ABDUCTIONS - MATERNAL MED POD - Extraterrestrial Contact

Pleiadian Knowledge, Cristina & Estella
May 05, 2021

ABDUCTIONS - MATERNAL MED POD - Extraterrestrial Contact

Cristina: The chips that are inserted in abductions to people, where do they usually put them?

Аnéeka of Temmer: They put them in many places, but the most common are on the back of the hand, behind the skull at the base of the spine, or over the heart area, under the skin. The chips are usually not symmetrical, to hide them. Sometimes they are less than one mm long. But they can appear larger if the body begins to reject them, because it produces fibrous tissue around them. They are mistaken for fibroids or non-cancerous tumors.

Cristina: Thank you. And when they abduct a fetus or abduct the mother who is carrying a starseed, do they leave a mark?

Аnéeka of Temmer: Usually they leave a mark. The other way that leaves less obvious marks is vaginal. This is the shape of the incisions on the belly. They are common and can also occur in other parts of the body.

Distance between the points more or less of 5mm. I have understood that the device moves the distance.

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Estel·la: Oh! It is very small then. Thanks for the image. So, is it like a caesarean section? But with superior technology I imagine.

Аnéeka of Temmer: Yes, I guess something like that.

Estel·la: You have commented “I have the idea that the device moves the distance.” I don’t totally understand what you mean...

Аnéeka of Temmer: Yes, I mean that the distance between the points it can vary.

Cristina: And what kind of machine is it? Or what type of operation leaves these marks?

Аnéeka of Temmer: It is something that injects nano-chips into the area that alter the frequency of the mother, especially the uterus.

As the frequency of the incoming starseed is too high, it tends to cause rejection in the human mother if the difference is not addressed in time. It sustains a specific frequency, at least during pregnancy.

Estel·la: You have commented “It is something that injects nano chips into the area that alter the frequency of the mother, especially the uterus.” You mean, altering the frequency to be able to perform the operation?

Аnéeka of Temmer: In order for the mother to carry out a successful pregnancy. It produces rejection of the starseed because it is another frequency, because in itself it is not necessarily your son or daughter. That is, the mother is only “lending” her uterus. And it produces rejection in the mother's body, because it is not her genetics. This occurs in many cases, but not in all.

The seeds that are born from seeds do not have this problem or not necessarily. But with the starseeds that try to enter from a human mother. Here it could be seen, or interpreted as a silent invasion of humanity, where they are gradually being replaced by starseeds from elsewhere. This is also why the Cabal rejects and attacks the starseeds.

Cristina: I understand, thank you. And in the event that the fetus is extracted, where do they put it? In an incubator like terrestrial ones? Here so young, only weeks old, they do not survive in an incubator...

Аnéeka of Temmer: It's a baby incubator, but it's essentially a medical pod. It is nothing like a terrestrial incubator.

The baby remains under a special liquid, with life support systems and a high-tech hologram overlay, based on their genetics. That is to say, the baby is formed in a tube under a special yellow liquid, with nutrients, where its stem cells develop following the pattern imposed by the high-energy hologram, because they follow the patterns of the dominant frequency.

That is, the stem cells will agglutinate in the corresponding places with the highest magnetic energy, following the map that is the hologram. Stem cells have the potential to become any type of cell in the body. It is the hologram that activates your internal genetics, so that this group of stem cells becomes liver, heart or nerve cells, bones or skin.

When the creature is formed, they take it out from the Medical Pod and pass it to the awakening zone, translating it freely. A baby born from Med Pod like this, is not born or is not ready at the apparent 9 months of gestation, but comes out with a development of more or less a year and 3 months old. The total gestation time in Medical Pod is 3 months. (Not 9 months).

Then the baby enters in cares like nursery, where specialized personnel will take care of them.

Cristina: Wow how interesting! And how are the life support systems?

Аnéeka of Temmer: It is a liquid filtering system, which also contains stem cells, based on the individual’s genetics. They work with an umbilical cord, which filters the baby’s blood and supplies it with nutrients through it, all controlled by a computer. This last system, is exclusive to Maternal Medical Pod, since Damage Repair Medical Pods do not have this system. There are several types of Medical Pods:

- Total immersion pod.

- Medical pod repair of damaged tissue or repair of physiological problems.

- Maternal Pod.

- Surgical Pod or Artificial surgeon.

- Pod specialized in cloning.

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Cristina: Thanks Anéeka, Wow there are many different types!

Estel·la: So, there is a hologram projected in 3d, dictated by the genetics of the person?

Аnéeka of Temmer: Yes... The computer deciphers the genome of the individual. It forms a three-dimensional image of the highest definition of what that individual would be like, fully formed. It has so much detail that it includes the Mitochondriac and nuclear DNA chain of each cell in the simulation.

The computer then uses a 3-dimensional, high-definition projector or hologram, which it will turn on inside the Medical Pod. That is, the person is inside and the high-energy hologram is placed on the person.

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Stem cells made in the laboratory, following the individual's genetics, are injected into the liquid and there float freely. And they only circulate through a pump of the liquid, which keeps it flowing very slowly. The stem cells will agglutinate where the hologram is and once agglutinated, they will be activated, following the hologram and what it dictates, through the principle of dominant frequency. That’s how it forms the tissues, on the body of the individual. Or you can build an entire individual from one cell (Cloning).

For example, in the event that an individual has lost an arm or any limb in an accident, they enter the Med Pod asleep where the computer will impose a hologram of the missing arm on the damaged body in the right place. So, even if you don't have that arm, it will be formed by stem cells, which follow the energetic pattern of the computer-controlled hologram. Depending on the damage to be repaired, an individual can recover his lost limbs, without leaving any trace or scar. Recovering its full function. Depending on the damage, this process can last from a few hours to a maximum of 3 months, for a total regeneration.

These devices form the spinal column, of Taygeta's pathophysiological medicine. That is, everything that is not fixed with herbal medicine (true medicine) or with sound or light therapies, or with diets and exercises, since in Taygeta the food itself is or can also be seen as medicine.

This ship contains in its medical decks several pods of this class.

Estel·la: Fascinating!

Cristina: Wow Anéeka, how incredible is this technology, I wish we had it here on Earth!

Аnéeka of Temmer: The Cabal have similar technology, but not as advanced. They use it for themselves and hide it from the human population. I know this as totally true.

Estel·la: Yeah, I'm not surprised.

Cristina: And the babies that grow in the Maternal Medical Pod in 3 months, what do they look like? Like a 9-month-old baby?

Аnéeka of Temmer: When they come out, they look like a baby between one year and one year and 3 months. Already with their systems more developed, for the same safety of the baby. It is safer for them. It does not make sense that they are born at 9 months since no one is going to give birth to them or they are going to lack nutrients.

Cristina: And what behavior do they have? Like 1 year already?

Аnéeka of Temmer: No, they are very basic, they are newborns, only that their body is more developed. But they regain or increase their knowledge very quickly. They make up for 'lost time' very quickly. The level of premature deaths drops dramatically if they are born a year or a little more than if they were born younger than one year old.

From there they are cared for by adoptive mothers, at least as children. And they are given breast milk too, but it is made in the laboratory, with everything it contains. Breast milk is basically cells from the same mother, they can be replicated using stem cells, in the same way that a whole body can be produced. It’s real breast milk, it just didn’t come from a woman. And it is far from being a baby formula, as it is known on Earth. The aspect of contact with others, proximity with a “mother” or with their loved ones, is of vital importance at birth.

Cristina: Thank you very much Anéeka, what an interesting topic!

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