Pleiadian Knowledge, Cristina & Estella
April 24, 2021


Estel·la: Hello everyone. Welcome to Pleiadian Knowledge. My partner is Cristina and I am Estel·la, and today we bring you a very special video where we are going to introduce you to all the members of the Taygetean race who are right now in orbit on the ship called Toleka here on Earth.

Cristina: But before starting the video, we have some points that we want to clarify so that you can really understand the content of this video.

Estel·la: We have prepared all the points here so as not to leave any. To begin with, all the terms, all the words, or the adjectives that you are going to see that they use to describe what they are, the positions they have, or the tasks they carry out, it must be said that they are not the exact meaning of what they really refer, because many times it is lost in translation and they are concepts that here we do not have on Earth, we do not contemplate them.

So, what they do is, they use the term that more or less would be the most similar, but that many times is very limited and is not able to transmit what it really is about and all that goes with that term. I am going to quote as they say: “This is so that you don't interpret us as being too human, if not, how else do you want us to describe who we are, and what positions we have, if we can't use those words?" This is a phrase from Aneeka of Temmer.

But the point is, this would have to be very logical and very easy to understand since it is clear that there has to be a mutual understanding so that knowledge can be passed on, and if it weren’t this way, it would not be possible, and with this I do not mean that this happens only with the Spanish language, this happens with all the languages that we have here on this planet, because they are concepts that we do not use and therefore we do not have or know how to describe them.

Once this is clarified, you are going to see that during the video there are certain acronyms that they use to describe some groups or some categories, and I'm going to tell you now what exactly they mean, and also that these acronyms are made solely for human understanding and that they do not use it that way:

- CIC = Central Intelligence Command.

- HRH = Her Royal Highness.

- CAP = Combat Air Patrol.

- MD = Medical Doctor.

- SOG = Special Operations Group.

Cristina: On the other hand, as we have said, these people are here in Earth’s orbit in a spaceship. The ship is called Toleka and it is the first of its kind, Toleka class. And the ship orbits the Earth every 164 minutes, resulting in the crew being able to see a sunrise and a sunset every 82 minutes. This image that you are seeing on the screen is similar to the ship, but of course not the original.

About the ship, the latest data that we have and that we have already shared, is that it was at a height of the surface of 423.9 km and went at a speed of 7.9 km per second. This ship has a length of 1,734 meters, and has a capacity for 1,800 people, although now there are only 30 people. 28 Taygeteans, Yázhi and a human, but also 7 cats, 5 ferrets, 15 mog’yay and 3 otters.

Estel·la: One of the classifications that you are going to see a lot is that of a Hashmallim. A Hashmallim is a male person who is highly trained, like what we would know here on Earth like the special forces or the Delta Force Navy Seals, among others. So, they are trained to enter enemy territory to carry out missions of high danger and importance, in survival and in escape and hide, among other things, such as demolition and counterterrorism.

Those who are now on the ship, some of them are also pilots, and they are the ones who are in charge of carrying out the support and maintenance tasks, that is, those who maintain everything running up there.

As you can see, it would be similar to a military man, but in truth it is not the same as what we understand the military we have here on Earth, like a Grade E of a human military. They are taught to obey orders, not to think, only to react, to never question, to obey everything, just obey everything blindly. So, it’s just the military of a higher grade, or the officers, who are taught to give orders, but always following the rules and the chain of command.

Instead, a military from Taygeta is taught, first of all, ethics. Which is totally suppressed here for our military. They are taught to make their own decisions on the ground. To be the command and how to coordinate holographically with their own, using tips in the field, between them. Taking holographic decisions, and what that means is that they are in a way the result of a Council session between the members of the group, where the data is exposed and the facts and the best possible decision is made with the data they have in hand, that means, that they may be commissioned on a mission and once they get there and analyze the situation, they may decide not to carry it out.

It is clear that this entails a responsibility that they will have to face later, but they will not have to follow orders just because it’s been said so. So, each Taygeta military is the one who already commands to be coordinated with others or alone. Has training to assess situations and take responsibilities for their actions and the best path to take for each circumstance without having to necessarily connect with the command centre when it is not possible.

Cristina: Also clarify, that you will see that many of the people carry nicknames assigned by NORAD. For those of you who don’t know what NORAD is, NORAD is the North American defense command. As Aneeka explains, NORAD follows the operations of our fighter vessels on radars. So, among the intercept planes of the United States Air Force they use those codes between them to refer when they identify one of our ships in their airspace.

So, the names assigned by NORAD, they are not names that come from them, most are code names assigned by the human military that they have assigned to identify the Taygetean ships. Only, in some cases, the human military has adopted their names. Here we return to the use of the human terminology. If you are flying in the sky, where there are human soldiers, the most logical thing to do to not cause conflict, is that you adapt to the rules they have in the airspace and for example identify with Taygetean names, from their own language, it is much more complicated than to use human terminology for better communication. And it may seem that everything has a militarized tinge, but as Anéeka says: “This is a mission under Taygeta's military jurisdiction, we are not a yacht on vacation.” Thus, as Estel·la has already explained, the military and how it works, differs a lot about how we know that a military man is here on Earth.

Estel·la: Another important point is that you are going to see that there are many of them who say how old they are, but do not say the exact date of birth, or many others who simply say don’t have a calculated age. So you can understand this, how can it be like this, basically it is that the only person who has been born on Earth who is on the ship now with them, is Suriko. She is the only person who really has her birth date calculated. In Taygeta they do not do it that way, nor do they celebrate birthdays as we do here on Earth.

So, now we are going to do the calculation they have to do to try to have a comparison of the years they would have as we understand it here on Earth. And what they do is that they take a star date from the position of the stars which is how they originally calculate it and compare it with the terrestrial dates, but it is complicated because there is a time slip between the Earth and between the Taygeta planets, since each year they move away from each other increasing the temporary slippage.

Towards the year 1990, the time slip between Earth and the Taygeta planets was 2 days per one in Taygeta. In 2010 it was 2.6 days on Earth for one in Taygeta, and today there are 4.6 days spent on Earth for one in Taygeta. That is, they spend a day and here it’s halfway through the week. So, what they do is they calculate it mathematically and it comes out a particular date, but sometimes only the year is known, like many of them who only say approximately the age, and other times other people who have taken the trouble to calculate it more exactly to get all the data and a more precise date.

Having said that, you are going to see that many of them would be considered very young because there is an average in between 20 and 30 years, but this is very, very different from what we understand here, and that’s because they begin remembering their past lives from approximately at 13 years, that is, with this they recover much knowledge and experiences that they have had in other lives and it already makes them act in a very different way. Also, keep in mind that these people, the younger people, are the ones in search of more action, of wanting to do something with their life, of exploring and experiment, and that is why they are also the ones here assisting in this situation on Earth.

On the other hand, people who may already be 300 or 500 years old and who have already done it before, now want to live more quietly, to sit on their home planet or on another and take a quieter life. So, this also justifies why all the crew that you are going to see, they are mostly of a fairly young calculated age. And remember that they can live up to approximately 900 years. The woman’s body reaches maturity at approximately 23 years of age and the man at 25 years of age and from there, the body is kept for what may be several hundred years, and only after much more time will begin to reflect a little more age in their biological body.

Cristina: And, finally, clarify that this information has been provided to us by Aneeka of Temmer. That the images that you are going to see below do not represent these people, they are simply images taken from the internet in which some of them Aneeka has helped us to find images similar to them. There is only one real image. So, they are not real images, it is important to clarify this and although it may seem that they are all idyllic, that is not reality. They are simply healthier, eat without toxins, have a holistic diet based on medicine and, in addition their medical science is far more advanced than ours. And, finally, also the voices you are going to hear are ours and for the female team and male team have participated several human men and women, to do the voices.

Estel·la: With all this we can start the video and now I am going to introduce you all the men who are part of this crew:


*Pictures not supported*


Nickname: K.

Name assigned by NORAD: Barón Rojo / Lion (León) / Delta Golf 150 Kilo.

Age: 28 years (February 28th, 1992).

Height: 198 cm.

Khila is part of the SOG. He is the leader of the Hashmallim and the leader of the fighter command and fighter squadrons. He is the pilot of the fighter ship: Chindi At’éed. He is the one who coordinates and moves the fighter ships that come out of this ship. Its missions and its maintenance. In addition, he is an expert in Special Operations, in operations with fighter vessels and in the management of small Hashmallim teams. Also, in martial arts.

*Pictures not supported*


Nickname: Sala.

Name assigned by NORAD: The Wolf.

Age: 32 years (December 15th, 1988).

Height: 195 cm.

Salaphaiel, is part of the SOG. He is a Hashmallim. As part of the Special Operations team, he is a pilot with experience in human aircraft, specifically helicopters. Furthermore, in naval operations, ships and submarines. Also, he is part of the maintenance team for large and small ships. He is an expert in demolition, terrestrial military and improvised explosives, in its deactivation and its neutralization. He is an expert in swimming and diving, in operations underwater as well as in movements in the sea, air, land and in martial arts.

*Pictures not supported*


Nickname: Ragg.

Name assigned by NORAD: The Bull / The hammer.

Age: 34 years.

Height: 202 cm.

Raguel, is part of the SOG. He is a Hashmallim and the pilot of the fighter ship: Super Ghost. He is the boss level trainer in the ship. Raguel is also part of the maintenance team for large spacecraft engines systems and Holographic Computer Systems. He is an expert in evasion and infiltration, handling of weapons, in their deactivation and terrestrial explosives. Specialized in jungle movements, desert movement, high mountain movement, water movement, marine and diving. Also, he is a naval expert in human ships and submarines, in civil and military human aviation. In addition, he is in CounterTerrorism and espionage. He is an expert in martial arts, history and terrestrial geography and is specialized in Exo-politics, Exo-linguistics, in both modern and ancient terrestrial languages. In addition, he is also an expert in Taygetean medicine.

*Pictures not supported*


Nickname: Thor / Thunder.

Age: Not calculated.

Height: 197 cm.

Thorel, is part of the SOG. He is a Hashmallim. He is part of the maintenance team for major and minor ship systems. He is an expert in camouflage and infiltration. With a lot of knowledge in Exo-politics, human history and politics, both ancient and modern. Also, he is an expert in scenarios and urban and underground situations or movements. He is an expert in human weaponry and countermeasures, in explosives and human nuclear weapons, plus in martial arts.

We wanted to give a note here: Thorel, spent about 4 years undercover and working in the Pentagon. This photograph that runs through the networks is original, and that is the real image of him, this is him. We would love in another moment, to be able to go into more detail about his story.

*Pictures not supported*


Nickname: Gabe, Arch G.

Name assigned by NORAD: Archie / Golf.

Age: 30 years.

Height: 192 cm.

Gabriel, is part of the SOG. He is a Hashmallim, but he is also a historian and pilot of ships and human aircraft. He is an expert in martial arts, in long-distance small weapons both human and of the Federation. Specialized in extreme jungle operations, in desert operations in the Middle East, in its problems and its causes, in the Islamic world, he is also an expert in European scenarios in their conflicts, their causes, in secret societies, in Templars and their influence as well as in underground operations. He is a veteran of many operations on Earth.

*Pictures not supported*


Nickname: Aza / Ace.

Age: 28 years.

Height: 194 cm.

Azani, is part of the SOG. He is a Hashmallim. He is an expert in martial arts, in Exo-politics, in urban terrestrial situations and conflicts, management of the media, human espionage and counterespionage. He is also an expert in underground and high mountain operations, in movements and operations of small groups as well as in infiltration.

*Pictures not supported*


Nickname: Zach / Zak.

Age: 38 years.

Height: 195 cm.

Zachariel, is part of the SOG. He is a Hashmallim. He is an expert in conflict situations and scenarios in the Middle East, in operations in the desert, also in human military power structures, in deactivation of explosives and human weapons. He is an expert in counterterrorism, in Terrestrial machinery, equipment and vehicles of the surface, as well as in Martial Arts.

*Pictures not supported*


Nickname: Eni.

Name asigned by NORAD: The Hungry Beast / Beast / X-ray Bravo.

Age: 39 years.

Height: 190 cm.

Xeniel, is part of the SOG. He is a Hashmallim specialized in air support. He’s a fighter pilot of the ship: Gunabul Dichin-Nisin. He is an expert in extraction maneuvers for Hashmallim and Shinonim teams. Expert in extractions of all kinds, as in abductions, in the handling of tractor beams of small cargo ships and personnel carriers.

*Pictures not supported*


Nickname: Dax.

Age: Not calculated.

Height: 200 cm.

Daxel, is part of the SOG. He is a Hashmallim. He is an expert in martial arts, in handling small human weapons and of the Federation. Specialized in desert, jungle and underground operations. He is an expert in evasion and infiltrating, making himself invisible among the human population, including in movements with vehicles and human and holographic communications. In human digital computer systems and in human social media.

*Pictures not supported*


Nickname: Azra.

Name assigned by NORAD: Bad Luck / Bravo Charlie 157 Zulu.

Age: Not calculated.

Height: 191 cm.

Azrael is the pilot of the fighter ship: Naahiłii Mósí (Black Cat). He is an expert in piloting and tactics of fighter ships, such as maintenance of small ship systems, and in martial arts.

*Pictures not supported*


Nickname: Koni / Toni.

Name assigned by NORAD: Angel of Destiny / Destiny.

Age: Not calculated.

Height: 193 cm.

Akon, is the pilot of the fighter ship: Dooyáʼátʼéehda Akʼos (Bad Karma). He is an expert in piloting small ships. In fighter tactics. In management and extraction of small groups of Special Operations. Extractions of all kinds, in abductions and implants of regressive and positive races.

*Pictures not supported*


Nickname: Ala / Laji.

Name assigned by NORAD: Magic / Magic Man / Lima Echo 11.

Age: Not calculated.

Height: 199 cm.

Sav’el, is the Science Officer of the Toleka ship. He is the chief scientist and researcher, as well as historian, philosopher, physicist and mathematician. He is an expert in genetics, in human psychology, in mind control and counter-mind control.

*Pictures not supported*


Nickname: DK / Cael.

Name assigned by NORAD: Osiris / Anu Jr. / Caelus / Superman / Sierra Kilo 15-7.

Age: Not calculated.

Height: 198 cm.

Dhor Káal’el is the pilot of the ship “Horus”, which is a Suzi II-class fighter ship. He is in charge of the Command and Control of the expedition of the Toleka ship. His main function is to support everything in CIC, he is behind the data collection aspects. He is a historian expert, in Exo-politics, in mind control, in psychology and human propaganda. In human problems, as well as their etiology and solution. Also, he is an expert in intelligence and counterintelligence and in human and Taygetean medicine. As part of the Special Operations team, he is an expert in fighter craft operations and tactics. In Temporal Operations and temporary alteration. In the grade of the elite group Sand Clock. Therefore, he is an expert in stellar and temporal navigation, in temporal loops and in portal management.

*Pictures not supported*


Nickname: Role / Ig.

Age: 25 years.

Height: 200 cm.

Iror, he's the ship's Chef cook. He is an expert in maintenance of life support systems of major and minor ships, and also in agriculture for large ships.

Cristina: Before continuing with the women’s team, we would like to also clarify a couple of points. First, explain what a Shinonim is. Shinonim is the same as a Hashmallim, but in feminine, with the only addition that they are royal guards, that is, these people are always close to Alenym and Nai’Shara. And the second point that we would like to clarify, is about the royalty of Taygeta. We know this can cause confusion for people who do not know how Taygetean royalty is or how it works. First of all, tell you that it has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with the royalty as we know it here, that is, human royalty. They have a holographic society, a society structured by Councils, and these Councils are the same people. The queen does not rule over the people either, to be the queen in Taygeta means to be a role model to follow, she would be like the representative of the people. A person with a lot of wisdom and she is only queen if she is able to merit her position, and it is the High Council of Taygeta who validates her. The queen does not exploit the people, nor does she have more than the other people, because in their society all citizens can have the same as the queen. These were the points we wanted to clarify, so we can now start with the female team:


*Pictures not supported*


Nickname: Ale / Queen / The Boss / Boss.

Terrestrial Name Code: Alexandra.

Name assigned by NORAD: Queen / Romeo Hotel 01 Alpha Crown Princess HRH Alenym 1st of Temmer.

Age: 21 years. (September 1st, 1999).

Height: 177cm.

Alenym, is the leader of the expedition at the level of Head of State and is the owner of the Toleka ship. Imminently, she will be crowned Queen of Taygeta. She is the one who looks after everyone and who brings support with her equipment from Temmer. Also, she communicates and establishes cordial and political relationships with other beings in proximity to the ship. Everything works thanks to her and she is the one that makes everything possible. Also, she is part of the Royal Ptolemaic-Alexandrian line with ancient presence here on Earth.

*Pictures not supported*


Nickname: Addy.

Name assigned by NORAD: Looking Glass / Romeo 01 Zulu.

Age: Not calculated.

Height: 152 cm.

Nai’shara, is the second in Command of everything, she is Alenym's right hand and like Alenym, she is considered Head of State level. She does the same political and public relations duties with other races around the ship. Looks after the welfare of the crew in specific and what they need on the ship. In addition, she is the advisor to the ship and the crew. Also, she is an expert in human psychology and Earth problems. She is also part of the Royal Ptolemaic-Alexandrian line with presence on the Earth, in ancient times.

*Pictures not supported*


Nickname: Eri / Elena / Captain.

Name assigned by NORAD: Elena of Troya / Dr. Strange / Echo Yanqui 01.

Age: Not calculated.

Height: 165 cm.

Eridania, is an expert in Taygetean Sciences and a historian. She is the physical captain of the ship, the one who moves it and sees for it, it’s position, it’s requirements and needs. She is the one who coordinates everything necessary for the safety of it. She is also the science advisor. She is an expert in human problems, in weaponry of all kinds, in spaceships of any race, in propulsion systems, and in holographic computing. She is also specialized in zero-point energy and reactors, in technology and fixed and rotary wing human aircrafts, in Stargates and Star Navigation. Also, she is an expert in defense and shields of larger ships, in replication systems and maintenance, in motion and piloting of large ships.

*Pictures not supported*


Nickname: Selene / Sely.

NORAD Assigned Name: Dr. Fairy / Fairy / Charlie Foxtrot.

Age: 27 years.

Height: 178 cm.

Senetre, is the Doctor and Surgeon on board the ship. She is who looks after the health of the crew, both physical as well as psychological. She also serves as advisor to the ship and the crew. She is an expert in Taygetean medicine and other races such as Andromedan, Urmah, Arcturian, Engan and Yena. Also, in Taygetean and human psychology.

She is also an expert in herbal medicine, quartz medicine and sonic energy medicine. She is specialized in genetics, exobiology, in exo-ecosystems, plant biology, both in silicon-based biology and carbon-based biology.

She is also an expert in healer radiation, in pharmacology, in medical laboratories, in Human Medicine and in medical Pods.

*Pictures not supported*


Nickname: Li / Lila.

Age: 27 years. (July 5th, 1993).

Height: 166 cm.

Li'lay'la, is an expert in communications. She is also part of the CIC intelligence team on this ship. She is the one who physically sees all the connections and communications of all types of ships, from interstellar gravity muon, even microwaves, radio and internet.

*Pictures not supported*


Nickname: Seni.

Age: 23 years (October 20, 1997).

Height: 172 cm.

Ana’sea’ni, is a compiler intelligence agent for the ship. She is dedicated to scrutinizing social networks and listening to all communications on Earth using advanced computers, from the Internet to the police, emergency and military radio bands, naval and aviation bands. Filtering everything to find metadata. The results are given to Káal’el and Anéeka.

*Pictures not supported*


Nickname: Kira / Zaki / Keira.

Name assigned by NORAD: Dr Knight / Zulu 07 Kilo.

Age: Not calculated.

Height: 168 cm.

Zaikira, is an engineer, who keeps everything working and the safety of this ship. She is an expert in major and minor spaceships, maintenance and repairs, engines and propulsion systems and in artificial gravity systems. In addition, she is specialized in replication systems, in electrical systems, in zero-point energy, as in maintenance of zero-point reactors, in advanced holographic computers and hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

*Pictures not supported*


Nickname: Anna / Ana / Anée.

Name assigned by NORAD: Cosmic Panther / Architect / Echo kilo 01 Alpha.

Age: 22 years. (December 21st, 1998).

Height: 190 cm.

Aneeka, is a historian and is the Chief-level intelligence Officer of the ship. All information about any situations either on Earth or in the space surrounding the ship, passes through the Taygeta Intelligence Department or CIC, of which she is the leader or director. Regarding corresponding positions, she is like the CIA director of Taygeta, at least here on this ship, and around Earth or in this quadrant, as there is no other Taygetean ship. Everything that happens on Earth, passes through her before coming to the leadership of the ship and High Council in Taygeta. In addition, Aneeka is an expert in human relations and languages, Taygetean-human relations, in Earth problems, in Exo-politics, in Intelligence and Counter-intelligence, as she is also an expert in espionage, communications, holographic computational systems, and in power systems. Also, she is an expert in Taygetean science and human science, but also in human and Taygetean medicine and she works together with Senetre of Erra.

*Pictures not supported*


Nickname: Ali.

Age: 27 years. (August 10th, 1993).

Height: 182 cm.

Alia, is the leader of the SOG team and royal guards. She is a Shinonim. She is a member of CIC, the ship's intelligence department, and is in charge of communications and navigation in the bridge of the Toleka ship. She is an expert in martial arts, infiltration, Special Operations of Intelligence and Counterintelligence. Also, she is an expert in human secret societies, in Earth problems, small human weapons, and how to counter them. In addition also to human vehicles of the surface, explosives and human nuclear energy.

*Pictures not supported*


Nickname: Kase.

Age: 23 years old (April 20th, 1997).

Height: 180 cm.

Kassia, is part of the SOG team, and a Royal Guard, she is a Shinonim and is part of the bridge personnel of the Toleka ship, Helmsman. She is an expert in ancient Taygetean weaponry, in armor, martial arts and swords, as well as defensive scenarios, evasion and personal shields. Also, in handling and navigation and piloting of large ships.

*Pictures not supported*


Nickname: Ari.

Age: 24 years. (May 12th, 1996).

Height: 165 cm.

Arya is part of the SOG team, Special Operations and a Royal Guard. She is a Shinonim and the assistant of Senetre of Erra on the medical side. She is an expert in holographic computing and Muon communications. As well as in field medicine during operations, as in Taygetean and human medicine. In addition, she is an expert in martial arts, in safeguarding and protecting high-profile people, in small weapons and shields.

*Pictures not supported*


Nickname: Kary.

Age: 21 years. (June 23rd, 1999).

Height: 185 cm.

Kara is part of the SOG team, Special Operations and a Royal Guard. She is a Shinonim and the personal assistant and bodyguard of HRH Alenym of Temmer. She is an expert in martial arts, in defensive scenarios and energy weapons, in portable and small weapons, in explosives and in hostile pharmacology, i.e., poisons, in their detection and deactivation. She is also specialized in chemical and biological weapons, energy shields, portals management and as a safeguard as well as for the protection of high-profile people.

*Pictures not supported*


Nickname: Zowi / Zow.

Age: 29 years. (January 19th, 1991).

Height: 160 cm.

Zoea is part of the SOG team, Special Operations and a Royal Guard. She is a Shinonim and the personal assistant and bodyguard of HRH Alenym of Temmer. She is an expert in defensive scenarios, in small weaponry, and how to counter it with energy shields. An expert in human nuclear energy, its effects and cleanliness, in chemical and biological weapons. In addition, she is an expert in zero-point energy systems, in martial arts, in Exo-weaponry, Exo-relationships, in communications and Taygeteans relationships with the Federation. Also, specialized in safeguarding and protecting people with high profile.

*Pictures not supported*


Nickname: Nisi / Star.

Age: 26 years. (May 28th, 1994).

Height: 158 cm.

Myka is part of the SOG team, Special Operations and a Royal Guard. She is a Shinonim and personal assistant, and bodyguard of HRH Addy Nai´Shara of Temmer. She is an expert in small special operations group, in piloting of small human aircraft of fixed and rotary wing and air assault. She is also an expert in infiltration of underground bases, in handling explosives and demolition, in energy, compressed sound, chemical and biological weapons. Also, specialized in Exo-biology and in safeguarding and protecting high-profile people.

*Pictures not supported*


Non-Taygetean Race: Human.

Nickname: Andy / Suri / Japan.

Age: 17 years old. (February 15th, 2003).

Height: 159 cm.

Suriko is of the human race, extracted in February 2016, from Hokkaido, Japan. Suriko, is an apprentice and personnel of the command bridge of this Toleka ship, Star Navigation and piloting of large ships. She is the one that fixes at all times the position of the ship, its movement and future projection of where it will be. She also sets a course or route to somewhere. She is the one who sees that the ship does not fall from orbit, passing the information to Eridania, the captain.

*Pictures not supported*


Non-Taygetean race: Swaruuniana.

Nickname: Li´Swa12 / Silaile12 / Sil12.

Name assigned by NORAD: Sierra Whiskey 12 Alpha.

Age: 10 years (March 8th, 2010).

Height: 139 cm.

Yázhi, has a gifted memory, remembers her 12 past lives perfectly. She is the guide of everyone, the counsellor, she is a millennial soul. She is an expert in toys, looms, embroidery, dressmaking, but also, she is an expert in genetics, in Taygetean and human medicine, in extreme sports, in replication and tractor beams. In addition, she is an expert in history and specializes in extinct human languages. She is also specialized in mind control, in psychology of any race, at the same time as in Earth’s problems, in stellar political organizations and Inter-racial, that is, Inter-species, for which she is an expert in Exo-politics and Exo-linguistics.

Yázhi, speaks 4 stellar and 19 terrestrial languages, including: Proto-Celtic Irish Gaelic, Navajo, Inuit, Latin, Greek and Ancient Egyptian. She is an expert too in fixed and rotary wing human aircraft, in human transports, in power systems, portals and the navigation of them, in piloting fighter ships, tactics and repairs. In addition, she is an expert in light weapons of any race, in metallurgy and especially in swords, Japanese katanas, but also, in holographic computer systems, in advanced propulsion systems and in spaceships of all races.

Expert in energy and zero-point reactors, in nuclear energy and radiation, in stellar navigation and temporal navigation. She is a great expert in manipulation and alteration of timelines, as she remembers her training of Elite Fighter teams Sand Clock-type in her past lives. She is also an expert in consciousness and the ether, in the manipulation of matter with consciousness and in human stellar relationships, among many other things.

Cristina: All the training and all the knowledge that the Taygetean team has is very impressive and before we finish, we would like to leave you with a message from Aneeka of Temmer that we believe is important:

“Those qualifications or attributes of the people on the ship, you down there have them too, I mean you and other people. Like this or more. You just don't remember it, but that is why you are on Earth, because you are qualified. We are all old souls with many adventures behind. It's just the ones I listed in the crew, is because they remember, because they are in the 5D. But where you are does not mean you have less qualifications or capabilities.

Totally the opposite. It is always said here that those who are working down there have more merit than those from above. Although in defense of those of us above in orbit, it is not a ‘garden of roses’ here. We have our difficulties on a daily basis, and in general it is difficult. We are all fighting for what we know within ourselves to be the right thing to do.”

Cristina: Here we end this video. I hope it has been of interest to you, it made us very excited to get to know more about all the people who make up the Taygetean team now, so we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Estel·la: Thank you all for listening and for always being there and we will see you in the following videos.

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