ET/UFO Contacts "Experts" Community is a HUMAN organization - MiniTopics with Gosia

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
November 05, 2022

ET/UFO Contacts "Experts" Community is a HUMAN organization - MiniTopics with Gosia

Originally in Spanish - second half of 2022

Gosia: In the video about nutrition you said that fruits contain refined sugar. Is it a mistake? People asking.

Yazhi: Yes, maybe I shouldn't have said "refined sugar" because it lends itself to misinterpretation, but yes, Sucrose is the same as refined sugar, plus fructose and other types of hybrid sugars. Since it is something natural, fruit, so it does not only have one type of sugar, but many types. But in the end the body processes it as Sucrose, like a candy. In other words, and this is from the laboratory, it is the same to eat a banana than a chocolate bar, as far as the glycemic effect is concerned.


"Quarantine" for the Earth:

Gosia: Question from the audience. You were talking about the quarantine around the Earth, that everything is stricter. Contacts, interventions etc. But you also talked about the very dense non-human activity and that the Hashmallim are in operations. How does this tie in with the quarantine? How come they are so active now if there is a quarantine?

Yazhi: Yes, it is stricter, they want to isolate everything so that other races are not contaminated and so that nothing leaks out. But the same quarantine causes the same races to panic, provoking more intervention, not less, at least in certain matters, although not in others, as with telecommunications, which are more and more reduced and controlled.

Gosia: But how do they help more, Hashmallim in operations and all, if the Federation quarantine forbids interventions? That is the question. Or what kind of quarantine is it?

Yazhi: It is supposed to be total, nothing in, nothing out. This is not achieved in practice, but officially it is so.

Gosia: If nothing comes in, nothing goes out, how can the Hashmallim come down to Earth? Can they act against this directive?

Yazhi: The Hashmallim only help in very limited ways, such as altering the course of a single person's life. And they pass as agents of various kinds, as Spec-ops, as rescuers, or whatever it takes. So they will always look like "humans" but with missions that alter the life course of people of interest to their particular group.

Gosia: So if they are missions where they can pass as humans, that is allowed, yes?

Yazhi: Actually, even that is not officially allowed. It depends on the mission. If it is not necessary to pass as humans, they will not pass as humans. They go down, do whatever, and leave as they are. Each group or race decides what they do or why.

Robert: And who decides what missions they have to do? The queen?

Yazhi: Mostly yes, in this case.

Gosia: So what they do is illegal?

Yazhi: You could say it is, yes.


Moon: (Gosia asking about events supposedly happening on the Moon)

Yazhi: There has been a lot of activity on the Moon for months. However, as such I have not heard of that incident with the Orion people. I do not discredit, it is possible. Just because I'm here I don't hear about everything. However, I would approach everything with caution. Connect the dots, with what other people say or don't say, and then form your own judgement with the best data possible. But you can't know what's going on about everything, not today even up here. Too many races in question, too much movement, hermeticism.

Gosia: But which Orion group/empire?

Yazhi: There are Orion personnel here (the Alpha Draco to start with but not only) but according to Federation they are not "bad guys" but cooperating, so I can't debunk.

Gosia: And what kind of activity is there on the Moon? From what little you know?

Yazhi: That they want to rehabilitate areas for use as forward base for countless races, this comes from the Dieslientiplex (Arcturians). Not much more.

Robert: But why on the Moon and not on their mother ships? What are they looking for on the Moon?

Yazhi: They are looking for more space to station ships, like the Taygetans did on the Viera (Andromedan ship) a few years ago. Resources too.

Robert: But they are not going to let the SSP land on the Moon, are they?

Yazhi: There are humans who are said to cooperate, SSP, but to me that is more Cabal coming up here to deal and make treaties and business with various races. But the part that NASA reports is a lie.

Gosia: Resources? Old pipe and broken metals from not being in use for years? Because that's all there is on the Moon, isn't there?

Yazhi: Yes, recycling of materials (not mining).

Gosia: Why don't they use replicators?

Yazhi: Not everything can be replicated, or sometimes a replicator works better if you inject dust from the base material.


Planetary race war:

Gosia: Question from the audience: Do you see any planetary race war in our future? And how would race relations be?

Yazhi: The Cabal uses everything possible to create separation between people, including race. But it´s only one of those causes. Race, creed, gender, politics, abortion/no abortion, pineapple jam vs strawberry jam... all those works to make people fight each other. But hardly work alone. They do but not enough to cause the changes the Cabal wants. So "race wars", I would see that as only one more excuse to fight each other. Yet as such, big or small causes for "wars" of any kind, I haven´t seen such thing in a planetary scale.

I think and feel that question or angle comes from people living in the US because it is there where "race war" has always been as something present for the general population. And as with everything else, it is highly manipulated and controlled via the media, not like something that the people themselves generate.

Other places, like South Africa, also have "race wars" and all over the Earth, some places more than others, but I don't see it as something that would cause a war on a planetary scale.

The relationship between races... it all boils down to what the controllers via the media want, people don't control that, not at that scale. (Except through general manifestation yes yes, but that's another level).

Another point is... what races? They are all globalizing and turning into... latinos, all of them, as in mixed race. Through race mixing "mongrelization". And the first race at risk of disappearing is the white race. Everything attacks the whites nowadays. Even through this "divulgation" they have criticized us or me because I'm white and I have blue eyes... yes?

Well! Do you want me to wear brown contacts?! Will you be happy then? And... not everyone on this ship has blue eyes, four crew members have brown eyes, so why is that even important?!


Black race:

Gosia: What is the origin of the black race?

Yazhi: There is no black race, there are no "races" as your followers view them. It is only a change of pigmentation in the skin plus some different physical features, as happens with all and any race on Earth. To think that they come from another planet with another origin is human reasoning with human ideas and concepts. They are not "another race", they are the same, and they are everywhere as other variants of humans. They are not from one space culture or another, it's all mixed up. They are the same.

Asking for that... I see it as the black or afro descendants on Earth wanting to have a part too because "the whites" already have their Pleiadians, and they feel left out. Not so, that is inside their heads and only there. It doesn't matter what color their skin is, they can be starseeds of any "species". It's just the color of the suit, that's all. Leave human thoughts aside. Everything is unified, we are all the same. Just with minuscule differences to give everything variety. I feel that they are projecting there, how they feel inside, their human programming. I feel they are resentful. Sorry, Taygetans are Caucasian, mostly blond with blue eyes. I have white skin and blue eyes. Get over it!

Gosia: But if it's just pigmentation, why is it black? I think those who ask are just curious why is it so, where the colors come from, colored humans. I wonder this too. What made them pigmented differently?

Yazhi: So that they can adapt to a lot of sun. Because they need whiter skin to absorb the sun's rays where there is almost none. Pigmentation is hard on the body. If it is not used, it is relegated, generation after generation. It is not evolution, it is adaptation, it is different.

Gosia: Then white ETs are also from where the sun does not touch much?

Yazhi: Not so much whether or not they get a lot of sun, it is a matter of light output frequencies and solar radiation.

Gosia: Ok. So there are black ETs too, right?

Yazhi: Yes there are, and everywhere, not only in Alfrata. Most of them are Latinos in Alfrata (Centauri), because that's what results from mixing all the skin colors on Earth.

Gosia: And did the black ETs communicate with the humans? Do they come here?

Yazhi: Yes, they come. They are everywhere, like the others. They also don't talk about space Latinos and they are the most numerous at this time.

Robert: No reports of those, no.

Yazhi: There are no reports because when they come down, they get mixed up in the population, so they don't meet the expectations of what an ET should be or what an ET should look like. But they do come down and they do intervene, but they are mistaken for normal humans. It is easy for them to hide, and the adrogynous ones too, others like the Solatians, not so much. But they are the ones who by far are the majority, the ones who come down the most, interfere the most, and interact the most with the population. They look like any son of a neighbor, but with a ship hidden in the garage.



Gosia: What do you say to those who claims the Jews are controlling the world?

Yazhi: Change that for Illuminati Cabal and it would be right. And I'm... quite sure Illuminati is not the right word either. The problem is that they are the same as, or an equivalent to... Jesuits. So even though no one else talks about this, this way, I'm quite sure the Illuminati are only part of the larger Cabal that controls Earth. With or without involving the ET level of things. But then again... where does humanity end and ET begin? Very vague and shady!

And as for Jews, Illuminati and Jesuits, as a whole, they are not necessarily Jews. Jews alone, no, those are only another part of the problem, but not the problem.

I also feel the Cabal's part that is not Jewish blames them for everything and promotes attacking and blaming them, and that is nothing new as for ages the high Cabal, whoever they are, have used Jews as scapegoats, exact terms using biblical reference even! So blaming Jews for everything that goes wrong in the world goes as far back as 1330 BC with Moses and Ahkenaten and all that!

As you know, the Cabal plays both sides to a conflict (and more sides too) so yes, the Jews are guilty of their share of things, of having also been used as tools for repressing other peoples, example of this is Israel and their vastly cruel and unjust treatment of people in Gaza. To mention only one atrocity committed by Jews as such. But that is only part of the Cabal, no the cause itself. Only one of the branches, only one of the horns of the monster.

Gosia: Who is the heart of the monster?

Yazhi: It's a complicated soup. Not one person, but a group, but they are again shady as it also includes a heavy off-world component. So no, I cannot know who it is as in one person, or a group. Some say that it's the "13" council. But no, that's just one more level of everything, human level.


Ufological communities:

Yazhi: The big "experts" in ufological communities either work directly with the three letter agencies to guide public perception or they are useful fools trying to get noticed by repeating like parakeets what the former have said. Some are big but backed by organizations. Established ufological world is basically garbage.

People fall for it because it comes from "respectable" individuals, therefore it is credible, so they fall for the same thing as those they criticize who believe in CNN and the BBC just because they are "authorities". It is the same as believing that governments have their best interests in mind. It's all manipulation of perception for the exploitation and guidance of human society on a planetary level. And just because they have millions of followers and 50 books doesn't mean they have the truth.

I am not telling you that I have the truth, I am just telling you why they do not have the truth and that there is no such thing as one truth. And therefore everyone must take responsibility for investigating and forming their own criteria or else they will fall into the same old exploitation.

Moreover, those people already have a human organization that emulates and copies the Federation's affairs in order to impose a set of ideas and concepts on humans with their monopoly of truth. So obviously they will never recognize me, they will never recognize us. Just as I can't give proof like people want, neither can they. The only thing they have is a "recognition" and acceptance among the members of their group. That is, X is backed by Y and Y by Zeta and Zeta by X and Y, and so we go and people believe it. It is clear that when there is an "accepted authority with an organization behind it", it will necessarily have manipulators behind it.


They do not tell the truth:

Robert: And the Ukrainian topic continues as usual, doesn't it?

Yazhi: Yes, I insist, it is a manipulated war that does not happen as they tell you. It is mostly media. They create fear and with that refugees, nobody denies that. But the war is not the way they say it is, nor does it obey the reasons they say it does.

Basically nothing they tell you is the truth. Even if it is hard to believe. Only unimportant things are true in the news and thus they reinforce the idea that everything else they say is also the truth even if it is not. These are tricks of mass psychological manipulation.

For example, I bet they don't explain that image, do they?

With part of the visible subway. Of the part that they deny to exist. It is old, today they already covered that to deny that it exists.

Robert: But all that is already covered?

Yazhi: Yes.

Robert: I imagine that they have already plundered it all and taken it to the Vatican.

Yazhi: Yes, and they can't explain or tell people anything else. You can see there how they hide everything. Because they deny what is in the picture.

Robert: Do you have memories of that?

Yazhi: Yes, I do, remembering that there were two of them.

Robert: I think they covered up any sign that would indicate that there is an entrance.

Yazhi: Right.



Yazhi: There is no climate change, CO2 is not a pollutant and there is definitely no overpopulation. On the contrary, we see terrible data pointing to the contrary. It is going down at an alarming rate.

Robert: Worldwide or some countries more than others?

Yazhi: Worldwide even in 3rd world countries, but of course in some more than others, with Japan and Germany basically dying without people. There are almost no babies, many more die than are born and that is accelerating.

Gosia: So why do they still want to vaccinate people if they are already having them so few? They want even less?

Yazhi: It's not just less people, it's too many for them and their plans. To control the remaining population. Besides, the world population is really more like 10% to 20% of what they say it is.

Gosia: And do they know about the Matrix people?

Yazhi: It is a little difficult to consider those Matrix ones.

Gosia: But the Cabal knows of their existence?

Yazhi: Oh, of course they do. They really care about the real ones, not the others that are only generated by the attention of the real ones. And those are too many for them, the Cabal. That is why a lot of the "blame" for their agendas falls on the starseeds because they are the ones that would or can collapse the Matrix. That is what worries them and that is why vaccination and all. In the end, it is to control the awakened ones, not so much human population.

They're also working on their reset. That is, they want to put in a new, more tyrannical system and for that to work they need fewer people, because they are "too free". They know they won't be able to convince sufficiently a large mass of people, so they opt for elimination.

(Yazhi showing a video of Elon Musk saying that there is no overpopulation) **No URL provided**

Gosia: Thank you. But I don't understand, Yazhi. Elon Musk, isn't he the Cabal? Why does he say then that there is no overpopulation? Since when does he agree with what we say?

Yazhi: He is Cabal, of course he is. But it's interesting to see him saying that. It just makes you wonder why he's saying it, for what purpose. Those guys don't let things slip, they say what they know they should say. Maybe it's that letting go of Karma again. That is to say, to tell the truth to the people but to continue with their agenda(s) so that the "Karma" of what happens falls on the people and not on them, the Cabal.

But we are always telling you that there is no overpopulation, only concentration of humans in big nuclei or "farms" called big cities.


Heat in Spain:

Gosia: Question from the audience: "We are at the end of October and there are still temperatures of 32 degrees in the south of Spain. That is because winds are coming in from Africa when at this time of the year we should be getting winds from the North. Is this change in wind direction being done with HAARP technology?"

Yazhi: Oh, you already know that it is weather manipulation, not only with HAARP, but with a set of technologies that reinforce and combine their effects with each other, from chemical seeding, substances, plus HAARP plus directed energy. The weather all over the world is largely manipulated, and it's nothing new. On a large scale it has been done since at least the 1940's.

Climate is not natural. It is true that it follows a more or less logical pattern, but the strength of each weather event is controlled, and events like natural storms are used to make them worse, to make them stronger and to steer them so that they destroy things, cities, for more control and exploitation of the people, as happened with Hurricane Catrina in New Orleans. You have to add up the pieces, add up the agendas. Don't look at them separately, because everything is connected.



Yazhi: About the future... I don't see cosmic cataclysms. Not that.

Nuclear bombs - no. It will not happen. First of all because nuclear bombs do not work as people are told. And secondly because there is no real conflict between countries since they are controlled by the same group. They just set them to fight each other like a boxing coach who finances both boxers in a match. So what they can do is to detonate conventional high explosives. And then sell to the public that it was nuclear.

But I do see an accelerated descent into chaos. With further loss of freedoms to the population. Fulfilling isolated agendas that total up. Global control over everything people do. And there doesn't have to be a Covid-like quarantine. Restrictions are progressive and cumulative, gradually frying the toad in the pan.

As, for example, the loss of freedoms such as no longer having their own vehicles, money not being accumulative but, rather, what they earn will have an expiration date. In other words, you have one month to spend your income on whatever you are allowed to spend it because after one month what you have not spent will expire. So people will not be able to accumulate goods or save anything. The Cabal are still considering what and how, and which economic combinations they want and can place in what places on Earth.

But, technically, they will be able to go out on the streets, technically they are "free", but obviously they are not, and people would gradually accept those kinds of things that make them slaves of a horrendous dystopia.

And I see that those who tell the sort of "good news" claiming that saviors, or galactic Federations, are "about" to save the world, are only disinformation agents and agents of more control over population sectors that believe in that kind of things.

Many, the majority, do it from the good heart, with good intentions, and with true altruistic purposes, with the idea of not... propagating more negativity. Creating a comforting bubble of denial, of escapism from reality. People will listen a thousand times more to those who say what they want to hear than to those who tell them uncomfortable truths.

I see people fall for the media's lies over and over again. And those who don't, get sucked in by the majority. That is a big or important part of the problem. Herd thinking as their survival instinct is exploited, which dictates that they will depend on the acceptance of the group to which they belong. The Cabal uses this against the people.

Why do people assume that governments have their best interests in mind? Huh? Since when do governments look out for the citizens?! Yes, I am saying it is the fault of "the people" as a whole for not being able to see what is quite obvious. Governments will only follow their interests and the directives of the governments that govern them (the Cabal).

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