Trump, Gates, Mexico - Anéeka of Temmer (Taygeta - Pleiades)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
May 23, 2020

Trump, Gates, Mexico - Anéeka of Temmer (Taygeta - Pleiades)

Robert: They say Trump will lose the election. Do you know anything about that?

Anéeka: The media belong ALL to Trump's opponents. You just can't believe anything anymore.


At this moment, Trump's opponents, who are the ones with the 6 large corporations that control all the official media on the planet, will use their advertising weapon as a place to attack Trump and expose him with false accusations, all in order to hurt his image as much as possible. An example of this is the attack against him that the media used about Trump saying that the sick ones should be injected with the disinfectant. The media published this as a clip removing the context. Because Trump was being sarcastic because they were talking about vaccines and the desinfectants can be found in them as part of the chemical substances that compose them.

All Trump has now is to use some public good doing and arrest members of the opposition, the deep state, in order to expose them for their lies.

If he does not do this before November he will lose the elections but by propaganda from the opposition side that is the genocidal Satanist side.

I know that I, Anéeka, have said that Trump is a controlled opposition and I still think he is, however this is a multi-level situation where on the one hand from the point of view of the components of the really deep state, he is controlled opposition, and from a "deep state" a level further towards the surface, which is the level that most people refer to when using the term deep state, yes there is real rivalry between the two sides.


So even as a controlled opposition Trump can be very useful for planetary liberation simply because exposing these genocides may be his only way to gain political superiority in an election year.


It is already known that the side that proposed Hillary Clinton as Candidate for the presidency,  moved things cheating electronically so that she would be the winner  in the last elections, but the Trump side, and this testifies to the existence of the so-called Alliance, uses the same strategy to reverse Hillary's trap. In other words, both sides cheated.

It is only a fight between factions of the Cabal, although from below  "someone else" controls them and sets them up as a controlled opposition.

Likewise Bill Gates, George Soros and all those Adrenochrome- drinking "mummies," are just fronts for a genocidal machinery in the back. I mean to say that all this idea to kill people, hurt, sterilize them using vaccines , does not just come from Gates , and Soros and others, but these names are just the ones they put forward in case they want to give any information they want to the public.

The real ones who control and plan everything will never go public for their own safety. And remember and mark my words...  Not all of them are human.


The total lack of empathy and lack of respect for feelings and emotions is a clear indication of parasitization   and control from non-Lyrian races.

Note that I have not said Reptile races, because there are many positive and loving stellar Reptilian races.

However, the fact that Gates, Soros, and other such mummies are only the fronts of a larger satanic organization, DOES NOT excuse them of their actions in any way and they must be judged by humanity for the crimes they have committed and are planning to commit. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

But people already see them, it is already coming to light.

Direct message to Gates and Soros... We see you from here, and you will not escape neither in life nor later. Mark my words.

Robert: What awaits us if Trump wins? And what do you think could happen following this timeline if Hillary wins?

Anéeka: If Trump loses, what comes is Genocide, with that I say enough. With Trump there is hope, although I am still not sure if he will impose the vaccine or not. I am doubtful about it.


22 May 2020

Hundreds of ships belonging to neutral races are leaving the Earth in these days. Both those that were already there in their bases and those that have come to take their starseeds.

It is not speculation, it is specific data from the Federation and I confirm it with my sensors from here, the traffic of ships leaving Earth is historically high.

As a comment: some positive races say that only the weak ones are leaving.


22 May 2020

For Mexico:
 The re-outbreaks of the virus in the Mexican Republic, according to official sources, are due to nothing else but a political movement against Trump and his attempt to reopen the United States economy as factories depend on that country. They need the factories on the Mexican side also to be active since they work together.

It is an attempt to sabotage Trump since the media and the artificial dynamics of the CV are being controlled by factions opposing Trump.

In a recent study of unspecified credibility, it was concluded that regarding this supposed pandemic, Mexico takes first place in civil disobedience. That is, it is the place where the official regulations of both its government and the WHO are least respected.

This could be taken badly, but for those who listen it is a very good sign. Keep it up Mexicans! 

The problem is that, logically, I suspect that the order to inflate the quantity and strength of the alleged CV cases will be artificially given, in order to both to savour Trump's efforts to re-open the US economy, and to punish Mexicans for their disobedience. Careful with with that.

I send Mexicans all my support, love and a big hug.


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