What I See at This Point - Athena Swaruu´s Thoughts and Conclusions

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April 09, 2022

What I See at This Point - Athena Swaruu´s Thoughts and Conclusions

Originally in Spanish - 4th of April 2022

Swaruu X (Athena): Doing a little geo-political analysis, and seeing how the controllers, Cabal, have been slow at creating a false flag for NATO to enter into conflict directly against Russia, I feel that with each passing day it is less and less likely that this is the scenario they seek to create with the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

I'm not ruling it out, of course, and it may still be too early to expect such a Vietnam, Gulf of Tonkin-style false flag to happen. However, as the days go by and as I watch the news and all that the MSM (main stream media) is putting out, I perceive that we are progressively seeing other agendas or purposes behind the war that do not involve a direct conflict against NATO as an objective.

While we see that both sides, Russia and the West, are putting out their manipulated and fake news in order to push their own narrative with the intention of manipulating the perception of the masses, I see that the Russian version is contained, not global, being that RT (Russia Today), their main source of MSM, is heavily censored in the West. The entire Russian version of the war is isolated and localized to Russia itself and its surrounding region, not Westernized.

Whereas the Western narrative pushed by the BBC, CNN, ABC, FOX and so on has a strongly global influence.

I do not mention the MSM China part because what CIC (Taygeta Intelligence) has seen is that they are basically giving neither of these two versions to their population, containing their narrative only around exalting the image of the Chinese politicians themselves.

Looking at and analyzing the data coming from both the West and the Russian bloc we can draw a few conclusions:

The first is that from the point of view of both sides, Russia is not applying its full military power on Ukraine as it could, given that it has both the technology and resources to virtually "crush" the Ukrainian militia in a few days. Yet, it is not doing so.

Within Russia, the narrative of progress in Russia's favor prevailed until a few days ago when they stopped then pushing the idea or concept that they are winning, moving instead to just reporting on progress in the war without much detail in the name of national security, as an excuse for not giving more information.

On the other hand, the Western narrative is to push the concept of Russian incompetence, that their equipment is archaic and incapable of accomplishing what the Russians previously claimed they were capable of. They push the idea that the Russian military is incompetent, under-trained, under-numbered, and to top it off, in direct disagreement and protest with what they are ordered to do by their high command. Pushing the narrative that "not even the military itself agrees" with the war with Ukraine.

We also constantly see videos, supposedly real, where Ukrainians are destroying Russian armored vehicles, helicopter transports and aircraft and on a large scale, always with the same narrative that the Ukrainian army is gaining ground and recapturing villages that were previously in Russian hands, and recently also the Western MSM is pushing news that the Ukrainian army and Air Force is already attacking targets inside Russia as a "retaliation" for the invasion.

So with this information we can conclude a few things. This is speculation, I accept that, but it is educated speculation based on knowledge and carefully processed data.

What I see now is that the purpose of the war is not only to mobilize the war machine-economy that favors the West, as well as to boost and train their troops, and to test their new weapons systems. This remains only as a collateral convenience.

What I see, or what I conclude, is that the Cabal that controls both sides wants Russia to enter into a conflict where it would be defeated at the hands of a rather innocuous or modest enemy in comparison to the West or the USA, such as Ukraine.

The purpose of this is to collapse the idea or concept that the global population would have about Russia being militarily powerful. Thus getting the West back to being perceived as the power of the planet, the dominant super-allied power (NATO).

There may be many reasons why this might be in their interest. One of them is economic. Being that in recent years the Rothschild-Rockefeller economy, "Petrodollar" or "FIAT" economy, was being weakened by the emergence of economic cooperation treaties with Russia and China in the center, the BRICS group.

With this war they are weakening the public image of Russia, and through the restrictions and other processes of economic de-accreditation, retracting foreign investment, diverting it to the West and China, thereby reviving the Western economy of the Petrodollar FIAT, and weakening BRICS, perhaps even dissolving it.

In short, with this war they are weakening Russia militarily, economically, and in terms of global public perception. Giving more power back to the Western factions of the Cabal. Noting that although both sides are 100% controlled, they do have quarrels and conflicts of interest and power in the middle to shallow strata of the controlling Cabal.

I can then predict with some certainty that in the coming days to weeks the Russian defeat in Ukraine will be announced. And with this I conclude my geo-political analysis for today.

Additional comment:
Whether Russia wins or loses does not obey and never did obey its war capabilities, but the interests of those who wish it to be one way or the other, who decided earlier who should win a war with a view to further push their agendas. Like virtually all wars of some level of importance, everything is fake and everything is controlled. The Russia-Ukraine war is nothing more than an elaborate theater to enforce geo-engineering agendas.

And as a last comment:
Just as it happened with the 9/11, Twin Towers in 2001, a completely fake incident, staged as theater, countless people also suffered and died. The fact that a controlled event, artificially controlled theater, is false, does not mean that there are no victims, affected, and dead in large numbers. Human suffering is the real part, it is a part of what they have always wanted. It´s not that the suffering is fake, but what is fake is the why, the real reason behind why, how, where, and for what reason that suffering occurs.

Robert: Thank you very much. All super coherent. So Russia will just withdraw or will they give independence to these pro-Russian "provinces"? It's still a distraction from the Covid, isn't it?

Swaruu X (Athena): I can't predict in more detail what will happen with the provinces, but what will happen will be what is sought and intended as a Western narrative. And what I gave today, it is an educated opinion, not a Nostradamus-like prediction. And as an educated opinion, it changes from day to day.

It could be that the war will last longer and become one of attrition, like Chechnya, which is also logical as it would further weaken the Russian military and Russia's global image as a whole.

Or there may already be a false flag today that launches NATO against Russia. Although I don't think this is very likely anymore because the West is pushing in the MSM giving support to Ukraine in the form of weapons systems, including anti-aircraft, bragging all over the BBC that for the first time in history a British anti-aircraft team shoots down a Russian plane.

This kind of action of aid to Ukraine would be enough for Russia to take it as direct aggression against it by attacking NATO positions supplying that aid. If the war were real, of course. But since this is not happening, I can conclude that what they want is to discredit Russia among other collateral results convenient to their agendas.

If this does not start to escalate, it is a sign that this is not the Cabal's intention. It's not their plan with manufacturing this war. And it points more to what I said today.

Robert: And what does China gain here?

Swaruu X (Athena): Quietly positioning itself as the world's leading power, just as the Cabal wants.

And yes, it is still a distractor against the Covid, yes, as is all the other sensationalist news that gets released globally and of all sizes, from celebrity scandals, to wars, to economic problems and so on, all with the intent to keep the human population busy while taking away their rights and reducing them in numbers.

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