First chat with Yazhi Swaruu **NO VIDEO**

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July 06, 2020

First chat with Yazhi Swaruu **NO VIDEO**

Yazhi: Hello, thank you for being here today.

Questioner: Hi Yazhi Swaruu. Thank you for inviting us. It's an honor for us. Thank you for sharing this space with us. How are you?

Yazhi: Very well, thank you. Very happy to be here with you today. Thank you for accepting.

Questioner: Thank you. We are very excited. You have taught us a lot.

Yazhi: Not at all. On the contrary.

Questioner: We have studied all your teachings.

Yazhi: Thank you for being receptive as well. Feel free to ask me anything.

Questioner: You said you were scalar and you can modify your frequency at your convenience. What density would you define yourself in, 6D, 7D, all of them? Understanding that there are no densities, that everything is a gradient and this is a human definition.

Yazhi: Yes, that is a human definition. A density is your range of perception. And your range of perception depends on your frame of reference to know how to interpret what you see. Everything is there, you just don't see it, because you don't understand it, so your mind just interprets it as what it already knows. Without seeing beyond. I say "you" here in a rhetorical sense.

So the more a person knows and the more they understand, the more they apply what they know to their life, the more understanding and the more frame of reference they will have and with that they will perceive more things. And as a density is in itself characterized by the amount of detail, of data, a higher density sees or understands more data than a lower one.

So a density is not something where people live, as it is said on Earth in traditional spiritual or New Age circles. But by definition there is one density per person-consciousness or soul. And people only perceive apparently the same thing because they are in a comparable or equivalent range of understanding or perception, that is, they are in agreement with the way things are.

These are the famous agreements, although there are more. But even so, each person will still see things in his or her own particular and unique way. So, a person with 5D understanding, will be able to understand 4D and 3D understanding, because it is part of it, but not 6D because they do not understand it yet. This as a first explanation of how to be scalar.

I don't dare to assign myself a density, I can't give myself one, I don't have a form. But I can describe how I do it and it is not so difficult.

The universe, the Source, the whole, is just a range of frequencies like an FM range where it contains stations that people perceive as reality, although there are other stations playing other music and everything is superimposed, all at the same time sharing the same space. It's just that each person, because of their perception and personal soul frequency, will be able to listen to one station and not another.

Questioner: You can't assign one to yourself because you are constantly changing?

Yazhi: It's just that I'm only aware of what I can do, but in doing that, I don't encounter any road signs that tell me, "You're entering 7th density," for example. I just do what I do, whatever density that is.

How do I do it? I've never used this description before. You know that there are lucid dreams. Where with practice you can even manifest things in the dream. Do what you want to do knowing that you're dreaming. But in my experience, and as I have empirically seen, there is no material world.

Everything is mental, everything is an idea, everything is the astral. Everything is a dream. It's just that what is called reality has a certain linearity or time progression. The dream does not, because it is another density where time is not linear. And the same temporal linearity of the world called material is illusory. Again, only with agreements.

So, with practice, when sleeping, you have lucid dreams. But as reality is also the same, you enter into a lucid dream where you are dreaming that you are in reality. With your things and the people around you. You enter a wakefulness in a dream. Lucid dreaming/wakefulness in dream.

Then, there, with more practice, whatever you dream, whatever you want to bring into the dream, is embedded into objective reality. You have hacked the apparent causal or deterministic reality. I go into this trance at will, and with that I change density. It is reflected in the so-called real world. For example, the Taygetans will see that suddenly I am no longer there, I have vanished. Because there is no material world. Everything is illusory and maintained with agreements of perception. It's just that I've had a lot of practice. So, I can wish to be in Erra, in the forest, and there I am. It's mental, it's a dream.

But reality is also just a dream. From the ether there is no space, no time, no distances. Like radio stations, they all exist there in the same "spaces", you just tune in, tune in to what you want.

And that's how the ships do it too. They change their frequency and everything inside to that of the destination. They cease to exist at the place of origin and appear at the destination. Without time. Instantly (only an internal time of the ship is observed, but that is another subject, SIT time). This is how a ship enters Hyperspace. That's why it's not propulsion.

So, I should mention that for the Ether, itself the astral, in a certain "astral" way, there is no locality. Principle of non-locality. Everything emanates from there. No need to travel. Just change your frequency as you need to.

As I said in the video, it took time and practice, it didn't take overnight. But I have other ways of doing it or explaining it. Like taking something external to you and little by little in your mind making it slower and slower, like the second hand of a clock.

Questioner: I understand then that you can perceive or experience the material world, what you called limitation or cage, or being in the astral, at your convenience?

Yazhi: Yes, and I do it all the time. In itself, I have a hard time staying in "reality", I need a lot of concentration, because I have a tendency to "go away".

Still, I have what is perceived as a normal physical body, freckles, fingers, hair. And what I've realized is that all people are like this, it's just that they feel limited, but it's because they want to, somehow. This is not unique to me.

But I also see that this limitation, however strong it may seem, is only illusory. What limits is fear. Perception of being finite. Conservation and fear of death. And that is natural. But it is illusory.

Questioner: Yes of course, we create that limitation because we believe in it. It is the only thing that gives it power.

Yazhi: Yes, because they need it, for the experience. And because of the contrast that is understood with that experience. The more limitation you perceive, the more you can appreciate the opposite.

Questioner: How would you define having a certain temporal linearity to connect with people like us? How do you know when to connect, considering that there is no time? How do you perceive time now? Is it different than when you were with your friends?

Yazhi: Yes, that's why I can't live with them, I was hurting them. The only way to calculate time for me is by observing the time on the Internet server, the clock at the bottom right of the computer. That's also why I'm on Earth. So that its frequency somehow has me within a certain time frame. But I do experience problems with time, calculating it.

Many times I disappear for several days and for me it is not that many. Today in the hour before I came in with you, I was walking outside. In contact with the earth, as if to ground me, to keep me in the here.

Questioner: It's just that I imagine that if you go for a walk in the Erra forest, how to be aware that it's time to come back here?

Yazhi: With the intention of returning to the same point in your temporal perception of this plane where my body is. So I walk in Erra, and return only minutes after I leave. For that it is better to "park" my body somewhere safe first. As in meditation. But I don't need meditation to get into that state anymore.

Questioner: And how do you make sure you return to the same timeline? Knowing that sometimes when jumping with the ships that's what happens, you go back to a slightly different one.

Yazhi: Only with my memory, I can't be completely sure. With practice. Leaving markers to go back to see if I am where I left.

By the way, many of the crop circles are just that, temporary markers for spaceships. That's why they are on or made of plants, because they have a finite life span. And you can calculate the time since they were made. And they only last for days or hours.

I leave leaf formations under a pebble. Or a drawing made with my finger in the sand. And several, not just one, in case something else moves the markers unintentionally.

Questioner: This reminds me of the spinning top used in the movie "Inception".

Yazhi: For example, this would work. Leave and come back before it stops spinning and falls. Or come back before the sea and its tide erase the drawing in the sand.

Questioner: Robert and Gosia have commented that you were on the surface of the Earth. Are you not affected by the 3D frequencies now?

Yazhi: They don't affect me like they would the Taygetans, they are part of me. The fact that 3D frequencies affect 5D beings is very much linked to the fact that they have resistance to 3D, mentally. They don't accept it, they reject it, they see it as dangerous.

The same with the starseeds. They must accept that they are also human, without resisting it. It will not take away their status as stellar beings. It is part of the whole.

They remain "trapped" on Earth, in 3D, because that is what they want, each one has their reasons. As soon as it is no longer useful for them to reincarnate, they will not. That astral beings are there to force people to reincarnate, that is a belief system. It only happens if that is what they want to find. When they die they are in the astral, so they manifest there what they expect to see. If they expect to be free, that's what they'll get.

Questioner: What do you base most of your attention on, what do you spend your time on?

Yazhi: Exploring the astral, exploring what I can do with my mind. Learning as much as I can about as many subjects as possible. I am an eternal student. It is an inexorable desire to understand everything. That defines the expansion of the soul. That is what it is. That eternal curiosity. It never ends.

Questioner: And what do you do in the astral? How would you define what you experience there?

Yazhi: It's exactly like visiting faraway places, exploring. It's like going on a journey. And no, you don't meet ugly beings that force you to return to the body. That, again, is generated by you, if you look for it. You control everything from there. It's just lucid dreaming. With a lot of practice.

Questioner: You are constantly moving, without any kind of routine?

Yazhi: If you saw what my routine is like looking at what I do from the outside, you'd see that I don't move farther than a few hundred meters. That I'm constantly looking off into the distance, pensive. Or asleep. It's what goes on in the mind that makes you fly.

Why am I here today, why am I bothering to talk to Robert and Gosia, why to the Taygetans? Simply because they are family to me. And as for Taygetans, Robert and Gosia, and also you, someone told me a long, long time ago. He answered my question, "What should I do with what I have in my mind?" He said, "You must pass it on, you must share it. Don't hold on to it". I've been sharing it ever since. With whomever it serves. But it's not mine, it's everybody's, because that's how we all are. It's just that through experience you have decided to temporarily forget.

You are the Original Source, you are everything. You are all.

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