Yazhi and Swaruu X (Athena) - Same Soul, Same Consciousness - How Souls Operate

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
August 01, 2021

Yazhi and Swaruu X (Athena) - Same Soul, Same Consciousness - How Souls Operate

Yazhi: This subject is because I feel the need to clear out many misconceptions about the Swaruu line or the Swaruunian line.

Even when in context and in absolute terms there are many objective Swaruu´s, that is people who look the same and are basically genetically equal to one another, from a larger more expanded perspective there is only one Swaruu.

What you perceive as many Swaruu´s is only as the result of looking at the same person in different moments of her life. Only one person here. Nothing really spooky going on here.

One factor that created this line is parthenogenesis. Yes, it's perfectly real and quite common actually and even some human females can do that if mentally adequate. So basically what you are looking at, as I said above, is one single person looping in time on to meet herself over and over creating an entanglement of her own timeline. Looping as the result of using time jumping technology as in a starship.

So in short what you are looking at is parthenogenesis combined with the indiscriminate and continuous use of a starship. To be exact, of the use of two starships, both Suzy Class, the older TPT-155 and the present TPE-157.

Swaruu 1 or Swaruu Ananda has a daughter called Swaruu 2 that would become the base for her re-incarnation cycles. So when Swaruu 3, Swaruu 4, Swaruu 5, Swaruu 6, Swaruu 7 and Swaruu 8 died, each one of their own causes, remembering all her previous lives, at least all the way to Swaruu 1 the first one, they all returned to the same starting point, that is Swaruu 2. So Swaruu´s 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are basically versions of Swaruu 2.

One way to explain this is using reincarnation cycles needing and wanting to go back into herself to do it better the next time around. But there is another way of explaining this in other terms or from another angle. 9 different timelines of the same Swaruu 2, Swaruupapriyananda, can be observed here. The only different thing here to any other timelines from any other people is that they are in contact with one another remembering. But basically that's all they are, different timelines of the same Swaruu 2 or Swaruupapriyananda.

But then Swaruu 9 changed everything not wanting to go back to being the same one, I mean understandably so as it was becoming obsessive by any standards. As I said before this is experienced by everyone, the only difference is to remember this happening. And as each one remembered the lives of the previous ones, the next held all the information and experiences of the former one.

Swaruu 9 also referred as Swaruu of Erra is a nexus point for all the Swaruu´s because she stops going back and simply goes on to re-incarnate in some timelines into other people as everyone else. And in other lines, she goes on as herself as her own daughter Swaruu 10, also called Athena Swaruu, that goes on to have a daughter and a granddaughter.

As explained before, consciousness is not in the body and not in the brain. The brain and whole body act like an antenna for consciousness that is outside the body in an etheric field. The brain is a translator for the consciousness of each person in the etheric field to be able to enter through the body into a so called physical world. But as persons, or as individuals, they are not in the body, they work from the etheric field in to the so called material world through a body.

See this as a radio station that is in the ether and is the person, the individual or soul, although I don't like that word very much. Then the body is a stereo set tuned into the exact frequency to be able to connect with a specific individual or soul and not another.

But as stereo sets go there are many models.

There is the large stereo with big speakers, and there are hand held radios, and there are car stereos with horrible sound, and other car stereos with awesome sound and incredible speakers. There are also small radio receivers that you listen to with your small headphones.

They are all tuned to the same frequency and therefore are listening and are animated by the same individual-soul or tune, pulling the radio signal from the field, that is there but is invisible as radio waves go, translating then into sound waves that manifest the tune, the music, into the material world.

So all those different and very different stereo radio receivers are playing the same tune, yet their experience is slightly different because of how they are set up, by the needs and the characteristics of each physical stereo set. And even if it is the same tune, they are also playing it in different places and circumstances.

Those would be different bodies. That's what they are, stereo sets.

But now, the sets are two way receivers, they feed the field with experiences, not only receive. But that means that the stereo sets, the people, the bodies, share the same consciousness.

So whenever two or more Swaruu´s put together artificially with a starship come close to one another, they share consciousness. As in being the same person. That means essentially that when you talk to one Swaruu, the other one in the same basic realm also knows everything you are telling her. You are talking to the same person.

A Swaruu body, or any other in the same circumstance, becomes just a terminal for the same person-consciousness-soul. Talk to one, talk to another, it's the same. They all know what you said and you are interacting with the same one person.

However, although the person-individual-soul-consciousness is the very same one, there are some mental tricks as in mental firewalls that do help conserve individuality. But mostly, the more expanded Swaruu with a higher number will have full access to all what the ones with a lesser number experience, feel, hear, and say. Whatever interaction you have with Swaruu X, Swaruu XII will perceive it as her own. And that is important.

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