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March 05, 2021



Estel·la:: Hello everyone and welcome to the Pleiadian Knowledge. This is going to be a short video where we are going to talk about the Nazis, the technology they were working on and a little bit about what could be their true motives for everything they did.

Behind the Nazi movement there was so much going on, we know they were working a lot on mental control, to be able to dissect the mind of the people and create soldiers. But they were also very involved in developing secret technology projects, where many experiments or technological advances that we could say were quite out of time. Many of them or a large part of those which has been shared to the public, were weapons.

We could see how The Fritz X, one of Hitler's most secret bombs, is widely considered the grandfather of today's smart bomb. Then flown for the first time in 1944, the Horten Ho 229 was the world's first stealth aircraft, equipped with two turbojet engines. The miniature tanks could carry between 133 and 220 pounds of high explosives and were used to navigate minefields and attack heavy vehicles and fortifications. This Nazi innovation was the beginning for today's radio-controlled weapons. The Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet, a rocket-powered jet with speeds of up to 700 mph, it was the fastest jet in the war by a difference of more than 250 mph. They also built the world's first practical helicopter and the first production line of helicopters. They made weapons such as sonic cannons, X-ray guns, and land cruisers.

But among all this there is an object that specifically stands out and has been tried to keep in secret and that is the Die Glocke. (The Bell, in German) or Nazi Wunderwaffe. In which they were experimenting with antigravity and free energy.

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It was described as a device "made of a hard and heavy metal", with a diameter of approximately

2.7 m and a height between 3.7 m and 4.6 m, having a similar shape of a large bell. According to Cook's interview with Witkowski, this device contained two counter-rotating cylinders that would be "filled with a substance similar to mercury, cherry red, velvet or garnet colored, with a viscous, dense and sticky texture. This metallic liquid was codenamed "Xerum 525" and “it was stored in a one-meter high tall, thin thermos, and encapsulated in lead." The fast spin, combined with the highly charged electrostatic tube, created an anti-propulsion gravity that would propel spacecraft to considerable heights and travel speeds.

It is said that additional substances were used in the experiments, mentioned as Leichtmetall (light metal, in German), "including thorium and beryllium peroxides." It was described that, when The Bell was activated, it had an influence range of 150 m to 200 m. Within its radius of action, crystals formed on animal cell tissues, blood would gel and separate, while plants decomposed into a substance similar to fat.

These tests are said to have been carried out near the Wenceslaus mine and close to the Czech border.

It was developed by a team of senior scientists and engineers led by the General of the SS Hans Kammler. Who also ran the Nazis' secret V-2 rocket program, the world's first functioning long-range ballistic missile.

How did this information get to the public?

It was described by the Polish journalist and writer Igor Witkowski in Prawda or Wunderwaffe (The truth about the Wunderwaffe). Witkowski wrote that he had discovered the existence of The Bell reading the transcripts of the interrogation of Waffen-SS officer Jakob Sporrenberg. Who after the Second World War, was tried in the criminal courts of war and human rights violations.
In his case for the murder of 60 engineers, German scientists and technicians. In his affidavit to the court, Sporrenberg gave details about the Nazi Bell project, admitting that scientists and engineers were killed to prevent to reveal to the outside world and people outside the program, any details of that technology.

According to Witkowski, in August 1997 an anonymous contact for the Polish secret service said having access to government documents on Nazi secret weapons and showed him the transcripts supposedly classified. Witkowski claims that he only allowed him to transcribe the documents and was not allowed to make any copies.

This data was later recounted by British writer Nick Cook, adding his own opinions as well on Witkowski's claims in The Hunt for Zero Point. Also, in his book Hitler's Suppressed and Still-Secret Weapons, Science and Technology (2007), Henry Stevens concludes that the purple substance similar to mercury, described by Witkowski could only be red mercury, because normal mercury "has no fluid compounds according to conventional wisdom."

Where is The Bell now?

There are many theories saying that the Nazis took it to the Arctic Circle. Witkowski speculated that The Bell arrived in a "pro-Nazi South American country."

On the other hand, Cook speculates that it was brought to the United States as part of the Paperclip project, for those who do not know what it was, it refers to the code name of the secret operation carried out by the United States Military and Intelligence Service to bring from Germany the great Nazi scientists.

Estel·la: Do you remember we just said that the Nazi Bell was described with two counter-rotating cylinders that they would be "filled with a mercury-like substance"?

A note that I want to make here is about information from the Taygeteans that was shared by the contactees Robert and Gosia, where they reported about US spacecraft. Where they explained that the US hides their spacecraft in the form of a submarine with top secret systems. Having nuclear gravitational engines and a toroidal magnetic propulsion motor, which is the counter-rotating turbine, and it is pure SSP (Secret Space Program). Their base is in Area 51 belonging to the US Navy, and that the cabal uses these spacecrafts to move through portals.

We can see that it is very similar, right?

In addition to all these secret projects to recover certain technology, as you all already know the Nazis were obsessed with the Aryan race, in keeping it pure and maintaining its genetics. They used this as a justification for the massacre of millions of Jews. Let's talk a little bit about this.


Key concepts include knowledge about the origins of the Aryan race (and its linked 'purity' to the Teutonic’s or the Germanic tribes), and the superiority of the Aryans above all other races.

In Nazi mysticism, several places such as Atlantis, Thule, Hyperborea, (In Greek mythology, Hyperborea was a region located in the still unknown northern lands, north of Thrace. Considered by the Nazis a possible origin of the "Aryan race"). Shambhala, Agartha and the star of Aldebaran, which are considered to be the original homes of the Aryan race and the superman.


The Thule Society, was an occult, racist group from Munich created by Rudolf von Sebottendorff, later transformed by Adolf Hitler into the German National Socialist Party of the Workers (NSDAP). The Society required all prospective members to swear by their veins or those of their wife’s did not flow Jewish or black blood.

The main interest of the Thule Society was a claim to the origins of the Aryan race. "Thule" was a country located by Greco-Roman geographers in the farthest north. The society was named in honor of the Last Thule (Latin for "the most distant north").

The Thulists believed in the intraterrestrial theory. Among its goals, the Thule Society included the desire to show that the Aryan race came from a lost continent, referring to Atlantis.

Estel·la:: Although today we already know as we have been sharing in the videos about the Orion wars, that Atlantis was not a city, nor a continent but a whole civilization. Besides this, Nazis were very involved in rituals.


Heinrich Himmler (a high-ranking Nazi officer, and one of the top leaders of the Nazi Party), granted to certain chosen people a ring that, according to some authors, indicated a rank of initiation in esoteric beliefs that characterized the high dome of the SS, beliefs that were translated into magical-pagan rituals practiced during the solstices or equinoxes and advocating the exaltation of the Aryan race.

Estel·la:: But let's not forget that today the elite continues to perform thousands of sacrifices and rituals with millions of children, only now it has been hidden and are more camouflaged, but they continue to do exactly the same. Now we are going to share the data that Yazhí Swaruú gave us in some conversations that we had with her referring to this topic.


About wanting to maintain the purity of the Aryan race is to keep the genes of Arialand, Ireland, pure. Which is the starting point of the current civilization on Earth since Ireland was where the survivors of Atlantis arrived. They genetically maintain etheric compatibility with being organic portals of reptilian souls.

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You can see how Scotland and part of Ireland were left above the water level, where the survivors from the population of Atlantis arrived, as described in historical works from Michael Tsarion, who backs up what I say today.

Estel·la:: Here Yazhi is referring to what is known here as the flood, which was caused by the explosion of the planet Tiamat, composed of 90% water. All this water came to Earth and much land was flooded. But part of what was not flooded was Scotland and Ireland, where the civilization of Atlantis took refuge. So, it could be that what the Nazis were desperately seeking, was to maintain the origin of the races that existed during Atlantis to be able to continue being organic portals of other consciences, in this case for example reptiles, and that is why genetic compatibility was so important. Because as you already know, everything is based on frequency compatibility.

About the Nazi Bell she shared:

There are earthly references to Red Mercury, in the Die Glocke tests in Nazi Germany.

As it is a heavy metal, it can be enriched as Uranium is enriched and then used in a Nuclear plant. Enriched Mercury on Earth is called Red Mercury. If you spin that mercury at high-speed like in a turbine, and you pass a lot of electrical energy through it, causes a toroidal electromagnetic vortex with cancellation properties of gravity. But of course, is needed a specific gravitational frequency control to effectively control said anti-gravitational properties of Red Mercury.

Without frequency control only a part of the energy passing through the device containing the Red mercury will be applied to cancel gravity, the rest is energy to spare and very dangerous as it is a lot. This is because in disarray the entire anti-gravitational device that contains Mercury, will output a whole range of frequencies randomly and the result for cancellation of gravity will only be noticed when by chance some frequency transmitted by the device coincides with the frequency of gravity where said device is located.

According to Wikipedia, the Red Mercury does not exist. But look at the logic, it says there that it is not in the periodic table, therefore does not exist. Like if what the periodic table of elements contains were all what exists. It's like UFOs, they would never tell people that Red Mercury is enriched Mercury and is material for spacecraft engine turbines.

Estel·la: That’s all the information we have at the moment referring to this topic, if we have the opportunity, we would love to get more details about it. Thank you for listening and watching and see you in the next video!

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