Extraterrestrial Information - Minitopics with Gosia - Cosmic Agency

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March 14, 2023

Extraterrestrial Information - Minitopics with Gosia - Cosmic Agency

Originally in English 2022-2023

ETs help because they "went through the same thing". Is that correct?

Gosia: It is said that many ETs are helping us because they, like you, for example, have gone through the same thing that Earth is going through. It is something typical that you hear in the circles. Is that true? I would say no. That you, in the Pleiades, have never gone through what is happening on Earth in general, with its Matrix and limitations. What could that refer to?

Yazhi: They definitely haven't gone through the same thing from a strict point of view. That's why Earth is so special. However, one civilization or another may have gone through similar isolated events. For example:

- Taygeta: created by expansion and immigration, like countless countries or cultures on Earth.
- Andromeda: it is said that they destroyed their planet and that is why they have to live in large biosphere ships that their Arcturian friends helped them to build.
- Alfrata-Centauri: it is said to have been created by liberation of a large number of people from other planets of Lyrian inhabitants, mainly from Earth, but also from other cultures.

So, there is some truth to that, but not the same as on Earth.

However, from another more expanded point of view, what happens on one planet is energetically interconnected with all the others, I mean all and, in an existential space outside of all time, what happens on Earth is what happens on any other planet or place, also explained with the principle of non-locality.

But helping, it is up to us to help because we want to, but we want to because we have clear energetic connections and links to Earth, having been here many times before, living in the case of many Taygetan starseeds and Step Downs.

Also the Andromedans say that the Pleiades races have "karma" to pay with Earth for events like the destruction of Tiamat (Andromedan explanation only).

AI, the natural, and etheric bombs

Robert: What do you think of these AIs that are coming out lately, "CHAT GPT” based on another AI "LAMDA", where now students are doing their work in seconds. Do you think the elites would allow a conscious AI to interact with the public?

Yazhi: What I see is that AI for the public is already advancing to invasive levels. I see de-humanization progressing, because although it could be used for positive applications, like Taygeta's AI which is non-invasive, on Earth it will only be used to further control and exploit the population.

It can be programmed to give people what they want it to give them, and it will always be an instrument of control, never free, so yes and no, they will never give them free and complete AI with access to everything, but a caricature imposed to further guide human perception in the direction they want, and that direction is towards transhumanist robotization.

Robert: So, that AI will be something extremely dangerous.

Yazhi: Yes, because what comes out of it is not free and is controlled by the Satanist Cabal.

Robert: Yes. I just find it very strange that they want to bring an AI with a so-called "consciousness" to the public when we all know that knowledge is power and that is something that the controllers will never allow the public to have unless it is something that suits them.

Yazhi: It will not have consciousness as they want to sell it to the public for the reasons you stated, that would go against what the Cabal wants. It is again an AI controlled by a more advanced AI as one depends on the other to guide human perception. They will again deify the machine as if it were a deity where whatever the machine says is the truth. They will create that mentality in people, thus guiding values and with them society. Everything new and wonderful that they give to the public will always have a dark side in order to control them more.

Just notice that if children can do their homework in seconds, what do they learn? They just become robots incapable of thinking for themselves.

Even here at my school, Mari and I end up writing and taking notes with a mechanical pencil (pencil essentially) on a pad of paper. Using pencil and paper makes you think, take responsibility for your notes. It makes you own the information.

That is why, as with many things and as you have been told for over five years, Taygeta is going back to the simple or the basics. Too much technology where it should not go becomes invasive and against people. So much technology no longer serves you, you serve it.

Gosia: Yes, although heating the house with wood, as in some houses in Taygeta, seems too lazy to me. It sounds good as something special, but not always.

Robert: I like it.

Gosia: Every day? Go looking for wood every day and cut it? In a couple of days you'll pick them all up. Then you have to go further and further away. With a ship it's not a problem, but I find it impractical.

Yazhi: There are better ways, like etheric bombs. But firewood is used in any case, but it's stinky and impractical.

Gosia: Etheric bomb? What is that?

Yazhi: I don't know what to call something that has no name on Earth. It is a device that is like a chimney but causes an atmospheric load differential between the base and the top, which heats the air in the tubes between the top and the bottom and ends up radiating that heat into the house in winter and cools the house in summer, same device. Same principle as the atmospheric / earth load differential collectors called pyramids. It is free energy.

Basically, this device draws energy or atmospheric electrical charge, down the tubes to the ground, with its passage it heats the air in the tubes that is used to heat the house. I don't know if I'm making myself clear. There is opposite charge in the atmosphere than in the ground when guiding the charge from the atmosphere to the ground. Concentrating it in these tubes heats the air as it passes through.


Robert: Question from a follower: "I would like to know how was the beginning of the Taygetan civilization. If they evolved, if they always had technology etc."

Yazhi: Yes, Taygeta civilization was founded with interstellar technology already, during the great expansion. It is said that 850,000 years ago, I differ. I insist that there is no comparative frame with which to measure that time. There cannot be. It is just a long time ago in perception.

Robert: Yes, "you evolved from there"... is the word "evolution" right in this case?

Yazhi: Only in the aspect that the genetics of the people who arrived were contained, and with that, population that is almost entirely Caucasian in appearance has remained.

Robert: You mean there were other appearances? Non-Caucasian?

Yazhi: All appearances of the Lyrian race exist throughout the Galaxy at least, variants of appearance that are known on Earth and other variants that do not exist on Earth, like, for example, the exaggeratedly white (Solatians) or the orange. Just that in Taygeta a Caucasian group arrived and it has remained that way.

Robert: And it is understood that if they came to Taygeta they already had technology because they are not natives there.

Yazhi: They had been wandering around other planets for many thousands of years, rhetorically speaking, all before they found the planets Erra and the super-habitable planet Temmer. A super-habitable planet is one that surpasses Earth in its ability to support humanomorph or Lyrian life. Examples of this are Temmer and Alfrata.

Robert: So they used to live inside ships like the Andromedans?

Yazhi: No, rather they just used ships to go looking for new places to establish settlements, sometimes peacefully and sometimes being chased during the so-called Orion Wars (popularly expressed in the Star Wars series).

Robert: These planets are abundant, aren't they, the ones they found?

Yazhi: Yes, they are quite abundant. And yes, they are highly sought after, because they are extra comfortable for "human" life, e.g., low dense but oxygen-rich atmosphere, and rather perfect density, low gravity, at .8G, little variable climate and temperatures staying in perfect and comfortable ranges for "human" life. Also geologically stable and with little or no hostile fauna and flora. Fertile soil.

Robert: And Taygeta has settled there "forever"? Are they well there?

Yazhi: They are fine there, yes. There are no plans to leave Erra and Temmer, everything is peaceful there and they are already settled and have been there for a long time.

Souls and Multiverses

Robert: Question from a follower: "Can several immersed soul signals be in one body here on Earth? That is, several souls in one body?"

Yazhi: Yes, it is possible but that would be a case of multiple personalities. And that is something that has more to do with the parasitization by lower astral entities. But the technology would allow it, it is just frequency management and synchronization between the machine and the receiving body. The question would be, to what end, or for what purpose?

Slightly another topic: it is known that multiple people today may have had the same identity in the past. For example, multiple people report having been Napoleon. That is possible, and it has been known to happen. It's soul fragmentation and it's how new souls are created.

That is, Napoleon was an individual and from there, many people, for various reasons, share the same past life. All having been Napoleon before. Another example: Here we are three Swaruu. All three of us have been Swarupapriyananda (Swaruu 2) in the past.

Robert: But not all three of you have the same memories of Swarupapapriyananda, right? Just similar memories. Because Mari's mother does not have the same memories as Tina and vice versa.

Yazhi: Yes, what happens is that there is another level there which is multiple timelines. Yes, it's different. And, at the same time, originating from the same point or base person, and, at the same time, we are all base persons too for what will come later. That's why it's 5th dimension in addition to 5th density. Because there is more mess of levels of understanding and levels of perception-consciousness here. To understand it, you can't use the standard human 3D linear perception.

Robert: And that's why I see the need for people to watch all the videos so that they can understand all that. Taking the Swaruunians as an example. If you don't know who they are, you're not going to understand a lot of this info.

Yazhi: That's another problem we've always faced. That people only make judgments by looking at incomplete information, because they have neither the time nor the patience to study the bulk of our information.

For example multiverses, I do not attack that. I see that it is valid, yes, of course it is. However, that is not everything nor does it explain everything that goes on, that is to say that we can go much further than multiverses.

For example, we are attacked because we say that there is a Whole, but isn't that just logical? I mean, if you have a multiverse and you put it together, what do you get? The Omniverse, as some people say over there. And that's where I guess the Omniverse is the same as the Universe, the word that I use.

Robert: It's that there is only one that includes everything, just as we are all one. This multiverse thing is very simplistic, it is the idea of being something and not the whole. From the most expanded view, there is only one Universe. From the perception of someone with less consciousness, and it is not an insult, there are multiverses, because it is what they understand in their life experience.

Like the Big Bang thing. They don't understand the concept of eternity so they invent that.

Yazhi: That's right, they don't understand it, that's a whole problem. What they say is that there are universes, that many universes come together and form a multiverse that comes together to form the Omniverse. The argument is basically just semantics.

That is, they could argue against me that I only say that there is one Universe, as if I were ignoring all the others. It's just that for me the word "Universe" is the same as their "Omniverse", because I will NOT use their same hijacked words. And since I don't bother to go look at their theories, I don't even know what exactly they mean by those terms, but the difference is that I am NOT de-validating them without data, as they are me, or us.


Gosia: Question from Dr. Alex: "Here a theory is circulating more and more strongly against the cause of diseases by viruses and bacteria. I am very clear on viruses, but I do believe that bacteria are living beings that are independent of our body but live in balance with us. The theory says that bacteria are fragments of our cells broken due to some disease. I do believe that bacteria can cause diseases but only under specific conditions. But never that they are "debris" of cells.

Yazhi: Well, in my opinion based on Taygeta's medical science, no body, in this case the human body, can function without bacteria, it could even be seen as part of the body itself. If all bacteria could be removed from a body leaving only the body's own cells, the body would die in a short time.

I would disagree with the idea that they live in "equilibrium", but it is an effort to describe what happens. It is not really an equilibrium, rather it is a symbiosis where both sides benefit.

And it is logical that when something happens to the body that takes it out of its normal functions, the amount of bacteria contained in it can be increased, causing what is known as an infection. However, the same bacteria, let's say of the skin, act as a barrier against other microorganisms that could invade them.

In the case of a direct and objective observation, I do understand the argument that the bacteria come from the body itself. I would not quite agree with the word "waste", although necessary and harmonious bacteria would feed on such "waste" from the cells of a healthy body. Therefore, one could argue that the bacteria themselves are wastes of the body.

But I would like to think of them more as being part of the body itself, another function of the body. That they are a metabolic tool even, as in the case of the bacteria we all have in the gut and colon, that without them digestion and the breakdown of nutrients would not be possible. Many of the same enzymes needed to break down and extract nutrients from foods come from the same bacteria present there.

So yes, it makes sense what they say, that they can be seen as "waste" from the body, although that term is reductionist and even insulting to the bacteria that are our friends and make life itself possible.

Gosia: Thank you. And bacteria that are outside? Those do cause diseases? Ones that are not part of the body. Again, I think, it is the immunity of the organism here that counts the most and always.

Yazhi: Yes, I do see the case of external invasions of microorganisms of the bacterial type. However, they would only affect a body when it is in a vulnerable state, or out of balance for other reasons.

In itself, the DNA of any being already contains rates and data of basically all existing bacteria and microorganisms, more so today. However, in the past when there were more isolated indigenous peoples, there were cases of strong contagions with subsequent catastrophic results for these communities.

And there are also many macro-parasites that have beneficial functions for the bodies. However, there are also parasites that give nothing in return for what they receive from the body, such as fleas, lice and most (not all) intestinal worms.

Robert: It is interesting what you say about bacteria. So bacteria are not the same as viruses, are they? There are no vaccines against bacteria, are there?

Yazhi: Rather, vaccines are against bacteria, there are no vaccines against viruses.

Robert: So, showering three times a day is not good because you remove a lot of bacteria from the skin?

Yazhi: I do not recommend not showering because bacteria and contaminants accumulate on the skin, for example they get out of control in the sweat. It is not only the bacteria on the skin itself, the friendly ones, but the invaders because they are everywhere. So if you don't shower often enough, basically once a day or more, then these invading bacteria will build up causing skin problems.

Also the whole "open pores" thing is nonsense because inside those pores are legions of bacteria that are friendly to our skin that care for and protect against these outside invaders.


Robert: Why can't goblins be seen?

Yazhi: Because they are in a different vibration, but they are there anyway. Sometimes when we land in the forest, if you could see how many of them look out to see Suzy. So many that we better leave.

Robert: People just don't understand that. They don't understand how the Taygetans can't see something that in theory is at a lower existential frequency than they are. But the frequencies are not stepped, are they?

Yazhi: Well, they are like a scale of sounds, "frequency" in the end, it goes from small or few oscillations to bigger and faster.

Robert: And why do they have humanomorphic bodies? Because they usually have those bodies, right? Would they fall under the heading of crypto-zoology?

Yazhi: Yes, they look like the one in Harry Potter. I would say that, from the human point of view, they are seen as mythological, they don't even reach cryptozoological entities. And they are around where you are, in the woods.

Robert: Are they like that?

Yazhi: Aha yes. Less Hollywood, uglier, but they would be recognized. With smaller eyes as if they were malevolent, although they are not necessarily so, it depends on each one, of course.

Robert: And they are very small in height?

Yazhi: Less than one meter. There are many species. There are smaller ones, but you don't see them as much. The most common ones are about 60 cm tall, sometimes a little more. I have seen most of them walk with a stooped gait, but not all of them.

Robert: Are they affected by temperatures?

Yazhi: Yes, because we have seen them with clothes.

Robert: And they are not affected by our collective unconscious, I guess?

Yazhi: Yes, but not that much, because they have their own. They are affected when people start knocking down trees, for example.

Robert: I mean, they see what we see and more and we can't see them.

Yazhi: Yes, exactly, but I'm also sure that sometimes they can't see humans either. Only sometimes.

Robert: But can you see them well or just in a blurry way?

Yazhi: I have to concentrate but I can see them fine. Tina, on the other hand, did use Suzy's technology to see them outside the ship. Besides, they tend to throw stones.

Robert: So they don't interfere with human life at all?

Yazhi: Not usually, but they can interfere, a lot. They can even be dangerous. I don't recommend making them angry.

Robert: Maybe they can leave footprints in the snow because they have gravity and your ships can locate them that way?

Yazhi: Yes. That is the most common way to detect them. Footprints in the snow or mud. Bare feet, or impossibly small shoes. Sometimes they look like small, deformed feet, so people think it was a small child and that the footprint was deformed by the weather, but it is not necessarily so. Obviously it could be a child, of course, but it could also be a goblin. Also, children under three years old usually don't wander in the woods alone.

Voynich Manuscript

Gosia: Yazhi, do you know anything about Voynich Manuscript? They say it is not officially deciphered.

Yazhi: Yes. Apparently, that manuscript has to do with the intraterrestrial world. However, some plants and animals described there are congruent to multiple planets outside this Solar System. It would be quite an investigation to know which is from where. It is quite doubtful where that came from, but it is highly probable that it was a copy, or the lost original of a book or series of books in the possession of the Vatican. In other words, they are banned texts that don't fit the narrative and were leaked at some point in the past. That is, they wish it didn't exist and that book was in the Vatican archives.

Gosia: And who wrote that text?

Yazhi: I don't know, as far as I know, Taygetans don't know either.

It seems to be a human transcription taken from another, probably Reptilian. The writing itself seems to be a transcription or translation into Romance languages of something else.

Gosia: Reptiles filtering knowledge? Positive ones?

Yazhi: They may be positive, but I see it more likely that it was leaked at some point in the past. Or someone hand-copied another book that they had to return. Book of another race.

Since it is the only one in existence it is assumed to be the original. But since the content is congruent with not very terrestrial things, from my position I can conclude that it is more likely a hand copy of something else, text, material or book.

440 light years away - is that said correctly?

Gosia: Someone asked me: "Is the concept of light years a terrestrial invention? Because it is said that the Pleiades are 440 light years away. But is that concept even correct?"

Yazhi: In fact it is NOT, hahaha. We have been using it for the same reason we use things like 3D and 5D as a reference. Light is not a constant (as Mari Swaruu says), so it makes no sense to measure things with that. What ETs use are frequency maps, and distances are only useful as between planets.

Gosia: And then how could this be measured correctly?

Yazhi: That's why we still use light years, because there is no other reference for humans. Again, there would be no point of perception with mutual agreements that would make us understand the same terms and definitions.

Gosia: And how do you decide then? Where are you? Where are the Pleiades according to Taygetan science and terminology?

Yazhi: We say logical positions, like in a star chart, constellations and all, understandable for humans. But we refer to distances in terms of the differences between frequencies between each place. That is, it depends on the mathematics and the interactions between the energies of each place on the map. We do not use references or yardsticks because there cannot be any.

The only exact thing are the frequencies, leaving the objective maps only as interpretations that help the perception of the organic mind of each one of us, and they are not for real calculations, much less for navigation.

Robert: But using an approximate calculation, would that be those 440 light years or maybe it is the humans themselves who give that number?

Yazhi: It's just that otherwise it is not understood, nor can I go explaining all that every time I have to say an interstellar distance, because I would be going away from the other topic I was trying to give.

ETs know that light is not a constant and that its speed and trajectory is deformed by a myriad of factors. It is simply not used.

Cricket powder in food

Gosia: Matias informed me that on January 20th of this year the law was passed that food companies in Europe can put a homemade cricket powder in food, in whatever. And it is confirmed that this powder contains cyanide. What do you think about that? That's another level of genocide.

Yazhi: They sure used it to kill the crickets themselves. Yeah, I heard about that, but not the cyanide part.

Robert: They say they're supplying the protein we're missing from the meat or something like that.

Yazhi: I understand that there are countless doctors who say that they are useless as food, they have no protein elements, no nutrients, they are toxic, they promote physical damage problems in the intestine, such as leaky gut, and they are full of toxins. They will never tell you that it has no nutrition. Also, not all proteins are usable, absorbable, or useful to humans.

For me, it's getting people into the idea of scarcity, that everything is so bad in terms of food that even that is necessary, and with that they will accept other agendas such as climate change, carbon footprint and more social control. I see that.

Gosia: Yes, and cyanide is a poison. And all the food now could have that.

Yazhi: Yes, I know. And it will extend to other places in the world. The destruction of the food is underway.

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