Guanajuato Anomaly, Portals, Drones - Anéeka of Temmer (Extraterrestrial Contact)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
September 10, 2020

Guanajuato Anomaly, Portals, Drones - Anéeka of Temmer (Extraterrestrial Contact)

Robert: Do you know if that magnetic anomaly in Guanajuato in Mexico is real?

Anéeka: I already investigated it yesterday. At first I thought they were large portal frequency harmonics opening on that site converging in Guanajuato Mexico which is a place to be known to have a lot of paranormal activity, and they even have mummies there. The portal does leave that kind of footprint. Because it is something artificially created and the weather or the magnetic follows the frequency harmonics that create the portal in the center and it manifests as exactly that geometry. So there is like a zone of important magnetism by ley lines there. As is Giza or StoneHenge. Among other places.

So, places with strong natural magnetic dynamics are used to increase the efficiency of the portal. That is why Guanajuato is notorious for its paranormal activity.

Robert: So, you mean there is an artificial portal there?

Anéeka: Yes, that would be magnetism caused by high or large power artificial portal activity. Like to introduce personnel and even machinery on a planet. Or extract. The technology would be non-terrestrial. Federation level.

But there is another side to this. Everything points to portal. Except one thing.

When there was a magnetic activity over the Buenos Aires area a few days ago (of natural origin by the way and very different dynamics from Guanajuato, Mexico) the magnetometers of the nose antenna of our ship were triggered. But in the sack of Mexico they were not. And I only found out because I saw it online. So, I did my research and drew the conclusion from above.

But the simple fact that the super-sensitive magnetometers on the nose of the ship did not get activated indicates something else to me. A portal this large opening on Earth and in the semi-equatorial region, where our spacecraft passes close by every 82 minutes, would set off alarms immediately. Stealth technology to avoid being detected by ships like ours? I do not think so.

And that´s because it was detected by humans with much more rudimentary technology and even radar, that is scattered and poorly localized simple microwaves. So, it's not that. It seems something different to me now. That someone is trying to make people believe that a portal was opened in that place but in reality, nothing has been opened. I mean it´s all mediatic **

It is again like the robot on Mars that is actually in Devon Canada or in the Mojave desert outside of Los Angeles.

This is to confuse and provide entertainment work to conspiranoids, to have them running and not looking at what really happens. I'm not so easily fooled. Nothing happened there. If anyone would know, it's me.

I pass over that place every 82 minutes, or close, and my sensors are on 24/7 because I look for earthquakes, HAARP activity (the new not the old) and I look for portals opening or magnetic craft activity among other things. If something happens, I know. If someone turns on their toaster, I know.

Also, one appeared in Australia. I don't buy it. For me that´s the radar that is altered or someone who may be making people believe that a portal was opened there. Of course, these are people who know what portals look like on magnetometers. Our ship can detect a toaster that gets turn on. Of course, we would see that thing, so big and we did not. All the time I get magnetometer reports of small and medium portals opening and closing on Earth. This is how sensitive the magnetometer is.

Robert: Could it be that they are doing it from space?

Anéeka: Not from space. Altering the data from the weather stations. I'm sure that it does not exist or did not exist, it is only media. So in summary. Yes, it looks like a portal, it is what a large portal would do by altering the magnetic climate. But I think it is only to distract.

A genuine one appeared over Argentina. And they don't just appear there but all over the world and it's natural. Magma displacements more than anything. It is normal. And that one was caught by the ship's magnetometer. Real, but natural.

Gosia: And what would happen if someone happens to walk through that portal?

Anéeka: If it's artificial, everything is very localized and controlled. That would not happen. If it's natural, then yes it can take them wherever the portal connects. And so, it has always been.

In this image the Earth's surface shows the strongest magnetic points as peaks in red. Blues are valleys without strong magnetism. The points can be stable, always on top, some vary rise and disappear with the movement of the Magma and the Black Goo. This image should be animated as it changes moment by moment.

Magma movement causes magnetic anomalies.

The peaks in red are places of great magnetism. But why they are very magnetic varies. From some machine in the place. A super collider. Portal. Electric generator. Or planetary natural dynamics.

Robert: So, does the Black Goo influence the magnetic opening of a portal?

Anéeka: Yes, because just like magma, it is a flow of liquid loaded with heavy metals with magnetic charges.

The Black Goo is a planetary liquid that flows between the tectonic plates and moves by the different pressure between the plates, creating rivers or streams of flow deep inside the earth's crust that in turn create points of greater flow or river crossings, that form ley lines and magnetic anomalies.

Yes, it causes the opening of natural portals because magnetism is frequencies, by nature it is the same. In other words, the magnetism has a frequency. But the magnetism envelops everything around and that is under its range of influence.

If the frequencies that it randomly creates correspond to those of another site or place, a magnetic crossing gets produced with a vortex or throat since all magnetism has two poles, the positive + and the negative - and the communication or flow between the two forms a toroid and every toroid has a throat or nucleus creating in it a bridge or portal point OR Einstein Rosenberg Bridge (Wormhole)

The only thing that has to be done or waited for is that the frequency corresponds to that of some other place, by correspondence within the same planet, creating a connection <<< >>> between two points.

Robert: But the Black Goo has some kind of memory, right? Is it intelligent?

Anéeka: Yes, it has memory because it is crystalline. Like quartz, or like a magnetic tape.

This image above shows a magnetic dynamics. It is the torus as it is within any electromagnetic field.

Gosia: But magnetism indicates that something attracts something. What would be attracting what in this case?

Anéeka: Not that it necessarily attracts something. It is an energetic dynamics obeying a specific harmonic that creates a repetitive or cyclical mathematical system called a torus.

Gosia: And why is it called magnetism then?

Anéeka: As a side effect it can attract things that are within its frequency, in that case ferrous metals. But it is only something that characterizes it, not what defines it. It is directly linked to electrical currents in general. And in itself to the formation of Gravity.

But it does not attract anything, rather the things are pushed towards something solid.

Robert: Anéeka, and why do you think the natural portal of Argentina was opened? By magma currents, Ley Lines, Black Goo... Why?

Anéeka: The magnetic anomaly over Argentina is seen as something very impressive because it has never been shown like this with that detail before. But it is perfectly natural in origin. It is by the movement of tectonic plates, by the ring of fire of the Pacific.

The earth is a huge generator. It is not solid. There is a lot of movement between the plates and they tighten and loosen the Magma and the Black Goo and that makes high-speed, high-pressure torrents between the plates creating electric-magnetic fluxes.

Robert: So, the more ferrous materials, the more natural portals can be opened?

Anéeka: It is connected, yes, but you don't need ferrous metals to open it. It just makes it more obvious. It is what happens with the points of balance between the stars, where mathematically a point of gravitational concentration is seen but that does not necessarily indicate that there is a solid object at that point. As with the missing planet according to human scientists. It is not missing but is the point of balance between many small ones that get formed as if there were only one big one. So, the same thing happens with portal places. Not necessarily at that point there is a ley line (although it usually happens).

Rather, it is a point at which the planetary dynamics of the tectonic plates converge to produce a magnetic point or node of sufficient force to open a strong magnetic vortex that will produce an Einstein Rosenberg bridge or portal.

Gosia: And why are you monitoring portal openings? To monitor what goes in and out?

Anéeka: Sure. To see what non-human activity is there. And human activity also because I need to know how many people prefer their natural bread to the toasted one.

Seriously though, because it is an indication of activity that is not of the general population. It is a symptom that something is happening there and that it is unusual from a human point of view.

Robert: Do you see non-human activity?

Anéeka: All the time, but that's normal. And I mean all the time. For example, there is an astronomical number of non-human drones soaring through human skies 24/7. There is more non-human activity than what you would call human activity. Drones come in all shapes and sizes. They are recently being classified as fast-walkers or mini UFOs. UFOs and fast walkers-mini UFO drones use portals to get in and out all the time. But they are small.

Robert: And why don't they interact with people more, many would ask?

Anéeka: They interact with people all the time, but they don't realize it and that's the way it should be. Because this is how the Earth works, the illusion of being there with such crude and basic circumstances.

Added to this are the natural portals that also open all the time, remain open and close again. Being that the time it takes in each cycle varies from nano seconds to minutes or days of opening.

Gosia: Why do these mini drones enter through portals and not simply descending into orbit? And where do they come from? Whose are they?

Anéeka: They also go down from orbit. They only use the mini portals because it is more practical. They come from ships in orbit, or even distant planets. Sometimes they also come from parallel dimensions. This to monitor and control the activities of its associates.

Gosia: So, the ETs send drones to monitor human affairs, and then other ETs, you, monitor those ETs?

Anéeka: Yes, it's a constant. Everyone looking at one another.

Gosia: Why do they send drones of parallel dimensions here?

Anéeka: To investigate, the same way you would send yours to theirs to see what happens there. Everything is control, everything is intelligence, to know how to react. But in itself there are like 100 times or more, more non-human drones in the air than human planes.

This plane collided head-on with a 110cm sphere drone like the ones we use. Also, many of the aviation accidents involving ingestion of foreign material in jet engines are not from birds but from non-human drones. The drone survives it.

Robert: What's inside a drone?

Anéeka: Inside a 110 cm drone: holographic quantum computer, real-time transmission center based on Muon, sensors of all kinds, Magnetometers, cameras among other things. Gravity cancellation engine... things like that.

Gosia: And what are you discovering with your drones, if you send them, to other dimensions?

Anéeka: That essentially things are the same as here. They are sent all the time, like the Suzy that comes and goes.

Robert: Could you do reverse engineering on those drones?

Anéeka: If it lets be caught maybe, but it would take decades just with metallurgy, and other decades with computers. It is not really feasible. They can only retro-engineer things that are remotely similar to what they have on Earth, because most of that non-human technology is incomprehensible.

Gosia: And have these drones always been sent, for millenia? Or is it something new? Because only now these drone trends are coming out. So, for some reason, 'ET' drones also. But I imagine they had to exist before.

Anéeka: For thousands of years, if not millions. Since time is not as they say it is. And it is cyclical too. The only new thing is that humans with their drones and with their technology are reaching the point where they detect that there are non-human drones. But they have always been there.

And to this must be added species of animals and insects that are not 3D, but 4D. So, much of what they see are insects and creatures unknown to them. More than anything insectoid in nature. Semi-etheric for the Earth. This is the case with so called "Rods". Those are vermin. Except that they are not 3D, they are not entirely in that reality. They are generally less than 10 cm.

Robert: What would happen if we captured one?

Anéeka: It would escape out of the bottle, as Yázhi does from her room without opening the door.

Robert: But it's curious that the cameras catch it.

Anéeka: The cameras do, especially the infrared ones. That is why they no longer sell ordinary people anything with true infrared. Because the general population would start to see all kinds of bugs and things they shouldn't and would ask questions.

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