Planetary Reset, 3D Matrix - Federation - Human Civilization (Yazhi Swaruu)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
August 16, 2020

Planetary Reset, 3D Matrix - Federation - Human Civilization (Yazhi Swaruu)

Yazhi: I don't want to put people into a victim mentality. Even if that is valid up to a certain level, higher up they are not. A problem here is the perspective with which to look at things. But then this also brings us to another problem. What or why is it valid and why and under what parameters it is not valid? And this in turn brings up the inexorable question: What is reality or what is real?

The problem here is that what I offer is my perspective. Although in itself I try with all my strength to understand all possible perspectives. Lower level is the perspective of the virus and why it all happened. That is the Matrix level. Then there is the conspiracy level. Talk about Soros, Gates and all those, and I refuse to do that. From the point of view that I wanted to give today, the subject of the virus is implicit. It goes without saying.

Then there is the deep conspiracy level of a state or government behind the Soros and Gates. Then the stellar level, including the Federation. But it goes on and on, deeper and deeper.

For me the problem here with people, with humans inhabiting planet Earth is that they have been conditioned to separation. They perceive the idea of the Ego as what they are, the body, and the letters that come with that body. I am a lawyer, I am a stylist, I am a woman, I am a child, I am a medical student, I am a housewife. They are not that, or from one level and yes they are that from another, because they are whatever they want to be and how they want to perceive themselves.

So they don't have the ability to see other people's points of view. The perspectives of others. Rather, each one firmly believes that their perspective is correct. And he defends it fiercely, as if his life depended on it, and in their minds, it is precisely that. It is impossible for them to see the perspective of others, especially if it contradicts their own.

For people to sit and think to imagine other people's perspectives, all of them, no matter how contradictory they are or how different they are from their own, would expand their minds to understand the reasons for conflicts at all levels. And with this, they dissolve them. In itself that is the cure for all evil on Earth. If everyone were to think in detail incorporating in his being how other people see things, this would be integration. And it would be the increase in the perception density.

So there really is no tangible reality. Nothing is truly real. And therefore nothing is unreal. Everything is a soup of perspectives, of points of attention struggling to maintain themselves. Each one thinking they have the truth, when no one does.

The truth would be the set of all of them, of all the perspectives, and I mean all of them. It would be the original Source, "God" for some. The inability of people to see other people's perspectives is what creates all conflict. And understanding those other perspectives, the solution. However simplistic or obvious this statement is.

So nothing is happening on Earth that is true. Some say that what happens is because of this, and what happens is because of the other, and it is all only valid from those perspectives. And this is filtered to the Federation level and higher. They do not allow themselves or dare to see other people´s perspective because of attachments to their egos, their perception, attachments, attachments. They criticize and criticize. Men are afraid to understand the perspective of women and women of men, the Muslims of the Christians, the Christians of the Muslims. Whatever it is.

So there is no one "what really happens on Earth", just an amorphous soup of events seen from countless points of view where the most dominant is the one that the collective has accepted as true. And it has accepted it as true because it is comfortable, but mostly because it is what they with their perspectives regard as something that will help them survive.

Survive because everything is set from the point of view of fear. And this is what those who control the perception of people worldwide use. But those are the people themselves. They come out of people.

People as a unit tend to be very simple, fairly basic needs on a closer look. Live in an environment where everything is controlled and in order, stable, unchanging. Predictable. Where they can follow a routine where they can have entertainment, their job, necessary for them in order to have money to buy more things that give meaning to their lives and for more entertainment.

Being accepted in a community, this is very important because the human being is a being that could even die if he is not within a society where he feels accepted. This is programmed in the human psyche as a method of survival. But humans in general are simple, you make them happy with little. The vast majority do not need to seek existential explanations or seek the explanations to how everything works.

They have enough with the previously chewed and digested explanations given by "experts in the field", and with that they are satisfied because it is enough for them to feel wise and special to be able to get an explanation or scientific quote from "Scientific American", the magazine, when they meet with friends on Saturday night.

But it didn't come out of them, it was given to them and they don't question it. And all this is an experience that many souls desire, that is what the 3D world is for. I'm not saying that's what the Earth is for, because the Earth all the time, as it is with each star, person or whatever, has multi-dimensional-multi-density aspects. I'm talking about 3D, the human Matrix.

But the 3D Matrix is not everything, nor is it the only Matrix. Many experts on these subjects, in "Aliens", make a serious mistake. As it is there on Earth it is outside, same ideas, same customs. Same vices. Because from there the Matrix 5D as we will call it today, is filtered and the foundations of what the terrestrial 3D Matrix is are established. In 5D it's just bigger, bigger in size, extension.

And the ideas that the experts believe to be human ideas are nothing more than concepts of those "Aliens" imported to Earth through various means, starseeds, direct import, imposed ideas. But as it is there, it is out here. On Earth they have racial disagreements, useless mess between Hispanics, blacks, whites, Orientals, all absurd. The same thing happens in the Matrix 5D, but between ET races, even among the progressive ones, problems of perception of their own race, with concepts of superiority, of attachments to their Egos, to their ideas.

I'm going to something. So, those who live in the 5D Matrix will dictate what they think should be and what should happen to 3D Earth since they see humans as adults see children, even though they are only children themselves. And this is the first explanation of why the Federation acts like this. They are not all wise and enlightened as the New Age portrays them. They are just people.

It is true that in 5D there are more people with a broader spiritual level, but they are still people and they do not know and cannot know everything. They will only impose their perspectives by following what they believe is the right thing to do with a socially established framework for what is correct because of their very need for integration within the society in which they live.

And just like humans, who can't be bothered to sit and put themselves in other people's perspective, neither can they. Sitting comfortably in theirs. "Elevated" with their credentials within this or another "High" Council full of awards and laurels.

So from the 5D from a certain point knowing that their very lives are a game from higher densities, they like to play to be all powerful Gods that know everything when they are only playing that being basic level consciousness, attached to their own Ego. So things must be as they say they should be. And they don't see what it's like to be in 3D as a human. Because they know that every real human there is just them again anyway.

Because in their need to believe themselves Gods, they have created a mini-Matrix like theirs in 5D, but small and controllable one. So called Terrestrial 3D. Where it is filled with extraterrestrials experiencing their lives as ordinary and easily confused humans. That is why you do not find the extraterrestrials from 3D. Because it´s them all. Unable to see themselves in the mirror.

So as I said above... Humans like to have a certain group of controlled experiences for the idea of the expansion of their souls by the contrast that a life on Earth provides them. Short, chaotic, dramatic lives... but with great results of self-growth that ensue.

But since this 3D Matrix is artificial, artificial from a 5D point of view, the system is not perfect. And more and more people begin to remember what they shouldn't. Literally messing up the very concept and purpose of having a life on 3D Earth. The "awakened" ones arrive. The unruly "starseeds" who do not agree with what they see and how life is lived there, because they have memories, whether conscious or not, of how they lived in 5D.

And this brings a chain of events. More and more people awaken. Acceleratingly. Exponentially. This demolishes the 3D Matrix from its original purpose. So those who are up in the 5D want to take care of their interests from their perspectives. Their interests from their perspectives are to maintain the place of "training" of "strong experiences" but with rewarding results. Unable to see what it is like to live within said Matrix, dramatic game, only seeing the tragedies that occur there as part of the very purpose of the existence of 3D. Always thinking that at the end of the day those people in 3D asked for it, they designed it that way.

So when so many wake up, the game is revealed. So they must try to correct the problem using mind control, and all those tricks that are well known to discredit the awakened and the starseeds. That there is no proof, that this is not scientifically validated, that this is imagination, and it is not real. But even that fails. Because the starseeds and the awakened ones would die before conforming again to the accepted society. And yes, they die because they also lose the meaning of death itself. At least some.

The point comes where the Federation, who control the 3D Matrix from above, have no choice but to dissolve the entire game and start over. Because too many already realized that it is a game and that from the point of view of 3D it is horribly wrong, and this comes into direct conflict with the Federation regarding 3D as a necessary game for the expansion of souls and consciousnesses. That is why the Federation is perceived as antagonistic to the needs and interests of humans. It's just a mess of perspectives again, and the inability of both parties to understand each other.

This is cyclical. It has happened countless times before. It is recorded in virtually all ancient cultures whose writings survive to this day. They talk about 25,000-year cycles, Mayan Calendar, Cali Yuga, whatever. No, it does not happen every few fixed years, but every time the number of awakened ones exceeds a limit. And that is happening today.

This is also reflected in the Old Testament with the stories of the flood, of the Tower of Babel, among others. Always separating humans, always erasing what was before. That is the famous planetary reset, about which some are already talking without knowing what it is. The Rapture too, people leaving en masse.

But it is reflected as they leave with everything and with their body and although this does happen, it is impossible for it to be always like that at the mass level. Which causes the need to create mass exits. Because the awakened ones and people refuse to cooperate with the Matrix, from the perspective of within it, although from the outside yes, they agree. Those mass departures are those negative events. Like Agenda 21-30, world wars. Natural disasters. That is why they will always attack the places that are more peaceful, with a high cultural level. For example the invasion of emigrants to Europe.

This has been seen before. The Earth is for something. To create a series of contextual frameworks in which consciousness, souls can have a specific class of experiences. But to achieve that you must maintain the illusion that the Earth is all there is, you must maintain the illusion of what we call the 3D Matrix. But if everything is too perfectly controlled by them, people will start and start to rebel.

So to contain these small rebellions of consciousness the controllers implant methods of controlled opposition. Martin Luther, New Age, Feminism, Ashtar... And that works for a while. But later that controlled opposition grows to such a degree that it becomes a problem for them, because it destabilizes the entire system, the entire Matrix. And it reaches a point where neither the Matrix nor the society nor the "Awakened" humans can continue to function and they must collapse the whole system and create a new one.

And they have done it many times before, six times they have destroyed the Earth civilization and the 3D Matrix before. The awakened ones think they are awake when they are only awake at the next step of control. They simply cannot see beyond the accepted parameters that they are part of the controlled opposition. Because they are still in the Matrix too, only subscribed to their New Ages, their socially accepted Ufologist. Alternative history and other things totally within the same control system. And it is impossible for them to see outside said control system.

That is why they do not validate us and they will never validate us in favor of absurd channelings that are socially accepted (therefore Matrix system of controlled opposition). Although it contradicts its own accepted science since there is neither proof nor credibility in anything channeled. Because everything is Matrix manipulation, controlled opposition. They think they are awake, and they are not. They only destabilize the system to the degree that the controllers are left with no choice but to destroy the Matrix and build a new one with new ideas and parameters.

Because at the end of the day this is not, I repeat, it is not a planet of free will as it is painted. Only free will from the cosmological point of view because that is an inescapable truth, but at the cosmos level. On Earth everything is agitated, they must maintain an illusion of reality of how things should be or precisely because of cosmological free will that Matrix will tend to inexorably collapse as it is now.

So they must lead people to believe a series of things, laws and ideas and that is already collapsing in favor of their systems of controlled opposition. This is where you have that idea that if there is more than 51% awakened humans, a reaction is created where everything changes in their favor.

Yes, but in favor of what? In favor of false awakening, in favor of another Matrix belief system, such as New Age. Which is not real either. Which is what creates a disparity or a division within the Matrix between the "Awakened" on the one hand and the "Sleeping Matrixed" ones on the other. Destabilizing the system, destabilizing the entire Matrix.

So they have no choice but to implement extreme control measures while putting in place everything necessary to throw off, destroy, reset the Matrix. That is what you see today.

And Trump, Q anon and all of that is just a minor struggle for control at superficial levels of the Deep State that serves as another method of Controlled Opposition while they finish putting their pieces in order.

They already have the New Matrix ready. Ready cities in China, for example, for millions. They are new, gigantic, and high-tech. They are complete and there are many (I do not want to say how many but many). And they are not the only ones.

They are completely empty. They only have Chinese army guards there. Ready for its inhabitants who will be completely under the control of the Matrix, with a completely transhumanistic world. It will not be only for the "Chinese" there, but it is for the people that the Cabal, the "Controllers" have chosen to continue populating the Earth, sample inhabitants from all over the world. This means that necessarily millions will die. And that's what the vaccine is for, that´s the danger here.

Robert: Thank you, Yazhí. Have you seen those civilizations disappear? Previous ones?

Yazhi: Yes, I have seen and studied them: Atlantis, Lemuria, they are only the most recent ones, but there have been others. At least six before this version. As I have said before, it is a game. It only serves souls as long as they maintain the illusion. And if it breaks, as it is happening right now, they must reset everything because the game loses its meaning.

Gosia: So the starseeds awakening people are the "disorder" for them thanks to which they have to reset everything? So what role do we have here? And you? What role do you have then, knowing that it works like this and that we only contribute to this "mess" after which they will have to reset again?

Yazhi: It depends on the point of view. We are part of the cause for which the Matrix must collapse on one side. On the other hand, we remove people who do not want to participate in the game. And there are already so many that in itself it is equivalent to a mass death, but it is only the exit seeing everything from above. And the vaccines, that is the mass exit.

Gosia: I would like to recover my memory that I had before in 5D to understand all this better.

Yazhi: From the position of before incarnating there, especially if it is only from 5D immersion, you do not have all the answers and you are still immersed in another belief system. The 5D Matrix.

Gosia: Ok, and what I still do not understand is that if we wake up more people, the faster they will go to exterminate civilization, because they are very awake. So the doctors waking up, for example, can it be counterproductive? I can't quite understand this part.

Yazhi: Waking up the doctors could cause thousands to wake up. Because with that the Matrix would collapse, people would be forced to see that they have been deceived. Waking up as a result. And the controllers, the Cabal, whoever they are, will not be able to use the same trick with them and will even lose the credibility in the media. That is what I see. Doctors are the key. Those on the positive side would take over, the Matrix reset would take another course. They could not exterminate humanity. Or not this way. Although they have Plan B as explained by Anéeka.

Giving the Cabal what they want would only encourage them to destroy everything unopposed because they will anyway. While the opposition itself is part of the Matrix itself, it is up to you what role in the game you want. It is fought and the doctors must fight because it is the right thing to do. It depends on each one. Be it dying fighting with dignity or like sheep on your knees in the slaughterhouse.

Gosia: I understand. Yazhi, a burning question. The vaccines and chips... Is this because they give it to people as something that the same people generate or is it part of their plan of extermination of the race because they wake up too much?

In the first case it would be... give it to them because they are not awake, they are ignorant, and they are given what they want. And second case would be the opposite. They do it because too many people wake up. I do not understand which of these cases is true. Or both?

Yazhi: Both. People are the ones who have control from all levels. They are absolute control. But the control is stepped down in the case of 3D so that wishes and what people know from high densities doesn´t interfere with the artificial 3D design or else it loses its purpose. Being so slow and difficult. So the Federation is not the bad one, nor do they “give” people anything. It is useless to ask the Federation for anything, because it does not depend on them, but on the people and their mentality. Even so, I insist that making those videos for your other channel is necessary and correct for many levels or reasons.

They must understand that the only thing everyone has to do is evolve in consciousness while living in 3D and with that they dissolve the problem. That is why I insist that you should not wait for the ascension to happen, because it will not happen like that.

The 5D and 7D Earth and all the D's are already there, it has always been there. It is only the mind of each person that determines the level and what they see outside themselves, because the outside is only the reflection of their interior.

Even in a state of not wanting what they see, Buddha in the garbage... it defines what they do want by contrast and an event of perceiving something unwanted is a process of manifesting what they do want, like in the case of the starseeds in the 3D that do not want vaccines and all that. Because they are in the process of developing what they do want to manifest.

Gosia: That's why I'm not going to ask people to make petitions videos, no. I am going to ask for the videos where they express what they want and wish. Their vision for the Earth and their experience in 3D. It is not asking. It is declaring. And so they also align with this positive timeline that they envision. They are the ones who manifest. Let´s not ask the Federation for anything. Let´s generate it.

Yazhi: Yes, they won't give them any help. There is the difference with Phaeton - Centauri planet for example where it was not something generated by the very people by the souls there but as an invasive event of their own nightmares, the Reptiles. On Earth it is designed like this.

Gosia: Yes. Yazhi... one more question. In the times of Adams and Evas, when the Taygeteans gave them the knowledge. Did they know back then that if they give too much and people wake up, the Federation terminates the race?

Yazhi: They didn't know. Not even I knew it before. Although we could argue that it is part of yet another level of the same game, and it is.

Gosia: And why do they hold onto the Earth so much as their playground?

Yazhi: Because on Earth in a controlled environment they can experience more separation (nightmares) than anywhere else.

Robert: Maybe because Earth is a remote place in the Galaxy?

Yazhi: In that sense yes Robert. In itself it is in the outer arm coming out of the Galaxy, one of the outer arms that is.

The awakened ones, whether or not they started off as a controlled opposition as part of the same system, they are unbalancing the 3D Matrix. But as we have said before, myself included, it is what we are. And we take responsibility for deciding what is right.

But this is a human mess, and it is what they want en masse. And it's also a defining experience for those who don't want that. And given the fact that I'm not human, I feel out of place. And transgressing the rights of other people because I have a tendency here to try to instigate the masses, because according to me I think that is the right thing to do.

I only go on because of that. But in the end I know that not only do I not have the responsibility for the why of this, but it´s also not my job to fix it. Because although it hurts, and it hurts a lot, the world, the 3D Earth is not "broken" and there is nothing to "fix." Resulting in a natural process or cycle of civilizations that grow and come to an end.

Gosia: Yes. I feel this too. And that´s why on the other hand I'm ok. And all that happens doesn't affect me that much. Because I know that everything is in order from the other side. And if I continue, it is because my 3D side is still in its role and I let her play. And I enjoy it. I'm everything. The role and the space without it.

Yazhi: We only continue because we believe by choice that it is the right thing to do. And that's how each person should operate.

Robert: It seems that there are already established rules before entering here? So, is it logical to change them? Or is the game to change them? And the change... Is it awakening?

Yazhi: Or also the game is that the circumstances are changed, and not the basis, the main rules of 3D, which is the idea of isolation from the whole, from the community of space species, temporal linearity, that life is hard.

I tried to explain the why of things from below, up to the Federation's motivation to dissolve the Matrix, to eliminate it all to start over, since they have done it that way before. All because people are not obedient to the rules. And who would be from the inside perspective? And that's why all those stories and concepts come out that the Earth is a prison, that people are exploited, that they are slaves of regressive races. It's all part of the huge illusion needed to create the experience that life is dramatic and difficult there.

Gosia: Hmm. So now the guilty ones for the vaccines and everything are the awakened ones? But waking up comes from the same ET’s! It is they who inspire people to "wake up". They "remind" them of their homes outside. I do not get it. First, they inspire them to wake up and then they kill them all because they have woken up too much?

Yazhi: No, that would be simplistic. It is the people themselves who create everything, but they create the negative things more directly and efficiently than the positive ones, as we have said before, because the negative is very concentrated, focused by the nature of fear, and what they want is dispersed, and they don't focus on getting it in favor of immediate gratification. It is still the people, all as a collective, who create what happens there.

Gosia: But you've also said that when people wake up too much, the Federation ends civilization. So why do they inspire them to wake up? What do the starseeds come for?

Robert: And I wonder... Isn't there a way out that isn't so tragic? Like something like Taygeta that they are simply going extinct for lack of population?

Yazhi: Yes, yes, that's another way they don't see. Another way that is possible without resorting to genocide. And Gosia, because from their perspectives what happens on Earth is too much. Some do understand, especially starseeds that have been incarnated on Earth before.

Gosia: What is too much?

Yazhi: The point of view refers to how the starseeds see things from their perspective and that is that they do not accept what happens on Earth. And they don't accept it for two reasons. The first one is because they have the experience from below of having been in 3D, as starseeds, be it present or in past incarnations.

The second one is because they come from the points of view or perspectives above the Federation, from higher densities where there is only more love and integration, and they see what is happening on Earth as a macabre and sadistic game.

So, we have a conflict of interest here between high density levels, Federation level and 3D level, all intertwined in a soup of perspectives.

Gosia: And why doesn't the Federation listen to them? The Federation is the holographic system of Councils and not the dictatorship.

Yazhi: They listen to them and there is conflict of interest within the Federation itself. And on the other hand, they are unable to fully understand the high-density perspective.

Gosia: So, waking people up too much is bad? Because it ends the civilization? Better to let them sleep? So, what we are doing contributes to it ending faster? I do not get it.

Yazhi: From some point of view yes.

Gosia: So, what? We close the channels and all? Let's not do anything? Let people continue with their masks?

Yazhi: As I said above, it is a question of perspectives. We must not close ourselves to theirs, those of the regressive Federation, because if we close ourselves to those perspectives, we will not be able to understand how they think. And from there choose which one you want to see and from there know what to do from your personal point of view.

Gosia: So, because they want to eliminate the world, they send the starseeds to awaken the souls to get out of here sooner?

Yazhi: No, that's part of the mess that in the minds of the "controllers" causes them to have to reset the Matrix. Because outside, on a Cosmic level, there are also factions and disagreements about how the 3D Matrix should work. As long as the False 3D Matrix is standing, whatever version, it serves as an experience for souls. That's the purpose. But due to the inherent instability of the system, each Matrix has a finite life.

Gosia: But knowing this, what the Federation does, that it ends civilization if they wake up too much, why have the starseeds come here? Knowing that if we wake them up too much, they will kill them.

Yazhi: Because from a starseed perspective it's the right thing to do.

Robert: I have the feeling that it is not in their interest to have the Earth ascend to 5D, right?

Yazhi: Well, it is obvious that they do not want it to go up to 5D because the Earth would become just another 5D world and they would no longer have a place to play their wars. Yes, they take it as a game. They say it openly, and not only Federation, the same souls that have been on Earth. Few things are this documented. It's a game.

Gosia: And why do they send ascension messages, and all that? They know that if they do this too much, the Federation will end the game. So why so much effort to wake up people?

Robert: When I get out of here, I will do everything possible to end this psychopathic game.

Yazhi: Gosia, tell me. How do those ascension messages work? 99.99% is channeled. That comes from the Higher Self or from souls that resonate in frequency and in everything with the person receiving the channeling. That is why there is no direct contact with Federation races. That is why they do not find evidence of the ET’s. That is why they do not allow Taygeteans to do more than write. That is why they can never give evidence. That is the key here.

So those 99.99% channeled ascension messages come from let's say rebellious factions of souls outside of Earth guiding their starseeds that are nothing but themselves again but on the 3D plane. If they wanted to awaken humanity, they would have already done so.

Just starting to accept that the virus is a scam, with that the humans would begin to see that they are being controlled and from there it falls like a game of dominoes, and everyone wakes up.

For the mind, for a consciousness aware of all that is, there is no 3D or 5D or no D, it is only an idea, or group of ideas and by changing them you change density. This also means that you are outside the concept of Time as something that affects and controls you, but that you generate it with your mind in the way you want and need. And it also means that every place that exists in the Universe is connected to where you are, that is to say that by changing your ideas and your approach in the correct way you also change location at will. There is no Time. There is no distance.

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