The Power of Words and the Congruence of your Expressions

Za'el and Arien - English
May 25, 2023

The Power of Words and the Congruence of your Expressions

Za´el: Well, hello to all of you. Welcome back after the last mishap with the channel, it seems that everything is back to normal, for the moment. We weren't sure if we should give it more importance than necessary, so we decided to stop to analyze the situation and focus on possible solutions. But the truth is that it did scare and worry us at first, as it is normal. But well, here we are, and it is a pleasure to be back.

Today, I want to talk about a subject whose repercussions on a basic psychological level are already known on Earth, and that is the power of the words you use to express yourself and others. However, while their power at that level is immeasurable, that is not where it ends. Often, and especially in the worst situations that make us suffer, we tend to use cruel, punishing and unsettling words against the situation itself, against others, and especially against ourselves. This thinking that it is a way to let off steam and to take out all the pain, anger, or frustration that we may carry inside.

However, I am afraid that the only thing we do by doing this is to sink deeper into the pit and step on our hands so that we cannot climb it. Some studies say that at the level of self-esteem, and at the unconscious level, it takes five positive comments to equal the power that a single negative comment has over us. This on a general level, of course. Each person is a universe.

So, every time you allow yourself to talk badly about yourself or decree things you don't like, no matter how harmless it may seem to do so, you are actually causing yourself damage that will be very, very difficult to repair or reverse. Difficult is not impossible, you know that, but believe me, it is difficult.

"I am worthless. I'm not that good or that smart. Nobody loves me. I'll never make it. I can't do anything. I have to be this way." Every time you say any of these or similar phrases, you are engraving that information you verbalize in your unconscious. The most visible psychological implications will be a very low self-esteem, as a result, a chronic tendency to self-harm and self-sabotage, problems in relating to others, and a significant danger of falling into depression sooner or later.

In the same way, it also works by projecting outwards. The words you speak to other people have a lot of power, actually as much power as that person allows, but we'll get into that a little later.

A few videos ago, I mentioned a phrase from a well-known film saga. Today, another phrase comes to mind which hides a much broader truth than it might seem at first glance: "Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic, capable of inflicting harm and of remedying it."

Knowing what you probably already know by now, I ask you, the conscious starseed, of how the world around you works and comes to life. What happens when we record information in our unconscious, especially on a continuous basis over time?

To all these factors I have mentioned, we should add a part that is even more frightening, and that is that we must never forget that we are the creators of the reality we experience. Therefore, the moment we say any of these phrases, we are not only affecting our self-esteem; we are decreeing the reality that accompanies us and will continue to accompany us. We are creating the world we talk about, often knowing that in reality it is not so and simply saying it as a way of venting.

And, in the same way, the words you use when communicating your vision to another person can also be a positive energy impulse for them and propel them towards something positive, or it can end up bringing them down and provoke a decree that they do not want, especially if this happens at a time of low defenses or low mental strength so that the person can think clearly and put up a barrier that makes them think, "No, you are not right. No one can tell me who I am, what I am like or what I am capable of doing better than myself. I am the one who controls my destiny."

Both in speaking to ourselves and in speaking to others, we have a responsibility to use coherence and consistency. By using consistency, I mean not exaggerating what we want to express, nor necessarily minimizing it. Do not use aggressive terms against yourself or others. In short, and to put it clearly and simply, speak from absolute objectivity.

Do you really believe what I explained in the previous video, and do you really know that the impossible does not exist? Then, for example, ask yourself when you are putting a sentence together whether what you want to say is that you cannot do something or whether you simply find it very difficult. Most of the time, the correct expression will be the latter. Instead of jumping to say that you're not good at anything, be objective. Of course, you are. Maybe you're just finding it difficult to thrive in what you'd love to achieve.

You say nobody really loves you. I'm absolutely convinced that's not true. Maybe there are just certain people for whom you have an expectation of correspondence that is not fulfilled. That's painful, but it doesn't mean that nobody loves you. You get where I'm coming from, I guess.

Instead of telling someone that they will not be able to do something, you can say that you think it is extremely difficult and even warn them that there is a possibility that they will not succeed. I know, it's a rather awkward way of expressing yourself, and it's clear that there are expressions that are perfectly understood as what you really mean. But in my experience, I have not found it to be so obvious and exact words do create ideas that stick in the subconscious and unconscious of both the sender and the receiver.

My recommendation is to always use them with great care and with objectivity and congruence. Of course, and although it may seem obvious, I think it is necessary to remember the opposite point: the words you say to yourself or to others can create wonderful realities, so good, so incredible.

However, my advice goes beyond saying nice things that can lift your spirits. In my own experience, the phrase that looks for the positive within what you can perceive, even if you are struggling to find it, is far more powerful. You must see within what you consider objective and real the things you can enjoy, the things that make you happy, the things that make you proud to be the way you are.

To see the fact that wanting to improve or being able to stop and put your brain to work to see things from a neutral or external point of view is in itself a huge virtue and a clear sign of intelligence. To be able to put aside the pain or frustration that blinds you to assess the situation and things as they are, expressing in words the good or hopeful things you find in that process with the magnifying glass of objectivity and the necessary breadth to see the big picture, being able to see the good and the bad and not letting the latter overshadow the former has a power that you yourself may be able to see if you set your mind to it.

I encourage you to practice it as a way of life. Come back to this video in a few months of putting it into practice and taking it seriously. It will probably have changed your life.

Be honest, consistent, coherent, objective, and compassionate with the words you use, both for yourself and for the people you love and respect, even for those you don't. You will be surprised to find that it will get on their nerves that you always act correctly and with all of the above.

Be responsible when choosing and putting together your sentences, and under no circumstances let anyone, absolutely no one, ever decree for you something you don't want. No one can control your destiny like you can, you can rest assured. In any case, they will be doing it to themselves. It is a pity.

See you soon. Take care of yourself.

Za´el of Erra

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