Pleiadian Knowledge, Cristina & Estella
February 26, 2021


Аnéeka of Temmer: It’s impossible to know 100%. But the most certain thing is that there was a discharge from the reactors below, the zero-point pyramidal, and caused a magnetic anomaly in the entire area. The fact that there is water there, also favors the distribution of the electromagnetism resulting from the reactors discarding or discharging unused energy. They do it as a system conservation measure. At some point they will stop working and everything will be calm in that place. That is to say, they continue to function storing zero-point energy, and it comes a moment when they take it out into the environment, or the reactor or internal storage systems would melt.

The discharge passes towards Earth below the pyramids, as it is in all of them, but since everything is submerged, the water as a great conductor passes it everywhere, in an environmental way.

That is what it can explain what happens there, the extra energy they get is a lot.

Estel·la: Thank you, and could you know in what year or where did those planes that were lost that day went?

Аnéeka of Temmer: Due to the same dynamics of alteration that occurs there, in space-time, the safest thing to say is that they are still on Earth, not outside.

I do have these interesting facts:

5 Avenger planes were found submerged under the sea but not very deep, near the Bahamas. It was then believed that it had been found Flight 19. But since they were shallow, it was relatively easy to find the serial numbers of the planes. And they do NOT correspond to the serial numbers of those of Flight 19. They are another 5 planes. But the US Navy does not accept having lost another 5, not so together in the same area. It gets weirder:

Relatively recently, about 15 years ago, another 5 Avenger aircraft were found in the swamps of central Florida, north of Miami. They were shallow, I mean only about 2 or 3 meters deep. But among mosquitoes, plants, watery swamp, snakes and crocodiles, which makes research very difficult. But still they went in and could see the serial number of some of the 5 planes, (I don't know how many but more than 2). And it turns out they are NOT the serial numbers from flight 19.

But… They are the same serial numbers for the planes that are underwater in the Bahamas. So it’s still missing flight 19. And the planes that the US NAVY DENYS to have lost, are found twice.

Estel·la: Uuuuh… that is very strange.

Cristina: And how can they be there twice?

Аnéeka of Temmer: I think that the planes were transferred from one timeline to another. They can be twice if you take an object (5 planes) from two timelines to a single one. In other words, among so many lines there is like a "funnel" that leads everything to a single different one.

This is well known to those who fly time manipulation spaceships, like Swaruú or Dhor.

That is, you can go to the past and abduct a person and take them to a particular place. Then you go back to the past before you abduct that person and then you abduct her again and take her to the same place where you took her first. So there are already two in the same place. In theory you can do that as many times as you want... Filling an entire stadium with Cristinas and Estel·las for example. All real, no clones.

Swaruu has a long history of finding herself again and sitting down to talk and share information.

Cristina: That’s awesome! I would love to talk to another me from another timeline! Ok, I see, and it is not known who has been able to take these airplanes to the same timeline?

Аnéeka of Temmer: It is not known, or I’m not even sure if it is possible to know if someone sent them there. It may be just an anomaly caused by the super strong electromagnetism, of that area at that time, caused by the depolarization of the reactors. Since time is not an arrow, it is only an energetic direction that can be reproduced with a frequency.

Cristina: Thank you. Do you know if the telegram George Paonessa's brother received is real? We also found this very curious.

Anéeka of Temmer: Was it one of the pilots? If I remember correctly... I only have the same information that is already there on internet.

Cristina: Yes, he was one of the pilots.

Anéeka of Temmer: Yes, that case doesn't make sense. But it was real. So it is a temporary knot, and they are not so uncommon apparently. But I have nothing more to contribute on that specifically.

Cristina: What do you mean by time knot in this case?

Anéeka of Temmer: If we see a logical timeline, like a normal airplane mission, it is just a straight string. But then something happened there putting 10 destroyed planes that should not exist, on this timeline. And at the same time there are 6 others missing. Although the Mariner has a bad reputation as an airplane that explodes a lot in flames and that may be a normal logical reason, nothing was found of that airplane, nor of the other 5 (The Catalina model was more reliable, more similar). But they did not "exactly" disappear by the telegram and at the same time they did. There is no logic, that's why I call it a knot.

Cristina: I understand, thank you very much.

Estel·la: Thank you Anéeka. Yazhí told us that normally the electromagnetic flux is not enough to move an object from a place, such as from the sea to a desert, that it only alters it a little, changing its position in time. Do you know any case which has changed its place? Like a ship in a land area?

Anéeka of Temmer: Yes, it depends on the power of the moment and in that case, they moved to another timeline.

In fact, that is more or less what I was referring to the other day, that the planes were not sent to Alpha Centauri by mistake. But they just changed location or time, so it's not about where they are but when they are. I do not know cases of boats, but I do know of people. Although remembering if there are cases...

I remember now, a case of a US warship a few years ago, which received a call from SOS on the normal or old radio band. It was in the middle of the Atlantic. The modern ship sped north, trying to triangulate the weak signal. It arrived at the site hours later, but there was nothing. Then they began to analyze the audio. And it turns out that it was a merchant calling for help because the Germans had torpedoed him. It was only the signal, but that is documented.

Estel·la: OMG! As if the signal was from another era, right?

Аnéeka of Temmer: Yes, exactly! The modern ship received a distress signal from about 70 years old. Although it did not occur in the triangle, it was nearby.

Estel·la: Wow how interesting to see the crossing between timelines.

Аnéeka of Temmer: Yes.

Cristina: Wow how shocking, thanks Anéeka.

Аnéeka of Temmer: You’re welcome. I don't recall the details, but that's not the only case of ship-at-sea signals that are confused of era or received decades later. There are also several cases of boats that are found unmanned. The most famous is the case of María Celeste, but it is far from being the only one.

Also a B17 Bomber of the 8th US Air Force, from the Second World War, landed at its base WITHOUT a crew. They don't even know how it landed.

Cristina: And where is the crew going? Do they end up floating in the sea without a boat in another era?

Аnéeka of Temmer: It is not known. The crew of those ships disappear, only the drifting ship appears, alone.

Estel·la: And would that be because the portal doesn't have enough power to carry the ship as well?

Аnéeka of Temmer: Yes. Or because the crew was abducted, ignoring the ship. I have another case that I remember now and I remember it in detail:

Of a Vampire-type fighter plane of the RAF Royal Air Force of England, which in the late 1950s, the pilot was flying from Germany to his base in England for Christmas dinner. But in the middle of the North Sea, at night and without the moon, all the lights of the plane went out. It kept flying but in almost complete darkness. The pilot couldn’t see the controls or instruments. Then he began to draw circles in the air or shape of 8 which is a signal for help, because he was disoriented and would fall into the cold North Sea, as soon as the gas-plane ran out. This in case someone could see it on the radars.

Out of nowhere, a few minutes later, an old plane appeared, of the Mosquito type, which is a British WWII fighter-bomber, with its lights and all. War marks of the 40 '.

The Mosquito pilot flew next to the Vampire that was already a Jet. The Jet pilot flew at the minimum speed to match the one of the Mosquito, which was a twin engine but with a propeller, even so the Mosquito was fast because they had two Rolls Royce Merlin engines like those of the Spitfire, another fighter from World War II.

Then the Mosquito pilot would signal him with his interior cockpit light on, so he could see him, telling the Jet pilot to follow him. The jet pilot obeyed and the two of flew, wing to wing, for more than two hours. No radio on the Jet, since nothing electrical worked, they only communicated with signs in the darkness of the night.

The Mosquito pilot told him to descend with him, and to release the landing gear, he did so by clenching his fist and releasing it quickly. The jet pilot understood him.

Gently wing to wing, they began to descend in complete darkness that day, December 24th at night. And suddenly, he felt and heard the rubber on his wheels hit a track. The Jet raced down the runway in the dark until stopping completely and safely. The Jet pilot opened his cockpit, and it was all dark except for the lights of the old Mosquito, which took one last pass near him waving and saying goodbye.

The jet pilot was surprised by the kind of plane that had saved his life, but he accepted it. Maybe it was from some collector.

Without being able to see anything and bad weather starting, he stayed in his jet all night. And as soon as dawn came, he saw that he was in the middle of an abandoned track. With the control tower collapsed and in ruins, with grass between the cracks in the runway, and no one around. He got out of his Jet and walked through the British countryside to the first village, where he called his relatives and his superiors. There was no explanation for that old mosquito. Only in the history books.

It turns out that he was a squad captain, who used to go after the planes that had been lost or returned damaged in their missions, until he never returned himself. The last time that pilot was heard from, it was when he went looking for another plane that had been lost in the mid-1944s.

Estel·la: Wooooow… how interesting, thanks for sharing. And how did you come to know this story?

Аnéeka of Temmer: It is among documents of this class of phenomena. Documents here referring to Earth. They are not many, and they are in paper, not digital. It's a ghost story, maybe, but... Ghosts of planes? That is the crossing of lines. All happening now.

Another case: A plane that flew from the USA to… I don't remember if it was Venezuela or Colombia. And about 50 years later asks for a runway in a modern airport, the one meant to be the destination. The airplane lands before the perplexed authorities. When seeing everything changed, the crew of the old commercial plane panicked. They took track without permission and soar, disappearing into nothing again. It has never been seen again.

Cristina: Robert said that some missing planes and ships were showing up now, what do they do with them?

Аnéeka of Temmer: For example, Flight 370 disappeared recently. It is not clear to us what happened there.

Two things, shortly after another Boeing 777 appeared shot down over Ukraine but according to that it is not the same. Others insist that it is. But our sensors detected a 777 like the one from Malaysia Airlines, stationed on the Super-Secret Military Base Island on Diego Garcia Island, in the Indian Ocean. So, for us the most probable thing, but not completely 100%, is that it is a false flag and that they have taken the plane to that Island and it has not been crashed or abducted.

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The fact that it is on the Diego García island is a known conspiracy theory. But we did go over the top looking and there was a 777, so it's most likely. We were already looking at everything from above when that happened. Not me personally, but the others.

Estel·la: And do you know Anéeka why they could take a passenger’s plane like that one to that island?

Аnéeka of Temmer: Yes, for kidnapping of people of interest on board. The others are eliminated, "collateral damage". There were scientists on board. Uncomfortable, as I understand it. I don't remember exactly which ones, like that by heart.

Estel·la: Woow that's shocking. It does makes sense.

Аnéeka of Temmer: Yes.

Cristina: Buffff… there was much speculation about this... that’s bad!

Estel·la: What's in the triangle of Japan? Are there also submerged pyramids there?

Аnéeka of Temmer: There are several energy points on Earth, if you see them on the map, they are almost equidistant from each other. I do not have registered or do not know what is below, but it is possible that there are more reactors, or it is only by ley lines, through energy transfer from other reactors, or by terrestrial energy points.

That area was from Lemuria and there were several cities there. In itself, on the islands, many of them in Polynesia there are vestiges of ancient cities with submerged parts and others on the water, testimony that the land has indeed been flooded, geologically speaking, not so long ago.

But unlike Bermuda, I don't have a concrete explanation about that place. The same with other energetic points, as it is south of the Cape of Good Hope, in Africa. Strange waves are found there and constant weather and magnetic anomalies. I have no explanation to share, but it must be from the same planetary energy dynamics.

However, south of Yemen... A portal is found under the water and the regressive use it a lot. It is powered by ley lines as well, but it is artificial. It's in use. And it is a problem for navigation, too.

Cristina: And what do they do with that portal? What do they take through it?

Аnéeka of Temmer: A couple of years ago, they stopped a needle-nose type spaceship with human cargo on board. It is for traffic and cargo in general. Since regressives cannot leave by spaceship, they use portals. Their needle nose ship only carried cargo to the portal without passing through it. They transit underwater like submarines.

Cristina: And is the portal in a DUMB under water?

Аnéeka of Temmer: Yes, it is in DUMB precisely, right next to the Yemeni continental shelf. It is an entrance like the one in Area 51, but not as long. The entrance to Area 51 by sea, is in Santa Monica Bay, just outside Los Angeles.

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Estel·la: How does such a ship look like? I've tried searching for images, but nothing comes out...

Аnéeka of Temmer: One sec, I will pass you CGI images of the ship, but good ones.

*Pictures not supported*

Estel·la: Wow, that was not what I expected. And this is submarine type?

Cristina: Wow how strange it is.

Аnéeka of Temmer: It's a spaceship, but like all of them it can also go underwater. It hides under the water so that the Federation does not detect it. It helps, but if they still see them.

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