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March 12, 2021


Estel·la: Hello everyone. Welcome to Pleiadian Knowledge, we are Cristina and me Estel·la. We hope that you are all well, we know that these are difficult times for everyone. Today we bring you a fragment of a conversation we had with Yazhí, it is very short and we think that maybe it can help give us another perspective on what we are experiencing right now.

Robert and Gosia are already talking about this on their channels, that we are in a destruction of the Matrix, of the world we lived in. We are seeing a total reset. In one of the conversations that we had with Yazhi, she explained to us a bit from her perspective, from that larger perspective, from the outside, how one can observe these cycles. Which are actually natural. So well, Cristina is going to read you this fragment, we hope that it can help you to understand better the situation we are in today, and after we will comment about it with each other and at the end we're going to give you some updates in our channel, okay?

Cristina: All right, let's get started.


The Earth has experienced the rise of an advanced civilization, it flourishes, decays and is destroyed over and over again in cycles of about 5,000 to 10,000 years. The Earth and also the human being, is much older than they calculate, and I speak of the Lyrian being. As well as on Earth, on countless planets there are traces that there were civilizations of people with Lyrian morphology, long before the great expansion and what happened in Lyra. Civilizations are born, grow and die, in an eternal cycle.

On Earth it is like 5,000 to 10,000 years as I said, but on other planets it varies. It also gets lost because time is not linear, age, about when, if it was before or after something… is impossible to calculate. Then focus on the idea that I hold that there was no formation of the species like the human, but they have always been, still it is difficult to understand something that has always been eternal, without beginning or end, and although it is a digression, I could talk about why on another occasion.

Here I must mention another thing about the framework of all this, more today than there is talk about the world reset, more than anything referring to the economy. It is that civilizations constantly arise, flourish and decline for many reasons. But this time, today is made on purpose, even though nothing stays static for long, but this time it is very artificial, by ideas and values against the world population.

Although the controllers, (complex aspect here) believe that they do good, because they really believe it. Always destroy everything with catastrophes or simply by imposing new paradigms or a new idea of how the world should be and function. This can be seen in the destruction of historical buildings.

This is attributed to other causes and it is true that there are, but the fact that those in power are guided to destroy buildings and other things that link people to its past is not just a coincidence. An example of this is the game, the false flag against Notre Dame and its remodelling plans that do not include leaving it as it was but more modern, and thereby altering the history books for the generations to come. And this leads us to the fact that the history books today are lies controlled with agendas, I dare to say, that everything is a lie, everything is manipulated.

It is that, although there are things that do not matter to them as something cultural, even there, there are control agendas, of brainwashing, of guiding the mentality of the people. But as for the history, nothing happened like you are told that it happened. And even today, I give you another perspective, with my non-human records that I have corroborated and completed with what I have found on Earth, because it concerns Earth.

History is made with what little is left there, that's why they burn books. From the conquerors of the New World, passing by the Romans, Nazis, until today. I give you another perspective but still there is not a single past, there is multiple, as many as there are futures. The problem, to give it a name, of timelines is very real, it affects everything, leaving not just one historical linearity, that's why so much debate too.

But it is incomprehensible to most since they only see time as an arrow. Besides the old axiom that history is written by the victors, this is enough to see that it is garbage. We have the added problem that data is lost for whatever reason, but mostly at purpose. The burning of the Library of Alexandria at Roman hands, the Cabal, is one of the best examples of this.

Although only a few are aware that the Romans themselves, the Cabal of any time, knows that knowledge is power. I guarantee that at least most of the books and papyri in the Library of Alexandria and other places where records were burned over time, are now in the Vatican library. And they say that they were burned so that people don’t go looking for them. For example, they cannot be guaranteed that there is a copy on something sensitive and if they destroy their own copy, they would be at a disadvantage. Of course, they keep it, of course they burned books, records and papyri, but more than anything they burned the copies.


Cristina: Well, here, we see a little bit, right? That everything we've learned so far as history, we should actually take it a bit with tweezers, right? Because manipulation of history it has been done all the time for many, many years, and everything that we have studied since you take a book from school and it says: "The first man who stepped on the Moon." Recently a friend shared with me, that she was reading this at her daughter’s school books but when we already know that no one has stepped on the Moon and this is passing from generation to generation creating from a lie an absolute truth.

Estel·la: Our history is formed with many lies put all together, which is incredible.

Cristina: Well, a little bit like the fall of the Roman empire. We know that Rome never lost, and then it was the Nazis, and today, no matter how hard it is to understand, the Nazis are still standing and remain in power.

Estel·la: It is that, in fact, this is like when you start to question a single piece and then you will realize that the whole puzzle falls. It is then when you realize that every war has been subsidized, that all the big events have been scheduled, and that we have simply been constantly redirected to where we are now.

On one hand we are here to experience this and we ourselves are creating this, but from outside it is also both faces, right? For we have been constantly manipulated. And as you well say, the Nazis are still in power, in fact I was commenting on this in one of the last videos of the Satanic Elite, about the Paperclip Project. We think that the Nazis, it was over when Hitler disappeared right? And in truth they were simply brought somewhere else and once there they have promoted many things.

Cristina: Well, more than brought somewhere else, I would say they changed their faces, right? and putting another flag and well we know that they are in many political parties today. The only thing that today they have a different name. The same that happened with the Bayer company, right? That we had once commented that the Bayer company that today, many people consume these drugs, was formerly the same company that sold the gas for the cremation chambers in the Nazi concentration camps, I mean, the same company, only change by name. So with this we can see it in absolutely all points. They are always the same. They are always the same ones who are in power, they are the ones who change as they see fit and as they adapt Mind Control to the population.

Estel·la: Yes, it gives us that illusion, doesn't it? The illusion that we have a choice, that the faces are changing, and in truth we are realizing that behind them are always the same “four cats”.

Cristina: Exactly, well I wanted to comment that we are working on the fourth video of the history of the Earth, which, by the way, everything that Yazhí has shared with us for this video is very interesting.

And I think some of you made some comments like worried, wondering if with everything is happening now, maybe these topics now are not that important, right? Well, here I wanted to add that I think they are because really, just as you will see in this next video, the story is not only not linear, but it gives the feeling that it repeats itself and to hear the story is like seeing what is just happening now. And I think that it is also important information to understand precisely our present, right? Being able to recover that history that has distorted us and that, in some way, also makes us open more of consciousness and thus be able to observe better what is happening at the moment. In itself, I think all the information is important.

Estel·la: Yes, and we know that coincidences do not exist, we have been very surprised that now everything has come up to be dealing with this topic and it is like a mirror, right? By understanding our past without knowing that this does not really exist, we are actually understanding many of the things that are happening right now, which as Cristina said, it even seems to be repeating itself, like a cycle. Which in fact is what Yazhi is talking about in this fragment. That history is actually like that, it is a rising, it has an evolution and then it decays and then it always returns, it is eternal.

Cristina: Exactly. Well, I hope this fragment has been of interest to you. It seemed very interesting to us. Also wanted to tell you, that we spoke one day with Yazhí too, who explained to us, this which you will also see that I will comment on it in the next video, that the story is not linear and that the way she is giving it to us is not how she really sees it. She just understands that we work better with this temporary arrow, but she doesn't work like that and then one can see that many things don't make much sense. Like what we were saying now that history repeats itself, it doesn't make sense because if this is a forward arrow, it shouldn't go back, right?

And that there really is no time direction. Everything is happening in many ways and time goes forward, backwards, that is, it does not have a direction, far from it. Well, we would like it very much if at some point we have the opportunity later on, to be able to go deeper on how Yazhi really sees time. That although it can cost us a little to understand, but I think it can be interesting and also that way, little by little, be able to get out of the arrow and change our way of thinking.

Estel·la: Well in fact, that’s why we love so much the Taygetean Disclosure, because it works in layers, right? You see that it never really ends, each time understanding everything from another point. So now we felt that for both of us and to share it with all of you, to see it in this way and first and understand it like that, and then, surely, to be able to give it another turn to be able to look at it from another point of view and to always be able to continue evolving. But now first place ourselves and then after, everything else that there is to observe.

Cristina: To keep expanding as you say, right? Well, also let you know that we opened this post about Taygeta so that you could ask your questions, in the YouTube community and also on Facebook. I wanted to say that there has been a lot of participation, we had said that we would keep it only for a short time but at the end we have lengthened it because we have seen that there were super interesting questions and that you were there super excited.

Well first of all thank you for your participation very much. It is very helpful because it is very likely that many questions, would have occurred to Estel·la nor me, right? We thought it was important to make that post. That’s all, let you know that this week we are going to close it up, so until Sunday you have time if you have to leave any more questions and from Sunday, we will close the post and we will not collect any more questions. Thank you very much indeed for all the participation, it has been amazing.

Estel·la: Yes, we are very grateful. Well, this is all we wanted to say for now. These last couple of weeks we have not been in contact with the Taygetean team or Yazhí, because as you already know they are always doing many other tasks at the same time. This is not the main one and well, from here we wanted to send them a big hug and as always, many thanks for everything they are doing. I think this is all, Cris?

Cristina: Yes, thank you very much to all the team that although we know that they do many things, but we are not aware of it here with our day to day, but we know that they do many things and are very dedicated to all this. Well, thank you all very much, a very strong hug. And thank you very much to you also for being here, for continuing to support us, for all your comments and well, we continue with the information. A big hug to all.

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