UFO and Exopolitics Groups and CIA - Infiltrations - Athena and Yazhi Swaruu

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April 22, 2022

UFO and Exopolitics Groups and CIA - Infiltrations - Athena and Yazhi Swaruu

Originally in Spanish - 2021 (exact date unknown)

Robert: What would be the relationship between the Andromeda Council and the United Federation of Planets? The same relationship as that of the Alcyone Council with the United Federation of Planets?

Yazhi: The same, yes. They are minor Councils, whether older or not, that group friendly races in cooperation. These groups have their "High Councils" that in turn have a voice in each Council of the Federation, as long as it is of their jurisdiction or competence. The Alcyone Council is for M-45, it is easy to see physically because of the cluster of stars.

The Andromeda Council in addition to the different Andromedan factions, also includes races such as Sirian or Arcturian in its three modes. Which in turn will also have their own Councils.

Robert: Thank you. With all we know about human creations such as tulpas and various levels of the game, "the Draconian Empire, Orion Alliance, etc" would be another level of the game? I want to know if they do exist for the United Federation of Planets, or are the fears of the "lower layers of the Federation passed to Earth" and then on Earth distorted by humans?

Yazhi: Yes, they exist outside. The problem is that the concept or idea of what they are like is specific to Earth and does not reflect the outside reality. Being that the Earth itself (as a human Collective Unconscious) will reflect and interpret these concepts of negative alliances, meaning of evil, and the way they work, only with the lens of the human collective's understanding.

So the idea is totally distorted and humanized and does not correspond to what really happens. It is here that the human Collective Unconscious will reflect or embody its own fears in the concepts of regressive extraterrestrial races. And since the human race as a collective is totally separate from the Extraterrestrial collective, it will generate egregors specific to the human race. (Except for the unconscious infiltration by starseeds and the like).

The concept of egregor or tulpa does not mean that it is a fantasy. It is part of the total mechanism of manifestation and formation of a collective reality (and individual too but I speak of the collective here).

So countless New Age ufologists, those who think they know about Federations and Exopolitics, will only reflect what they have accepted as a community among themselves. That is why their Galactic Federations of Light are so dualistic, good and evil, dark fleet and light fleet.

They are unable to see that such dual concepts, all black and all white, is only a reflection of their own brain structure divided into two hemispheres. And other ET races cannot see it this way since they do not have a divided brain.

It is worth explaining here that the so-called unified non-human brain, that of many Lyra based non-human races, does contain laterality in structure by maintaining functioning systems within the body. However, the cortical part, also called gray matter, is not divided by a physical trench as in the case of the human brain. Rather, it communicates with total efficiency between the two hemispheres since it is this "thinking" part of the brain that is not divided.

This goes beyond simple "CPU" efficiency but reflects another understanding of reality. It gives one having the experience in a body equipped in this way something completely different from the human experience. Things are clearer, without so much need for constant comparison. This then generates another existential reality by having another understanding that conflicts with that of the human.

This is not to mention the Cabal's control agendas over information through their three letter agencies that impose trends with the information that then the UFO "researchers" will follow.

From all this above, we can understand why what certain people explain with their Exopolitics differs so much from what we say. The realities do not fit together.


Originally in Spanish - April 4 2022

Swaruu X (Athena): In the video that I have shown you now, they say that the CIA created UMMO race. In this other one they explain how the CIA controls Hollywood.

My point here is, they don't stop there, the CIA, and it is delusional and even naive to believe that they stop there. They control everything that goes into the public en masse, all social, spiritual, political, religious, economic trends and movements. Every three letter Intelligence agency serves in one way or another the Jesuits who are none other than the Illuminati. Specifically the CIA is at the service of the corporations and their interests, not the country to which it belongs.

While any movement may begin genuinely and spontaneously, it will quickly be infiltrated by agents who will modify the nature of the movement in the direction that suits them and the Cabal.

This can be seen with the naked eye in street protests where they will bring in infiltrators to turn a peaceful protest into a violent one or to provoke things or events within the protest that guide the perception of the greater public in the direction they desire. In other words, it can start as something genuine and then turn into a controlled agenda.

About Ummo, from what we know here, Ummo does exist and has always existed <--- And they are known to apply something called "Ummo Protocol", which is self-discrediting in order to follow another agenda or to erase their own mistakes. So what I can tell you about that video specifically is that the Ummo contact started as genuine that was then infiltrated by the three letter agencies that contaminated the contact and guided it in another direction to where it suited or suits them.

This process is seen to be initiated also with the current contact with Taygeta, with the presence of the people "in the scene" who 100% are CIA agents thrown in there specifically to divert attention from THIS contact. Their nature, what they say, is exactly what is needed to counter our information. It is tailor-made and that cannot be coincidental.

It must also be seen that they use psychologists who are specialists in guiding mass mentality. That is why the information of these people, among all the other New Agers, is so appealing to people. Because it diverts them from the truth by giving them what they need unconsciously, which is comfort, hope, and do nothing for themselves.

They give people more of what they have always been given: hope that saviors more powerful than themselves will come to their aid. Prayers of love and peace that sound very advanced for weak minds with few mental resources. All with a view to control the perception of the mind and the human collective.

The video I showed you demonstrates very well how the CIA manipulates what reaches the public perception, where you can see that nothing that comes out in the mainstream media is ever just empty entertainment, but everything is human mind programming.

And that extends directly to other trends of interest for the human population, such as all those mystery and New Age channels, “Alanisos”, “Ashtars”, and the list goes on. All of that is CIA. Of course the whole "mystery" world is controlled, because things can come out of it that can change people's perception against the interests of the controllers. Especially when it comes to referencing the extraterrestrials.

In the end look carefully at what this implies: the enormous need to spend all kinds of resources, and with enormous effort, to control human perception, individual and collective. This indicates that those who have the real control over reality are humans and not the Cabal. It also indicates a desperation and fear on the part of the Cabal itself to have to control the population in this way. Which supports what we have always said, that it all comes from the human mind.

People believe that if the CIA gives information to someone, that source is reliable "because it comes from the CIA, from an official place" - but it's not that the CIA or any other three letter organization passes information to the people. They pass them information they want people to have <---

And it's always to control. Everything is manipulated, not just "some movies" as some mystery people allege on Youtube. EVERYTHING is when it comes to mass media. And it is the other way around, the more official and accepted a person, source or organization is, the more controlled it will be. That is why I warn everyone that the world is controlled, and the more official the more full of agendas it will be.

So going back to the people who dominate exopolitics circles, everything is infiltrated, and it doesn't matter if it was genuine to begin with. All this narrative of arks in Ukraine, and other installations, is more the CIA taking advantage of the war situation in Ukraine to impose more New Age narratives to further control all movements and everything that has to do with the ufological or extraterrestrial theme. In other words, it is a lie.

We run energy detectors, sensors of all kinds that detect even ultra-subtle radiation, magnetic displacements in the subsurface, mass-gravity accumulation, you name it, and we don't find any evidence that points to what certain people in Exopolitics claim.

As for us, we have no way of giving people proof of what we are, and that we are not CIA or any other agency, simply because the very system imposed by them denies us that possibility. But the overall analysis of the trends within our material would point in another direction. Analysis that, based on what some people who are against us claim, they have not done, not thoroughly. The proof, in our case, is tenuous and cumulative.

I am telling you how they work and how they manipulate, we are the only group of ETs against the main narrative. Yet, we don't tell you not to listen to others, do what you want! But we are the only ones screaming that everything is controlled and why and how. We are the only ones who are calling your attention to this problem directly and loudly.

And if they say we are too human... I have a news bomb for them. They always talk about the human collective unconscious as an excuse to explain why they make art, pyramids and prints with the same themes all over the world.

Like this: (showing a Youtube video). As this gentleman says and he says it well, they use the human collective unconscious as an excuse to normalize what otherwise would point to other more logical explanations, not socially accepted ones though at the same time.

Well, my answer is that there is a collective unconscious, and that collective unconscious transcends the Earth because there is more humanity outside, and that is why we would seem too human in the eyes of many. Because it is the same species and we are all connected behind, from the level of "the Source", from the unconscious mass that forms us as people with souls. Because we are more of the same.


Originally in Spanish - April 15 2022

Yazhi: Let's see, explain something to me. But seriously. Why do they say that we do a lot of damage to ufology and all that? I am interested in the why.

Gosia: Don't ask me because I don't know what they really say out there.

Robert: Because we go against everything, what´s officially accepted.

Yazhi: So we go against what is accepted. And who determines whether something is or is not accepted?

Robert: It is determined by an authority.

Yazhi: So someone who people have decided is an authority is followed by those who have the idea that they don't have the authority to know any better. And they don't have the authority because, according to them, they don't have the data, and they don't have the social acceptance. They want what we say to fit in with what others with "authority" say. Which means they want us to follow the socially accepted authority on the subject. In other words, they want to normalize us, to stay within the norms accepted by an "authority". That is the problem. It was never my intention to go along with the authorities. That's why our information is not controlled.

The whole paranormal, ufology and contactees world is manipulated by the CIA. It is a fact, even if it hurts you. And they want everything to fall within a manageable norm for them.

Just because a journalist or whoever receives information from the CIA doesn't mean it's correct, it just means it's information they want you to have. People see it as "WOW from the CIA. Finally I get to hear about SECRETS!!! How cool!" It's not, it's information they want you to have and always with a goal towards manipulating your perception.

People are falling into the CIA manipulation trap and they do because of their inability to think critically, because they follow those in authority, without connecting the dots for themselves. Information is just information, they must connect it. People with "authority" have reasons to say whatever they say. And they are not good ones.

But the important thing here is that the three letter agencies, which all go with the CIA, control everything people know that modifies and guides their perception. That's a warning.

And I understand that they could reverse that against me. But things being as they are, who would be telling you all this if it's not me? Huh? If ufology and mystery topics affect the interests of the established religions, of course they will have their agents there. The CIA works for the interests of the corporations who in turn are of the Jesuits, all of them.

Why are we different? Because we are the only ones who are warning you about the fact that the agencies control everything that is accepted within ufology and spirituality. It is not a theory, it is a fact, and you must understand it.

Also because the topics we give go against those established norms. And we explain as best as possible the why of the topics, in detail. Something that others do not explain. We don't say that "so and so used an inter-dimensional portal and that explains why..." We explain how the portal itself works in detail.

Some also have this idea that other sources should not be listened to. We say: listen to everyone and use your heads to connect the dots. We empower and free minds, others trap and try to normalize everything, to conform you to a narrative.

Gosia: Yes. And another question: How do you identify if something is of CIA? Because yes, we are warning the people but what clues can we give them so that they can discern when something comes from the CIA? Some characteristics of the information itself?

Robert: I imagine everything that goes with the official narrative.

Gosia: I would like something more specific. Some more clues. If they exist. Because there is a lot within the official narrative. And some things are true, some things are not. How to identify the things that are NOT true?

Yazhi: We accept the true things. But there is no way to identify if something is true or not true. There isn´t. You can only try to understand as much as you can, inform yourself by listening to ALL sources of information and only after that come up with your own particular idea about what is real and what is not real for you, always with a view to leave behind, without attachment, any certain model of reality if a better model arises to replace it, and that better model should only arise from the head of each one of you, and never from authorities. Including me.

If there is a clue? Although it is not a completely reliable clue, what they say will have overtones of dis-empowering people, of making them follow something, it will also go with agendas that are known to be of CIA like gender, global warming, or the whole long list of NWO stuff. Anything that makes them delegate their hopes to an external savior. Anything that makes them feel they have no control over their own lives, anything that makes them feel they fall into determinism. Most of all the most direct clue is that it follows the accepted norms of the expert "authorities" and goes hand in hand with well identified agendas.

They should not follow us either, they should only follow themselves. But what they can decide for themselves is who to listen to the most and who not to listen to. From an absolute point of view it is useful to listen to a Catholic mass. But from the perspective of having limited time, it is better to establish priorities.

Because for that limited time, this happens: that a person is the sum of what he listens to. That is to say, each person is the result of the external content they listen to, (Youtube, books, magazines, programs, movies, and opinions of friends and family). You are the average of it all. Be careful what you consume, because it shapes your mind.

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