Fears, Viruses, Global Situation - (Extraterrestrial Taygetean Pleiadian Communication)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
March 24, 2020

Fears, Viruses, Global Situation - (Extraterrestrial Taygetean Pleiadian Communication)

Swaruu: Kaal'el comment that I liked and want to use as a start. Fear makes you fly.

What is fear? It is the opposite of love. Love is to make something part of oneself. Fear repels, it is the opposite. It is what is not desired. But ... Fear is always taken as a bad thing. Everyone goes and does everything to avoid fear. Avoid to feeling fear. They avoid it at all costs. Perhaps there is nothing that a living being runs away from more than from fear. Why? Because it is the basic protection mechanism for the survival of the EGO.

Ego as in the idea or concept we hold about who we are. Mostly associated to one incarnation. As in the body identity and everything that goes with it and what we understand to be ourselves. Self, on the contrary is a full transcending identity, what we know to be as the result of all the former incarnations we all have had, all encompassed and included in a strong indestructibly cosmic concept of who we are. Ego is more limited to the concept we hold while in a body, in a shell or container, in one given incarnation. Self is more expanded, transcends it all.

But they attack the Ego too, especially in spiritual communities. Fear must be "transcended" .... The Ego must be "transcended". They will never be able to escape either from the Ego or from fear. But neither one is "bad". The contrast principle of this universe dictates that you cannot know something if you do not know the opposite.

So fear is an instrument that helps us to know ourselves. Without fear you cannot know what love is. Because they are opposite. They are linked ... inseparable. When experiencing fear ... you appreciate love. You feel it more, you know its value. Fear is the protection of the Ego .... without fear there would be no Ego ... because they would not last long alive.

And without life there is no expansion. And expansion is what every living being seeks, being with a soul. Return to the source. Integration. Integration is love. Fragmentation is fear. Having an experience is fear. Satisfaction of having faced your fears. All of them, from mild to big ones. You will never be able to escape fear while you are alive. It is part of life, inseparable part of the 3D experience. And of other densities too.

The more separated from the source you are ... the more fear there will be because there is more separation. The closer you are to the source, the less fear there will be, because there is more integration, therefore love. You need fear or there will be no love. Unless you´re already fully integrated into the source ... that is being source itself. That is everythin, everything includes. But there is no expansion there. Without expansion you just are. Static, immovable. Without experiences, because every experience carries a contrast and an element of confusion that can be translated into fear. So without fear there is no life. Fear is necessary.

It should be taken, seen, used to analyze why you feel this way. Ask yourself, what are you afraid of? Why? You can never be without fear. It will haunt you forever. There will be no other choice but to confront it. You run away from it at all costs only to meet it again around the corner. Forcing you to face it. To face it is to face your shadows, reasons to fear, what you do not want.

It will force you to face yourselves, because that fear arises from yourselves, not from anything else, because everything comes from you, there is nothing outside, everything is consciousness. It defines you. You will have to face it as the only way to dissolve it, because running away doesn't work, because you can't run away from yourself. Facing it you realize that fear was just an illusion. Because love and integration are the truth. Fear is illusion.

Because fear is a reflection of what you anticipate to happen. What according to you will happen. But it would not necessarily happen. It is doubt, it is insecurity of your ability to face the problem. Integration and love is truth and reality. Fear is the lie, the illusion. So .... Fear is forcing you to face yourself, nothing else. Forced shadow work.

And when you are forced to face it you will realize that it is only an illusion. And with it you integrate everything else ... and you become bold, fearless. And as soon as you can face all your shadows ... you will have integrated everything there is to learn in that incarnation ... But that is the exact moment when you will realize that you are already dead.

Gosia: Thanks. A quick clarifying question. What do you mean: "But that is the exact moment in which you will realize that you are already dead." You mean after dying?

Swaruu: If you integrate everything there is no longer experimentation in that incarnation. You will have learned everything there is to learn from that incarnation. But the only way to have reached that state is by being dead.

If the source is represented as love, what is not the source is represented as fear. If you want to know what the source is, you need to know what the opposite of the source is, and that is fear. We can only know who we are if we know what we are NOT.

Nai'Shara: It is very important to internalize, as that cliche phrase says, know yourself, because when you dig inside yourself, so to speak, you reach the real point of what causes the fear in you. But you can only do it if you really know yourself. Sometimes you ask yourself: why do I always react this way to this fear or that one? Simply because you have not seen deep within yourself.

Swaruu: Yes, and life is made in such a way that the expansion can only develop if it proceeds to take away your fear. Removing fear from your life is the same as integration. More love, less fear. You don't want to face yourself. The one who generates that fear.

Nai'Shara: You may be repeating over and over again mistakes or behaviors that you don't really want from yourself, but what is really happening? That many times unconsciously you ask for them, yes, you want them so there is a conflict within you. It is the ambivalence within you.

Swaruu: Still you have a resistance to them, to face them, to have them. But the only way to face them, therefore to experience expansion, is to stop resisting them because what you resist persists, and that's why you keep on repeating the same thing. The only way to know yourself is by doing shadow work, which is nothing more than facing your fears. Because what you repress to turn into your shadow is what you fear, that's why you don't see it, that's why you repress it in the first place. Shadow work is facing your fears. Release resistance to having them.

Nai'Shara: Going towards the fear means: nothing is outside my control, I control it all. I know that nothing can pass over me if I don't want it. It is taking absolute and real control of yourself.

Swaruu: That attitude is to face fears, to take control as you say. It is the way to integration. For that you have to analyze your fears which is the same as shadow work. Use your fears as a survival mechanism, do not ignore them, do not try to suppress them because they are a clear indication of where you should not go. Ignoring fears will only cause more problems and therefore more fear.

Nai'Shara: To go towards fear is to tell yourself that I am not afraid of fear because I know how I will face it, because I have the most powerful weapon that there is: self-knowledge.

Swaruu: Yes. But you know yourself because you have done shadow work, you know yourself because you have already faced your fears. So you don't bring that fear to you, because you already know it. And only what is unknown is feared. Known dangers you tend to lose fear of them. You just avoid that. Like to avoid putting your finger into the flame of the fire. Why do that if you already know the result? But you fear radiation ... Because you don't see it, you don't know where it is. Therefore you don't know where you are safe from radiation. The unknown is what is feared. What you define as not-you. Not your Ego.

Robert: So it's logical to be afraid of viruses and 5G because we don't see them?

Swaruu: Sure. But about the virus there is firm data that you should not be afraid of it. You cannot make a virus-based biological weapon because they have a tendency to return to the original virus that was not so dangerous before. They have been on earth billions and billions of years before humans and they are in every corner of the planet. A virus returns to the original pattern in just weeks. Another factor is that a virus will increase its virulence when there are many hosts ... and it will reduce its virulence and go into remission when there are few hosts.

Gosia: I have this question: So then if someone doesn't feel fear, they can't feel the opposite, love? Kaalel said in his interview that nothing scares him for example. Or is it because it is already transcended? What about people who are NOT afraid of things, viruses, radiation or anything ... even if they don't see it.

Swaruu: That is a very masculine attitude. They confuse being brave with being afraid. You cannot be alive without being afraid. Courage is the ability to face fear. Courage promotes or moves the person toward expansion. It focuses the person on what they want with all their attention, and not on what they DO NOT want. But if a person is only in fear, they can only manifest what they are seeing ... their fear. Because even though you DON'T want something, mirror law only works by giving you more of whatever it is you're looking at, whatever has your full attention.

Gosia: But you can also live without fear and that is because of what you have also said: that you understand that it is illusory. You have transcended it. And you have transcended threats. You know you control it all. In this sense it is okay not to feel fear right? Because for example I don't have many.

Nai'Shara: As long as you are alive you will have them.

Swaruu: If you are not afraid, you would be there confusing it with living with courage. You can never escape your fears, because it is an inseparable part of life. Fear is the EGO's protective mechanism. So in spiritual communities they are both attacked as evil. But the Ego is who you are, without fear you would die very quickly, because you would not get yourself out of the way of threats. That is, you are no longer afraid of the flame of a burning match. Because you have already transcended it. And you have transcended it because you have faced it. You understand it. Still you respect the flame. But another person, a baby, would fear the flame. It still did not process it. You, Gosia, you are referring to the processed fears. There they are, but they are no longer a problem for you. That is indicative of the level of spiritual evolution that the person has. Her way of being, of facing who she is, with courage.

Nai'Shara: Yes and also remember that it also entails what you have experienced in your reincarnations, what you carry within, what identifies you as a Conscious Being.

Gosia: I understand. Another very important thing to clarify here is something we have always said that fear lowers the frequency and attracts more what you fear. We have said this thousands of times, that the Cabal instills fears in society for millennia. They do it through the media too. Fear and more fear. This type of fear is different I think and it will not be anything necessary or positive.

Swaruu: Yes, focusing on fear lowers the frequency. But how to know what increases the frequency if you do not dare to see and face, and no longer have resistance to fear? Integration includes everything. Even that which you fear. So facing fear dissolves it, because fear is just illusion. And the effect is that your frequency rises. It goes up because you integrate, and you integrate when you already know what you were afraid of before. But, how to know what scares you if you do not observe it?

You are no longer afraid of a flame of a match, because you have already observed it. You already understand it. Again you are only afraid of what you have not yet understood. So the way to integration, to raise your frequency, the way to the source is to know how to face fears and integrate them into you, into who you are.

Robert: But fear is a product of our awareness of our observation. Something we generate ourselves.

Swaruu: It is a product of what you do not yet integrate into yourself. And what you see as a danger to your integrity. That`s why fear will only go away when you face it. To face it is to integrate it. Accept it, don't try to make it disappear, push it away from you ... because you can't. You cannot push away that which frightens you, because fear is part of you, part of your consciousness, not something external.

Robert: For example I am now "afraid" of crossing icy surfaces. Before I wasn´t. The same as when Gosia fell into the ice hole. Now she will be more careful.

Gosia: Hmm. No, I think you are not afraid of it. You have caution because you had an experience of falling. Caution I do not see equivalent to fear. Just thinking.

Swaruu: You walk where you once walked with confidence, then you suffer something unwanted. You lose confidence in yourself because you thought you knew how to walk there. Obviously you did NOT know that. Therefore, you know that you still do not understand how you must face walking there. Now you must re-analyze that situation to understand it. Facing that you did not know how to walk there. Only there you will see what and why it happened. And you will lose the fear of walking on ice again.

Gosia, you have caution because you fear that to which you apply caution. Precaution is a mechanism to understand what you are afraid of.

Gosia: Ok yes, caution is a tool that you apply to something that you fear ok. I get it.

Swaruu: If you run away from walking on icy surfaces again, it will only reinforce the fear of icy surfaces. If now,

Robert, you go and live in Ecuador and you never walk on ice again, you will never lose that fear. It will always be there unsolved. Latent. But if you go out, you look at the ice, the place where you slipped. You understand what happened. Then you will lose your fear. But that is facing what is scary. And how do you proceed to examine what happened? With precaution.

Robert: Ok, tomorrow I will go back there and face it.

Speaking of the virus and how it relates to fear... So it is very important that for this virus to be "lethal" it must also spread through the media causing more fear to the population?

Swaruu: Yes, that is a manifestation of a collective fear that receives a lot of attention. The creation of an Egregor, a collective Tulpa. Everything that happens on Earth is a collective Egregor. Fear is an illusion as I explained above, being the opposite of love and truth. This defines 3D as a lie, as an illusion. The only thing that exists are you, your minds, your consciousness. The virus is an Egregor. Created by humans, a reflection of the collective psyche. The vaccine will only create or manifest more egregors.

A virus only is, and even if they change it in the laboratory it will return to its original map faster than any other being with DNA, because it is by far the fastest reproducing one. Even using virology or officially accepted virus behavior, as soon as there are fewer hosts it will go into remission long before killing hundreds of thousands. You cannot launch a virus weapon against the human population because it disables itself. Humans create negative egregors because that is where they turn their attention. Fear centralizes attention to what is feared, concentrates everything there. Therefore it also concentrates all the power of the manifestation there.

So regressive soulless beings need to feed on the fear of soulful beings. Lush is not something tangible like a substance. It is only creative attention. To manifest objects and situations also means to manifest beings, since everything that exists is manifested, because a being with a soul is a part of ... and the source itself. He is the one who creates everything. Also the negative.

Those beings have a certain programming, which I do not want to call consciousness, although it is also so. But since they have no connection with the source, they depend on beings that do have it so that they can be created, or can be sustained in an illusory reality such as 3D. They have no soul because they are regressive, they are non-source, they are non-love, they are non-integration. Therefore they cannot manufacture themselves. They can only be a product of ... something with creative consciousness that is the same as connection to the source. Having a soul is equivalent to having a connection with the source, which in itself is equivalent to being the source. It is defined as having love.

Mind control to manifest a negative collective Egregor is a strategy of regressive beings with no connection to the source to receive more creative attention from the human population. Or else without that attention, they will dissolve. So they need to "eat" human attention.

Nai'Shara: That is why there is no such thing as "Controllers" because it is the person himself, with the soul, who is in control, it is that simple.

Swaruu: That's right. It is only the reflection of the collective psyche. If they stop fearing the virus, it will dissolve. But there is something else here that I have not mentioned: That fear concentrates attention to what is not desired, and since the law of mirrors only sees or only works by giving you more of what is having your attention, it causes people to manifest negative and non-positive things.

But; The unconscious is what rules most of what is created, what manifests ... And what is it that every living being desires the most? Stay alive. So the desire with more attention, the message that reaches the potential energy field the most ... is Love. In the end everything is an illusion except love. The integration. The Source.

Gosia: And if love reaches the Source more, why is it not reflected?

Nai'Shara: Because love is not what most abounds on Earth, it is the very reflection of the collective interior.

Swaruu: Exactly. Because what rules there is separation, therefore fear. But apart from this, you are still alive, right? And those who are not, also wanted it from higher planes. From where they really are. Because death is not bad. Nor is it the end. It is not the destruction of the Self. It is waking up. Going home. There can be no life without death. But from the point of view of the individual who experiences death ... It is a total liberation, it is a spiritual ecstasy. It is an expansion and liberation. It is being the source itself again. So there is a feeling of total love. Love so dense that it envelops you like a warm blanket.

Gosia: Thanks for explaining all of this. But now, why if I do not fear the virus and for me it does not exist, is this situation entering my reality? And of the reality of many people who are happily leading their lives? That is what frustrated me when this started invading my personal world, in which it did not exist before. I say this referring to what you said above that if the virus is not feared, it dissolves.

Swaruu: You will not be afraid of the virus, because you understand that there is NO such virus and there isn´t. But you fear that they will take away your stability. And that is what you reflect.

Gosia: Hmm. You're right. Personal freedom is primordial to me. Whoever takes that away from me, enters into a war with me. Ok but apart from this, the lower level, the Kabal and all this. So do you think that it is true that they have planted some biological weapon but it has simply been deactivated?

Swaruu: From the point of view below ... which is always a reflection of the one above. There has never been a virus. Everything is propaganda. If you are looking for Mátrix explanations, I am not the right person. But yes I can include that too. They released a bio weapon ... it worked heavily in China, then went into remission. Goes back to the original DNA map. So now it's just the flu or the common cold. The planet's medical communities are chasing the common cold virus. They lack sufficient knowledge to isolate and view the problem as such. They just follow and repeat what others with more authority tell them, be they other doctors or politicians.

They just come and only care about their own well-being so they don't question. And those who do question are few. Even so, that virus has in its memory having been a strong one with a large lethality, that of Wuhan. It has the potential to be deadly again. But, how does it differ from all the collective memory of all the viruses that have existed through time? None. Then it´s okay.

Robert: Now with your knowledge the laboratories could perfect the "Virus"?

Swaruu: No, because viruses do not work as you are told there. It is not an invasive element that tries to take over the other organism. A virus is a very simple element, which works with very basic logic. The material part of a virus is the one that can be altered. But as we have said before. You are only trying to manipulate a shadow, not the cause of the shadow itself. The virus only wants to survive and killing all hosts is not in its interest. It just wants to cohabit. It also wants integration. It only enters or only manifests itself if the host organism is manifesting it. That is to say. If you make it part of your reality. More than large microbes, like bacteria, a virus has a 99.999999% part of the personal egregor. And it will only manifest itself if the organism enters a phase where it is vulnerable to the frequency of that or another virus. A healthy organism with a focus on its immunity will not be able to contract the virus.

Robert: Excuse me what difference is there between Bacteria and Viruses?

Swaruu: A bacterium is a complex single-celled organism. It has all the same internal organs inside as any animal. It has a digestive, respiratory, nervous, and reproductive system. It has consciousness and its own locomotion, and they are very large, easily observable with a basic microscope. Instead, a virus is just a protein capsule with a DNA strand inside. It has no internal organs, it does not move alone, it just is. And it depends on another organism to live and to reproduce since it uses the reproductive system of the invading cell. Because it depends on a host, the host has control over the virus and not the other way around. It is doubtful to observe a virus, even with a powerful electron microscope.

We have to say goodbye for today. Thanks for your time. See you again on Saturday. There is more to share.

Nai'Shara: Thanks Gosia and Robert. We talk more on Saturday. See you soon!

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