Trump - Elections - Opinion and Statement of Anéeka of Temmer (Extraterrestrial Contact)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
November 12, 2020

Trump - Elections - Opinion and Statement of Anéeka of Temmer (Extraterrestrial Contact)

I understand many skeptics, and some are right. I feel that all that we are seeing happening with respect to Trump and company appealing the elections and that everything is their plan, may be more promises and fantasies that distract the true opposition and the public in general.

Many see Trump as a savior. The truth is that I have not seen any proof of anything. And I'm in the middle where my job is to know those things, whether they can be published or not, or can even be said or not.

I cannot confirm that Trump is on the really positive side, but I can see, as I have said many times before, that it only seems like a feud between superficial sides of the Cabal itself.

I see that Trump, although he has said tenuous and weak comments against vaccines, suggesting so-called "alternative" drugs, continues with the same agenda, promising directly, and that coming from him himself, that they will be made available to the public in a few weeks. I insist, this directly from Trump himself.

For the rest, that he does something for the people, there is simply no evidence. I only see excuses and more excuses to put off their supposed positive actions and with people in mind.

I personally support Trump, and I did not say what I mentioned above recently, because yes I have said it before, because we all need people to support him, not because he is the "Titan Patriot" savior as many call him, but simply because the other side, Biden's, is much worse, so in my opinion it is the "lesser of two evils."

Until he proves otherwise, and he has until January 20, 2021 to reveal his true "self", because in truth so far I have only seen empty promises and overly complicated excuses for doing nothing. After January 20 we will know that everything was just more lies as always.

I understand that people need hope, although I do not see a lot of it. I say and comment on the above based on evidence gathered by me over years of work, and I say it hoping I am wrong and hoping that finally Trump or someone else will corroborate the positive rumors or take some action in favor of the people.

I still think and support the idea that people are the ones who are ultimately in control. With the use of mass civil disobedience, the Cabal's agendas would stop, because no one would echo them.

In the end, the evidence I have is that it is Biden or Trump, their agendas continue the same, and people should not give hope to politicians, and they should take actions at the street level, actions to unite and of civil disobedience as I said before. But unfortunately, I also have evidence that the vast, enormous majority of the population, in one way or another, supports, nurtures and generates what happens, that is to say that they are only being given what they ask for en masse.

And it is the awakened ones, the starseeds, who suffer the most. Because they understand and see what really happens, and they feel alone and powerless.

So, you should not fight "to win" with that in mind, although wanting to win, yes, but you fight now for what each one of you is, for your ethics, for what you believe, for your souls, for your integrity of all kinds.

Personally, that is why I keep working doing this. Because I know it is the right thing to do, because I can, and by being able to do the little that I can do, I preserve who I am.

Like you... if we don't fight for ourselves, we won't be able to look at ourselves in the mirror later. Everyone does what they can and that is our contribution and it is enough.

On the other hand, Trump has become a kind of symbol of rebellion, be it his idea, his group or the people who interpreted him that way. I think this is enough motivation for the regressive Cabal to want to remove him. He is hope for many, hope of a better future, less dark and tragic.

All of us, you there and we from here, need to stand and work together, because as we well know, it is the separation that weakens the true opposition to the regressive Satanist Cabal. That is why I support Trump and that is why I do not see putting hope in him as something bad, because we need to put aside our differences, big or small, to work together to defeat a true common enemy, the regressive Cabal. You need hope, a dream, something to focus your creative desires on, and that unites you, unites us in the fight.

Whether Trump ends up not doing anything in favor of the people, because it was all a lie or because they simply tied his hands, because of what he represents for everyone, we must support him and I see nothing wrong with having hope in him and in his group.

For this reason, it does not seem fair, nor correct, and much less ethical that some influential researchers criticize those who support Trump and call them "asleep", imposing their points of view as if he, or they, held the absolute truth. All awakened people know that for Trump to come to power, he had and has to be "more of the same". Yet, you must and we must have hope in something, without delegating our own power, without putting all hopes only on that group, on Trump.

As I said before, people need to be united, and if Trump says, or there is any hope, that he will do something that will help, then we must gather strength by joining him and his group. Not creating more separation and with it more despair that gives rise to the creation or manifestation of a timeline that is even more negative than the current one, because it is, there is no doubt.

That is why it is not correct to insult those who support Trump, or those who still (have) hope in him, asleep.

For those who came here looking for information about the elections and about Trump and wonder who I am:

I am Anéeka of Temmer, I am 22 years old, I am female and I am not human. I am the daughter of another civilization like yours, only much more advanced in every way, and I come from the star Taygeta in the Pleiades. Civilization made up of more people like you. Because there is more "humanity" outside the Earth, much more "humanity". I look like you, but in mind and inside the body, we are different.

I come here to say hello, to say that we exist, to greet you. I have been here for 4 and a half years, studying your civilization, your customs and your languages, and I mastered 6 of them. Understanding how you think, and why. One could say that I am a kind of Anthropologist from outside Earth.

I see things from a different angle. From above observing everything objectively and sharing what I have found with my people and with you as well. I don't care if you believe me, nor do I care anymore. I'm still here regardless, whether you like it, understand it or not. It doesn't matter, but what I share as information does matter.

I see and understand terrestrial problems from outside, from orbit, without having to be inside the problem itself, and I analyze everything objectively and scientifically while documenting everything with precision.

I have never had the opportunity to walk among you.

Trump is not alone, he only represents his group, as his public front. The true degree of his involvement with the decisions of his group is unknown. He represents a group of people who have always had money and power through the centuries. Ancient families of great influence, especially in Europe. These families have refused through the centuries to follow the doctrines imposed by their enemies, who are again other groups of families of great power throughout the centuries.

They have refused because they know that the opposite side represents the worship of the satanic, the Luciferian, with strong ties to low, regressive, manipulative and invasive entities.

Both sides use and move through secret societies, true form and structure of power on planet Earth, leaving official politicians with their Capitalism, Democracy, Marxism, and Socialism, among other political and religious models, only as public fronts with which to control the masses, the bulk of the human population. Letting them live in an unreality manipulated and completely controlled by them, only leaving the humans with the illusion of freedom when they see fit.

All secret societies operate with unbreakable principles and rules, all based on ideas of balance and duality. With strong attachments to ideas of Karma and cause and effect.

Precisely because I see and understand how they work, how they operate, I know that by creating an imbalance, they, by their own rules, laws and beliefs, form the opposite to compensate for it.

In the same way, and using my understanding of how everything works everywhere, I see a universal law that is always present and is in effect, and it is the fact that when evil increases, good will also increase seeking its natural balance.

So based on this knowledge I see clearly that yes, it is very possible that as total evil increases on planet Earth, by the part of the regressive Cabal with all its agendas of destruction and manipulation of the human race, at the same time there will emerge and will increase the presence and activity of energy and groups that are opposed to them.

In other words, while the Luciferian activity augments, so should the positive one too. Therefore, the group behind Trump that uses him as a public front would have to exist and compete for control of the planet.

It is true that great tragedies and terrible agendas have occurred in the past, some of long duration, such as the Inquisition for example, however even there there have been actions by groups that have opposed them and they have on many occasions neutralized these regressive agendas.

Terrible things are happening on Earth today and many more are forecast at the planetary level. We are seeing this with the seizures of power, advancement of regressive agendas like that of the ¨bug¨, that the malevolent presence is spreading around like never before. Being that just the agenda of the ¨bug¨represents the greatest crime in the entire history of mankind.

Therefore, the activation by their own decision and motives of organizations contrary to the Regressives are activated urgently. Because there always have been.

Some call them "the white hats" but in my opinion that is very reductionist and it is better not to name them because it is not known what is behind each commonly used term. They just are and there is no doubt that they are there.

In the same way that the regressive illuminati can never be seen to operate openly, since all their actions will be through their political puppets, the positive side has to, and operates in the same way. In other words, they are there, but they are not seen openly. And as the mass media are most definitely under regressive control and manipulation, even less will the actions of groups opposed to them be made public.

Studying my sources and studying everything that comes to me, and what I find, I have seen that there is definitely a serious and strong conflict between at least two great opposing groups, both seeking to take control over the planet.

There is no doubt that such a conflict occurs. And I do not see it as correct or truthful to think that everything en bloc is totally dominated by the regressive side as proposed by many "wise know-it-alls" who believe they are "more awake than everyone else", without taking into account the clear evidence of struggle between high-level secret societies that operate outside of the public eye and definitely fight hard among themselves.

I clearly see a strong possibility that legally Trump and his team can regain control over the elections and re-secure his presidency. I cannot know what will happen, nor am I trying to be a fortune teller. I just rely on my information and the evidence I have on hand.

There is a history that a president has already been declared by the media, and the winner is another, it happened in the elections in 2000. So it can happen again.

Analyzing the situation, we know that if the United States collapses under regressive control, it will filter to the rest of the world, affecting everyone. In the same way, if a positive event occurs in the United States, it will also end up affecting the entire planet.

Trump and his group know very well the consequences of this, and of giving power to the regressive side. Humanity in general, on a planetary level, hangs by a thread, with a genocide of levels never seen before right on their doorstep. They know it very well.

They do not want things to happen this way, they do not want genocide because they believe in karma, and in balance. And they know that if they do nothing about it, they will have to pay serious consequences one way or another.

It is also very possible that Trump will not be re-elected. But the problem here is that it is very evident that there was serious fraud in the elections and in each and every one of the states of the American Union. The citizens know it, and the whole world knows it now. Never before have there been dirtier and more dishonest elections than now.

If the regressive side of Biden is given the victory then in the eyes of millions, both in the United States and in the rest of the world they will know that Democracy is dead. That everything is a lie. If Trump is re-elected, law and order are preserved. Otherwise anarchy will prevail.

They will try to justify in any way possible that Biden won "legally", but the evidence to the contrary is already out there, obvious and dirty, and more importantly, en masse. These organizations know this very well.

The population of the United States is more divided than ever and in two blocks. Pro-Trump and the Democrats. (They have nothing from Democrats, they hide behind their names with meanings contrary to the true ones.)

And in the opinion of many so-called experts, if Trump is not given victory they will rise up in arms, causing a very real civil war. All in the name of preserving the Republic, and its homeland. They are people very attached to their roots, their identity and their ideals, and the proof of this is that arms sales in the United States have never been greater than now. And they plan to use them, there is no doubt.

If Trump's side wins then the Democrats will release their shock and riot groups, the infamous Antifas, but as I have been informed, supposedly the Trump side already has the methods and the ways to neutralize them, being that the National Guard has been activated in the most troublesome states.

I understand very well that creating conflict can be or is part of the agendas to justify the use of force and the imposition of a police state with curfews. However, I still see other less terrible possibilities.

Even if Trump and his group lose, they will still fight and try to regain control. They will not fold their hands as expected, as they do not work that way.

Whoever wins, be it Trump or Biden... is not a political dispute... but rather the future of humanity. Hoping for something better, or satanists.

The Nazis didn't lose World War II, they just moved from Germany to America. It is these that today cause everything, the same agendas of control and genocide, of social and genetic control. It is the same group. And they have tried it before. Even the agenda and the way to proceed with the ¨Bug's¨ agenda has been seen before and in exactly the same way.

The great Spanish flu of 1918 was not caused by any natural pathogen, but by the imposition of anti-pathogenic, anti-bug measures as a direct consequence of a deliberate infection using syringes and what goes in them, all in the name of the public health. And the ones that got the most sick were only used to impose the need for more of that which goes inside that metal-tipped plastic thing.

They repeat everything, lack of inventiveness, clear indication of the intervention of regressive races that are only or only exist as egregores or tulpas created by someone real, and with a soul. That is why they lack a creative spark. Always thinking that humanity will not remember the previous events, since they live for a short time, compared to those entities that live and feed on human energy.

But there are other beings who do remember, and who do not live short, and will tell you what is going on. You know very well who they are.

You must and we must be united, which is why I support Trump. So, I do not see it as being asleep to have hope in him or his team. Things are not so simple, nor are they just black and white. Knowing all of this, what is behind Trump and the others, I choose to support him until either he shows that he is not on our side, or it just no longer makes sense to support him.

It is not being asleep, it is to have a soul, hope and intention to live better. To simply have a future. It is the old and millenary fight between good against evil.

I know very well that he might not win. I accept it. Even so we will continue fighting with you from here. Because that's what I choose, because that's the right thing to do. Because I have a soul and I would lose it if I look the other way. I fight for you and I fight for myself with you. For my own personal reasons. For what little or much I can do from here.

With all my love.


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