the ship that lands is a Suzy type, or maybe a smaller one?

Аnéeka from Temmer: Yes, it's a Combat type with load capacity for a vehicle. This CGI ship has a ramp similar to the one used in our ships for extraction, look underneath it.

Estel·la: In what situations has this type of extraction taken place from your side? In the last few years, could you give us some average numbers/data?

Аnéeka from Temmer: In the last 10 years, about 100 starseeds have been extracted from us, while in the last 2 years none have been extracted. I don't have exact data at hand, and I can't give exact names either, because they are people listed as missing.

Estel·la: And how did they get in contact with you?

Аnéeka from Temmer: From the year 2009 to about 2017, we were here in orbit 36,000 Taygeteans in 29 large ships. Today there are only 30 of us. And only me, talking on a regular basis. Yázhi only represents herself and is not a Taygetean, so she doesn't fit into these numbers. Today we are only 30.

Before we were many people contacting here, by these means, at one point we were more than 500 people contacting here. Today I am the only one left from Taygeta, with a little bit of Yazhi, but she has stepped aside.

It happens the same way as with you, as a result of a friendship.

Cristina: Of course, I understand Aneeka, why when someone is extracted they can not contact their loved ones?

Аnéeka from Temmer: In short, because they suffer. And many, if not all, enter into serious dissonance. It simply causes problems.

Cristina: Of course, I can imagine that you suffer when you see your family with their lives on Earth. And what is it said to the loved ones of that person? Do you tell them the truth or do you fake an accident?

Аnéeka from Temmer: That depends on the being to be extracted. But if they are so attached, it is better not to be extracted yet. Only those who no longer function there are removed and if no one depends on them in any real or strong way.

That part is up to the person to be extracted.

Cristina: Thank you very much Anéeka. And another question, yesterday you told us that if a person went up to the ship, they couldn't eat your food because of the oxygen content in the carbon molecules which forms the food. So what do they eat when they get to the ship?

Аnéeka from Temmer: They are given the food that is best for them. But in fact, it is better that they get over it quickly, since it will not cause them any health problems, only discomfort, and so they get adapted faster to the food on board.

Cristina: And once on the ship, do they help with the tasks on board?

Аnéeka from Temmer: After some time, yes, as they adapt. It is not necessary for them to do so immediately, since the shock of being here is already too much for them to process. They will know when and what to help with. In the meantime, it's their moment.

Estel·la: Does one go through an adaptation period? And if so, how is it like?

Аnéeka from Temmer: It depends on each person, but usually they go into shock, along with the change of food. They are in a state of euphoria, combined with melancholy and confusion. But the new routine and stability on board, quickly make them feel safe. They are the ones to ask to help or do something soon after, and it's almost always in line with what they already know from experience.

For example, Suriko, extracted in February 2016, today 17 years old, studies and assists on the command bridge, in navigation tasks, under the guidance of Eridania Yellena from Erra, the captain of the ship. But for more than two years, she just watched everything, being our friend, and companion, as she grew up. She was extracted at 13, today with 17 she is already functional and regular staff of the command bridge.

She only speaks Japanese and Taygetean. She is already telepathic and all. But her roots are not from a starseed, meaning she is human. (Although in the end they are all seeds). So, today she developed almost normally, that is, she retains her physical features and her distinctively Japanese appearance. And very Japanese. Long body, large and thick eyelids, very white skin and thin. She claims to be happy here and does not wish to return to Earth. She has no one there anyway.

Estel·la: And is there, for example, some supervision scheme for the extracted ones, such as visits to the doctor to see how they evolve, or supplements or psychological support or something?

Аnéeka from Temmer: Yes, it is under the supervision of the doctors on board, in this case only Senetre remains as the doctor, although we all have medical knowledge here, remember that in Taygeta people do not really specialize, as on Earth. They know about everything.

Cristina: Yeah, that is really interesting! You also commented on the possibility of using the med-pod for adaptation of the physical body, but if not... how is the natural adaptation of the body, does it depend only on the mind of the person or is there some change just by being there?

Аnéeka from Temmer: The body's natural adaptation is slow, being that biologically it is completed in 7 years on a person basis. The changes are very gradual, as you would see in a 10-year-old child, watching it become almost an adult over the course of 7 years. They grow, they transform, they change their face, their tastes, everything. But yes, it depends on the stimulus and the mind of the person.

Cristina: I understand, and if you go to Temmer or Erra... Where do you go? Is there a special place for newcomers?

Аnéeka from Temmer: Not really, just a place for supervision, but they are integrated into civilian life at home, almost immediately, as the case may be and as the person requests.

Estel·la: What do you mean by place for supervision?

Аnéeka from Temmer: A building, with volunteers, which the newcomer can turn to, in case they need help. People, to whom the person can talk and solve their problems of all kinds.

Cristina: And do most of them adapt well? Or do they have difficulties because of the change in culture and customs?

Аnéeka from Temmer: Most adapt quickly, because they remember who they were and how they were in this culture, they are starseeds for the most part, so they feel at home very quickly. Even so, they will have to leave behind human customs, which are not correct in Taygeta. But this is what they were prepared for beforehand, during the contact through this method and others like Skype.

Estel·la: And based on data from extraction cases, what aspect is been observed to be the most difficult to adapt to and the least? As a curiosity...

Аnéeka from Temmer: It has cost them a lot of work to leave behind automatic terrestrial behaviour, what they have been programmed to do. To adapt to small things that are observed in Taygeta, such as good manners. For example, no one enters a house with the same shoes they used outside. Or that here, everyone takes a bath, every day without exception, and sometimes even two or three times a day, and change their clothes, so being all day with the same clothes is not well regarded. Although it depends on the heat and the activity, there is also flexibility with that, it depends on what they are doing. Also to stop being in a hurry about everything, is not necessary in Taygeta, everything happens when it should happen. With calm and patience.

Estel·la: Wow, what a curious thing. These little things are what makes the difference in my opinion. For example, sometimes there are also misunderstandings due to cultural differences when it comes to eating, with the utensils or the manners at the table.

Аnéeka from Temmer: Those are tolerated, but they are not very common, they learn quickly. Concerning the utensils, we have the knife and the spoon, but it' s different, it's more like a small bowl with a handle, like a half-sphere with a decorated handle, for soups.

The fork does not exist here. Instead of the fork, we have a kind of utensil similar to the oriental chopsticks, but with 3 little sticks, with a flexible joint in the middle, and they have little gripping teeth on the end that touches the food, it holds the food between 3 points. At home they are usually made of decorated wood. Here in the ship it is made of composite materials, some transparent. We avoid unnecessary wood and fuels, because a fire inside a spaceship is usually devastating and very dangerous.

Cristina: What if the person you extract is in immersion? What happens then? You commented that the consciousness decides on which body it stays, but is this a conflict for the extracted person or not once recovers the memories?

Аnéeka from Temmer: By immersion, everything is more complicated from one perspective and less from others. It is assumed that when the starseed dies on Earth, it wakes up in the Immersion Pod having completed his/her lifetime on Earth. It does not have to be extracted, it only wakes up at home, on the planets. Remembers who is and why entered the Earth in this way. It is one of the most common ways to enter the Earth. It only becomes a problem when the contacted person is in immersion and wishes to be extracted in the traditional way.

It is possible and it happens. But the person is confronted with the complex dynamics of having two bodies and being two persons at the same time, it is difficult and strange for many and they prefer to avoid it. It is up to the person to decide what to do. The most ethical and advisable thing to do if you are in immersion, is to fulfill your natural cycle of life on Earth.

Estel·la: You have said that you never extract a person who has someone depending on them, whether it is an animal or a family member, is this true?

Аnéeka from Temmer: Yes, basically you can't. From an ethical standpoint.

Estel·la: I understand, of course, but in the case of both people or those who are in agreement, it is possible, isn't it? For example, mother and daughter.

Аnéeka from Temmer: Yes, in that case yes. Pets can get on, but there are issues, because they can become a problem for the ecology.

Cristina: Yeah, I understand, a threat to the native wildlife, I imagine.

Аnéeka from Temmer: Yes, that’s right.

Cristina: And is there an extraction protocol for the starseeds? I know that you already commented that it was by agreement, but is there anything established as a guideline?

Аnéeka from Temmer: Only that they should not have anyone, who depends on them, really depends, and that they are mentally ready, that is, awake to the reality of everything that is not on Earth and prepared to assume consequences and responsibilities, which come hand in hand with the procedure itself, in accordance with their personal circumstances.

But not as a fixed protocol. It is flexible for each person.

Cristina: I see, but what about the people who want an extraction, what do they have to do Anéeka? How can they know the agreements they have?

Аnéeka from Temmer: It's difficult to know what agreements they have. One can only rely on observation of their lives, if it doesn’t have more precise data, which is rare to have. Many times, it is the person who remembers having the agreements, but it is certain that they have the same agreements as any human person, because they are there.

This is due to frequencies, such as the fact that you age, due to deterioration by the harmful environment in which you live. Whether you are born there or here, if you are on Earth it makes no difference. With a few exceptions.

Estel·la: Does each race have different protocols?

Аnéeka from Temmer: They will have their variants, yes. However, the basis remains the same, the one mentioned above.

Cristina: So, you basically can't know what agreements you have because of the veil of oblivion?

Аnéeka from Temmer: Yes. But that in itself is the main agreement, not to remember. To work out everything from scratch.

Cristina: So it's complicated. And when you say responsibilities and consequences when leaving Earth... What do you mean?

Аnéeka from Temmer: That from the moment they leave, they won't be able to return to Earth, nor contact their friends. Once here, they will stop behaving as they do on Earth and will adopt the appropriate customs of each race.

Accepting that here, they will not age in the same way as on Earth. Tempted as it sounds, it also has its problems, mostly psychological. Here, you will look the same for hundreds of years. But your soul, according to your experiences, will get tired. And you don't have the option of "being old". That "I want to retire". Or that I am tired of life and ready to die. Here the issue is more complex. Same face year after year. Century after century.

Cristina: Of course, there are many things to consider. Things that one doesn't know from here.

Аnéeka from Temmer: Right. As you can see, life here is very complex. It's not that there are no problems in 5D but that they are different. Like a game with many layers, one on top of the other. In 3D it’s flatter, like a single layer game.

Here it’s more like 3D chess, that is the name of the game.

Cristina: Yes I understand, I imagine that to remember more, other lives and experiences, everything increases in level.

Аnéeka from Temmer: The more things you know, the more you incorporate into yourself and the more you perceive, your life and your whole reality increases in complexity. That's where you begin to appreciate the simple and the essential, over the unnecessary.

Cristina: Of course Anéeka, many people are now asking for extraction, and I think it is important to clarify the pros and cons.

Аnéeka from Temmer: Yes. They should remember that they cannot just abandon their families who love them and depend on them financially and/or emotionally. That's against our ethics and extraction protocol.

Cristina: Yes, that's very important. Both for those who leave and those who stay.

Аnéeka from Temmer: And here is not like there are no problems, because there are, they are just different. And there is a greater complexity in life and of understanding. It's not for everyone. Multilevel chess.

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