Pleiadian Knowledge, Cristina & Estella
March 26, 2021


Cristina: Hello friends, I am Cristina from Pleiadian Knowledge. In today's video I want to tell

you about what happened in Nuremberg, in Germany in the year 1561. The inhabitants of this

small town, now located in the state of Babiera, witnessed something incredible.

Just at dawn on April 14th in 1561, at 6.30 in the morning the sky was filled with different objects.

All Nuremberg residents came out of their houses to investigate mysterious lights and loud sounds,

which they were hearing. The inhabitants, including children, women and men, witnessed the

scene. In which these objects fought each other, in a kind of a battle that lasted approximately 1

hour. This was registered by several witnesses who saw this event. Among them the artist Hans

Glaser and author of this painting, who explains that...

“At sunrise, spheres of red like blood, bluish and black were seen. Sometimes 3 of the spheres

lined up, at other times 4 of them formed a square. Some spheres went alone and there were also

some blood-colored Xs between the spheres. Also large cylinders. Among them appeared a large

black figure, described as a large black spear. All these objects fought each other for about 1 hour.

Then the sky looked like it was on fire and some objects fell to the ground and others disappeared

in a cloud of black smoke. Witnesses explain about the objects that crashed to the ground that

they disappeared shortly after in a cloud of steam. The smoke was visible for several kilometers."

The author also adds at the end of the description: “The will of the fearing God is in no way to

discard these signs, people have to take it seriously as a warning from the merciful Father in

paradise, live their lives faithfully believing in God, so that he would avoid his anger, including the

punishment deserved, in us, so that we can, in this life here and perpetually there, live as his


Hans Glaser who documented the strange event for the Nuremberg Gasetta in a leaflet made of

wood in 1566, 5 years later. Where, as you can see, the artist tried to paint what they saw. This

painting is now in the Central Library in Zurich, Switzerland. *Pictures not supported*

A few years later, in 1566, another similar event took place in Basel, Switzerland. Where black orbs

were seen in a kind of battle in the sky over the city. Many people witnessed it and it was featured

in the city's newspaper. *Pictures not supported*

Cristina: These events were interpreted as divine messages or signs and the church used them in

their favor. As always as a threat tool for those who do not follow their orders.

But what really happened in 1561? What battle did the inhabitants of Nuremberg witness? Whose

alien ships were they? To understand this, we have to go back many years, to more than 8,000

years in the past, in Earth's linear time.

We move to the Alpha Centaury Solar system. Exactly to the largest planet in that Solar system,

called Phaeton or Alfrata. This planet was invaded by various sauroid races, mainly by the Draco,

Naga, Usungal and Kingu races. The native population at that time was the original Lyrian base,

who had arrived and settled on that planet since the Great Expansion, that is, the Great Expansion

of Lyra, more than 1 million linear Earth years ago.

The reptiles invaded the planet exterminating the original local population. The native Lyrians on

the planet had great connection to the source so they fought until the end without being controlled.

But sadly, they did not survive the draconian invasion. And those that did, were turned into slaves

and merged with the human farm that was created later.

The planet was turned into a prison farm for the raising of humans, mainly taken from Earth and

used for food, meat, furs and as slaves. It was easier to work with human cattle from Earth, because

by then humans on Earth were already under mind control and under the lunar matrix, so they

were much more docile. Humans were extracted from Earth during approximately 6,000 BC to

1,560 AD. Through abductions and mass kidnappings that had been taking place in that period of

time. They were taken off the planet and carried to Phaeton through reptilian ships or portals.

Then in 1561 the UFOP, the Federation of United Planets, intervened using their forces and

liberating the planet. In an open military operation, they extracted all the reptiles and freed all the

humans. The Pleiadians Taygeteans and Enghan, from the star Electra, also participated in this


And why was the first directive not applied here? Because Phaeton was an openly exploitative

farm. The humans there were 100% aware that they were being exploited and abused. They were

in cages and treated like cattle. Here on Earth the first directive is applied because most humans

do not believe that they are slaves, most believe that they live in a free system, as Johan Wolfgang

said "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

That is why here the controllers are so careful about their actions, and they plot their strategies in

such an intertwined way, so that the population cannot realize that they are being manipulated and

in this way, they prevent the Federation from militarily invading them, as happened in Phaeton.

So here the Federation interprets the situation we find ourselves in, as the human desire to

experience being exploited. And this is the reason why the First Directive applies here. Although

due to the number of humans who are awakening and are beginning to be aware of the situation

in which they are living, this starts to be questionable… But let's continue with the story.

And how does Phaeton's liberation relate to the battle in Nuremberg, Germany?

Even though the war occurred on Phaeton, it leaked to Earth. With the aim of ending the human

supply lines and ending the draconian ships that could return to Phaeton and be used for the

extraction of people from the planet. The liberation began in the year 1560 but the operation lasted

almost 10 years, until 1570.

So what the inhabitants of Nuremberg witnessed was a battle between different races of the

Federation against reptilian ships. Swaruú tells us that the large black ship that we see below the

painting is an Andromedan ship and that this same ship is here now in orbit on Earth. It is where

the Taygeteans and the Centaurys now have their fighter ships. Not all Andromedan biosphere

ships are spherical, only the very large ones. The small ones are shaped like a wedge or a triangle.

And then, what happened to the humans released on Phaeton?

The planet was given to the humans that survived, under Federation guardianship, with mentor

races such as the Taygetean and the Andromedan, among others.

They were helped to establish an Andromedan model of holographic society, the tiered or stepped

councils. They were cared for like children, until they develop as an independent race. They were

given technology by multiple races in the Federation and helped to develop their own.

Now their civilization is found on 3 planets of their Alpha Centaury solar system, which has 7

planets orbiting the star. Although they only inhabit the largest one, Phaeton or Alfrata. This is a

planet of class M, that is to say with a temperate climate. It is a planet 95% in size compared to

Earth and very similar in the distribution of continents and seas. Also note that Phaeton is a

reptilian name, so they no longer call their planet like that. The other two planets, Phainon and the smaller Pyroes, are only used as underground stations and colonies, military and industrial facilities

to drive pollutants away from Phaeton.

Now the Alpha centaury or Alfrateans are members of the Federation, and they are a free race,

progressive and in complete positive development. They have an appearance similar to the South

Americans, since this is the result of mixing all the races of the Earth. Although there are also

some with whiter skin and even black. And they are very involved here and now in the liberation

of the Earth. They are here one of the most numerous and active races, they have a whole fleet in


They are the owners of the Black Knights. Those that NASA insists on classifying as space junk,

what are we going to do… They have 19 in orbit. There were 20 but one crashed on February 2nd

in 2016 I do not know if it has been replaced at this time. *Pictures not supported*

The Black Knight satellites or black knights are L-class Alpha Centaury fighter ships. They are

oriented and vigilant towards the planet, like birds of prey in search of the reptiles from the cabal

and other negative ships. They intercept the TR3B ships or triangular ships, they do not shoot

them down but turn them off in flight. The Black Knights have a capacity of 7 and 8 crew members

on board.

Cristina: The Alfrateans or Centaury as you can see are 100% human, since their civilization is

made up of refugees from Earth. They also have their starseeds here. And like the Taygeteans and

other races, they are involved in multiple tasks on Earth. Some of command and control, mainly

to avoid that humans continue to be extracted from Earth, which are later sold in different black

markets, as meat or slaves, mainly in Orion. In addition, they are one of the races selected to initiate

contact with humanity, since they must be the most similar to human in forms and appearances.

Here I am going to finish the video, I hope you have found it interesting. Thank you very much

for being here and listening. See you in the next video.

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