Pleiadian Knowledge, Cristina & Estella
June 17, 2021


Anéeka of Temmer: A couple of years ago it was stopped a needle-nosed type ship with human cargo on board. It was about traffic and cargo in general, as the regressive cannot leave by ship, they use portals. Their needle-nosed ship only carried cargo to the portal without passing through it. These ships travel underwater like submarines.

Cristina: And the portal is in some DUMB underwater?

Anéeka of Temmer: Yes, it is in DUMB precisely, right next to the Yemeni continental shelf. It is an entrance like the one in Area 51 but not as long. The entrance to Area 51 by sea is in Santa Monica Bay just outside of Los Angeles. These are CGI images of the spacecraft.

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Estel·la: Wow, this is not what I expected, and is this submarine type?

Anéeka of Temmer: It is a spaceship, like all of them it can also go underwater. It hides under the water so that the Federation does not detect it, it helps but still they see them.

This is a real image of a Draconian ship.

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Estel·la: Wow it's shocking, it looks like a butterfly seen like this.

Anéeka of Temmer: These are Fighter-type Reptile Ships, old obsolete models but still in operation. Why the shapes? I don't know, their mentality is reflected there, it must have some logic.

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According to a German which we follow closely, it is that ship but hidden. That is true, many ships hide pretending to be a cloud.

Another real picture. This is a last generation Reptilian Ship, of a Draco ship (Not Alpha Draco) but similar, being escorted by 4 F-16s of the Turkish Air Force.

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Cristina: Wow, thank you very much Anéeka, how impressive.

Estel·la: This has happened to us, to see ships but camouflaged in a cloud.

Anéeka of Temmer: Yes, I warn you, ships do hide in the clouds or being clouds. That of lenticular clouds has never made sense to me, not knowing about maneuvers and tricks of ships.

Estel·la: What is lenticular?

Anéeka of Temmer: This kind of cloud formations. Yes, some of them can be only clouds, but others are not.

This one does look like a ship to me.

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Cristina: Oh yeah these clouds appear a lot over Mount Shasta, Popocatepetl.

Anéeka of Temmer: What a coincide, sites with a lot of UFO activity. Clouds like this are formed by air currents that pass through an object such as a mountain and they create turbulence. But this also happens when the air passes and condenses as it passes around the hull of a ship in invisibility.

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But this also happens:

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Many things can give away a ship, the atmosphere itself gives them away. It may be because it overheats to plasma and it begins to shine, giving away the ship. Or because the water in the atmosphere condenses when suddenly passing by a large object suspended in the air, like a ship.

Estel·la: Natural effects that cannot be prevented I suppose.

Cristina: Thank you Anéeka, now I will look more deeply at the clouds.

Anéeka of Temmer: That's right, and welcome.

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