Possible False Flag Warning and Galactic Wave- Short Live (Information of Anéeka of Temmer)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
June 14, 2020

Possible False Flag Warning and Galactic Wave- Short Live (Information of Anéeka of Temmer)

Anéeka: I have intelligence that indicates that a new false flag is forming in the USA, big one. There will be a massive attack on protesters in the streets with many deaths. And they will do it in such a way that it will look like it´s Trump's fault. For sending police and / or the army against the protesters. This will constitutionally remove him. They will pass the presidency to their vice president and from there the Cabal wins, and Obama becomes president.

They are or will be armed groups pretending to be Police or paid police, Cabal-controlled military against Trump. High danger of this false flag. And according to my latest data, reinforcing what I already had, Trump is not controlled opposition , it is opposition. It is on the positive side.He canceled HR 6666, and the mandatory vaccines in the USA. Among other things.

Trump currently has a 20% chance of winning the re-election. Biden-Obama 80% because it has the control over the media. There is still the possibility of the false flag that I was talking about, of causing the death at the hands of the police and the military of many protesters. My sources corroborate that the US Special Forces, together with Russia's Spetsnaz, umbrella term for special forces, have captured or eliminated the ANTIFAS leaders (anti-facist anti-Trump movement). But the danger persists.

Examining the illuminati cards with Robert we have seen the possibility that they might use one or many snipers stationed in various cities to shoot the public, people, to create chaos and collective peicosis against Trump, it could be against Protesters.

Robert: Who are those who support Trump --- The Alliance, The Federation? Putin?

Anéeka: Trump works hand-in-hand with Putin. Trump has direct contact with the Federation of United Planets. As of today, with the data I have, I can only support Trump.

It has been corroborated that the ANTIFAS rioters were paid by the Gates, Soros and Roquefeller Foundation. Although I have dubious information about Rockefeller, there is no question about Soros and Gates, as I have even seen the trace of money flow through accounts in the Cayman Islands.

Anéeka: Trump's opposition controls the media and the media the population. Trump's only chance is to expose all this to the public, to make a big move against the regressive Cabal in the next few months or weeks, or he won't be able to recover. There is the possibility that Trump and the team will steal the election again as they did 4 years ago, but I doubt that this works as well since both sides are forewarned of the War for the control of the results of the polling places. This is reflected in the fact that they want (who? I don't have the data) to remove or minimize the use of electronic voting, since it lends itself more to cheating.

Robert: Why do we always say Obama when it is Binden?

Anéeka: Because although Joe Biden is the Democratic candidate, he is a puppet of the Cabal, and with a goal to establish Michel Obama in the presidency by having Biden resign under any excuse. My sources corroborate this plan. The Cabal's aim is to put Michel Obama in the Presidency. Because Biden in the public mind has a better chance of winning than Michel Obama, he is just a mule to put her forward later.

I have information from Nai'Shara of Erra, based on information from Yazhí Swaruu Tasherit, that they will use the false flag of Asteroid around December and later on. This is to divert public attention from the political uproar that will ensue whether Biden-Obama wins, or Trump wins, with reverse agendas. That is to say, if Biden-Obama wins, the Trump side will appeal and there will be movement and political uproar against Biden Obama, and they will use the Asteroid to divert public attention and let that run in the media that control the minds of the population. If Trump wins, then they will use it to divert attention and sabotage any anti-Cabal action Trump may take.

Gosia: Asteroids weren't ships?

Anéeka: Yes Gosia, they are ships, but thinking of the surface level as a method of controlling people, they will say that it is an asteroid.

I Insist that it is not in any way appropriate to form or participate in demonstrations of any kind at this time. Nothing is accomplished with them because the Cabal is well prepared to deal with protesters. Protesters are in grave danger, especially in the USA but also in any country. In addition to demonstrating, they are giving the Cabal information about how the masses think. If they don't take to the streets and use more passive resistance, even if its the same numbers as there would be at a demonstration, the Cabal would have no way to counter their actions. Nor could they have information about where they should move their pieces and their plans. People achieve nothing by manifesting. They only expose themselves. Mass civil disobedience and resistance is the right way. Peacefully, because this way they will not be able to throw in any kind of agitators, because there is nothing to agitate. The elite cannot deal with love and integration. They know how to deal with and control anger and chaos. That's what they want. Protesters use slogans that there will be chaos in the streets as a threat against governments. That does not threaten them. That is exactly what they want. Don't give them what they want.

You must also know that it is not all the information that I will have. Every day more things come out. Whether its valid - You never know, you can only corroborate with all your means and methods and make an educated conclusion for yourself with the data. As of today, based on my data, I am inclined to say Trump is indeed working for the good of humanity. But it has been months of intelligence work to come to that conclusion.

Robert: So... This False Flag would be before the elections.

Anéeka: Yes. But false flags of another nature may appear. All with the same purpose, of course.

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