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July 08, 2020



Have you ever wondered how the pyramids of Egypt were built? How is it possible that when humanity was in the Bronze Age, without any technology, such monuments were built? How were they able to handle blocks of stone so large that some weigh almost 60 tons and also transport them over a long distance? How could they build something that our current science and technology has shown that it is unable to reproduce in the same way? And why were great pyramids built around the world? Why civilizations that had no contact with each other, according to our history, built the same? How is it possible that other ancient monuments, such as the Ayu Marca gate or better known as the gate of the gods in Peru, or also the Tihuanaco gate in Bolivia, present cuts of the stone so perfect that only a laser cut would have been able to do?

And who are those beings some represented of a great size in Stone or ancient paintings? Some with a human appearance, but others with a feline, reptilian or even blue-colored? And what are those strange objects that they carry? Objects that don’t seem to be very in tune with the time they were represented. Even what they appear to be… flying artifacts? How could the Mayas have represented what looked like airplanes or spaceships on objects of gold and stone? Why do many ancient cultures like the Dogon people in Mali or the Hopi Indians in North America talk about beings who came from the stars and shared their knowledge with them? Who were they? Gods?

Cristina: Hello friends, welcome to Pleiadian Knowledge, I am Cristina. Our history is quite curious, don’t you think? If you have studied ancient history, you will have already realized that something is wrong... that some pieces do not fit... What has happened to our history? Where are the missing pieces?

Before starting, I need to remind you of something, and what I will explain next is just a layer of history, let's say this is the kindergarten version of Earth’s history. Because in reality it is way more complex.

As some of you already know, time is not a line, since past, present and future are happening simultaneously. For us someone who is living now in the year 1300 is living in the past but for that same person we are their future.

So past, present or future is only the perception of the observer but does not exist as such. In addition, there are many timelines, as many timelines as possible events. Since in the universe, in the ether everything is contained, all the existing possibilities already exist. In other words, history changes according to the timeline of whoever observes it. In addition, there are different existential densities, because the universe is formed by a gradient of frequencies, so as you see, more knowledge adds more complexity.

Cristina: It is necessary to understand this and not just keep the superficial part. I just wanted to make this point. Now! To understand the history of Earth it is necessary that we go back many thousands of years ago, exactly more than 1 million linear years of Earth. Do the Orion Wars or the Million-year Wars sound familiar to you? These are very old wars that occurred in our galaxy and are still present today. So let's start!


Approximately 1 million Earth years ago, a reptilian invading force attacked the Vega area, the planets Avalon and Lyra. The civilization that inhabited these planets were Lyrians, they were very peaceful and didn’t have how to defend themselves. So those who survived fled in small groups and spread throughout this sector of the galaxy. At that time, countless worlds were sown by humans. This is known as the Great Expansion of Lyra.

The invading force was coordinated by the Orion Council. It had been created by Alpha Draconis or also known as the Supreme Reptiles. The council was an alliance of races mainly of the sauroid type.

Reptiles continued to hunt the species down to near the brink of extinction, leaving the population of some planets as low as just 5 inhabitants, terrified and hidden in a cave. Many civilizations were then exterminated. So many races began to unite to face the reptilian invasion. And out of the need to survive, approximately 900,000 Earth years ago the Federation of United Planets was born. Emerging as the need to cooperate and form an alliance to protect each other.

About 40,000 years ago now, during that intense battle, a small group of Lyrians sought refuge on the outskirts of the galaxy. They found a remote solar system, where many call it deep space. A very peculiar solar system with 13 planets orbiting, rare in the galaxy. Some of these planets were already inhabited by other species, primitive civilizations in a state of development. They settled in them and for many years they coexisted in peace with each other. One of those planets was EARTH.

Cristina: Right now the Federation of United Planets is made up of nearly half a million races and civilizations and more than 1 million planets. Remember that the term of Federation is only using a human context, it doesn’t mean is exactly a federation. There are also other positive alliances today, such as the Sphere Alliance, among others.

The federation splits our galaxy into quadrants. They call our solar system: Sun 13th and our planet: Earth 3. Know that there are more than 400,000 civilizations in this quadrant of the galaxy alone that, as Swaruú said: with a shirt and jeans, would pass perfectly as humans.

In the Universe there are different bases of humanomorphic races, the human would be within the Lyrian base such as Taygetean, Engan, Antarian, Ummita among many others. They all look very alike humans. Because we all have the same origin, we are all Lyrians.
But there are also other bases such as insectoid like mantis, sauroid or reptile like Kingu, feline like Urmah, amphibian like Sirians or Dieslientiplex, and even canine base or elephantidae among many others.

Cristina: The origin of life is neither creationism nor evolution, the origin of life is sown in the universe. The different races explore and travel to other worlds taking with them their culture, their customs, their art and society and of course their knowledge. There are even races like the P’nti or also called the gardeners who sow biology in the universe.
And here I finish this first video that will be a series of 6 videos. I hope you found it of interest. Thanks for watching and listening. See you in the next video.

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